Sports Carnival 2015

My boy took part in his first sports carnival in our school yesterday. It’s the first time the lower primary pupils were involved in the sports carnival.. We usually involved only the P4-P6 pupils in the sports carnival while the P1-P3 pupils would have their lower primary sports day on the day of the national day celebration..

I guess the school made changes to their plans cos of the SG50 jubilee celebrations..

Anyway, I’m glad he could join me.. The school puts the child in the same house as the parent to encourage people of the same family to fight for the common goal.. I find it very reasonable, don’t you think?

 Look at my excited boy! 
One disadvantage of him being involved, however, was that I couldn’t take any photos of him in action as I also had a game station to man.. However, I still tried to steal some time to find him so I could take some photos…   

   Our Blue Rhino house was third in position so my darling boy asked if he could join the champion house, Green Viper.. 😓

Gave him a little talk about loyalty to help him understand that he had to put in effort to make his house the champion house and not just keep changing our house in order to be in a champion house!