Jovan’s 6th Birthday Bash – Superheroes Unite!

The day has come! Jovan was very excited when he woke up and asked if the bouncy was here…

We rented one from Singapore Toys Club some time ago but when I was checking in, I was told that bouncy castles are not allowed! I tried to explain that the kids were all here for the bouncy castle and that I’ve already paid for it. The staff just said it was the regulation.. Anyway, I thought I would just try my luck and I’ll decide what to do when the management stopped me.. I can’t disappoint the kids, right?

The men were very busy in the morning as they had to collect the bouncy castle and buy some stuff which we didn’t prepare.. Meanwhile, I prepared the cupcakes by adding the cream cheese frosting and the ring toppers..

The kids were excited when the bouncy castle was up!

The buffet lunch arrived before 12.30pm..

My colleague, Leo and his wife, Teri, who was my ex-colleague, were the first to arrive and the kids had the bouncy castle to themselves.. Soon, another colleague, Hwee Ling, and their family came too..



When more guests came, I got the cupcakes ready by placing them on the cupcake stand..

Looks quite presentable ya? Hee..

The entertainer came slightly before 4.30 pm and started sculpting balloons for the kids.. He’s not bad cos he could actually make an Elsa and a Rapunzel!

The kids were also kept entertained for more than 1.5 hours..






When he was almost done and was getting ready for the cake cutting, my man and my boy went upstairs to get themselves ready for the cake cutting session.. Haha..

It took a while for me to help them get ready and the kids who were getting impatient were knocking the door and asking for Spiderman! Haha.. It was crazy but when the 2 of them got out of the room, the kids got crazier! Haha.. And when they went downstairs, the adults went crazy too! Haha..




After the cake cutting, the kids queued up to take photos with the 2 Spideys..






It was so fun! And I got to kiss Spiderman! Haha.. Hey, not many people have had the chance to kiss a superhero, right? Hee..


We had BBQ dinner after that but not many stayed for the BBQ so there was a lot of leftovers..

Anyway, I hope the kids and adults enjoyed the party as much as I did although it was tiring preparing for it.. It’s all worth it if everyone had a good time! But I guess I won’t have the energy to host another party like this anytime soon.. Haha.. But I would gladly attend another one like this.. Hmm.. Who will be hosting next? Hee..

I think my hubby deserves some applause for the pleasant surprise as he really brought the party to the climax! Hee.. I guess he also fulfilled his dream cos I think he’s been waiting the longest time for a chance to dress up as a superhero and this gave him the best excuse to do so! Hee..

My boy sure had a great time too and he kept thanking us for planning this party for him.. Good that he appreciated our effort and time!

We would like to thank those who came to the party and for all the thoughtful gifts and red packets.. Your presence means a lot to us and we hope you had a good time!