P1 Orientation

This time round, the p1 registration was rather stress-free since my girl could register via Phase 1..

Before we knew it, it was P1 orientation.. Jocelle is rather adaptable so she was able to handle the situation rather independently.. she was to sit with her future classmates while the parents had to sit on chairs placed some distance behind the P1-to-be kids..

We tasked Jovan to take photos of his sister..

As you can see, she’s not worried at all.. after the principal addressed the kids and the parents, the PD head briefed the audience about some school rules and some performances, the kids proceeded to the ISH for a workout session.. I went up to wait for her while hubby went to the classroom to do the paperwork..

She was able to follow the instructions rather well and she seemed to be enjoying herself…


The man bought her uniform while I sent my boy for his enrichment.. Then, I let her try it in my staffroom when I got back…

Sigh.. They definitely looked oversized.. ๐Ÿ˜‘

I’ll probably need to get someone to alter the skirt… ๐Ÿ˜…

I hope she’ll have fun in school next year and give me less headache than her brother did for the past two years…. ๐Ÿ˜…


P1 Orientation!

Finally, everything has been settled! My boy has finally gotten a place in my school! I got to know his class 2 days before the orientation day!

Took this right after we got his temporary name tag..


Shy boy

He then joined his class at the front of the hall..



There’s a pair of twins in his class..


My colleague’s girl is also in the same class! I’m hoping that he’ll get a strict teacher next year!


While the kids were brought to the foyer for some activities, we parents stayed in the hall for some briefing before we went to settle the administrative matters..

I ordered name tags after that and registered him for NASCANS, the student care within the school.. The response was overwhelming! Didn’t buy his uniform yet as the queue was super long.. I’ve already bought his books, except the Chinese books which were not ready yet..

After I’ve settled the stuff, we had lunch at Sakae Sushi before we went to my colleague’s place for a mahjong session.. Hee..

He managed to try on the PE attire that my colleague bought for his son..


My boy looked upset cos he didn’t get to wear the school uniform.. Haha.. So cute.. Hope I can get his uniform soon before the smaller size runs out!

The kids also had a swim in the pool at my colleague’s condo!


It’s going to get exciting in the weeks to come! We have to revamp their room in preparation of next year! Hopefully, it will be a more smooth sailing year ahead! Anyway, now that he’s in, I don’t have to worry for my gal in 2017!