Jocelle is 18 months old!

My darling daughter just turned 18 month old today.. She’s supposed to take her final scheduled vaccination today but we brought her to see Dr Chan yesterday as Jovan was coughing rather badly.. We made an appointment at 8.15 pm but we were there pretty early, thinking that we may be slotted in between the patients.. Sigh.. It wasn’t meant to be.. Haha.. We waited till abt 9pm before we went in.. To keep them occupied, they were each given a pen and a piece of paper to entertain themselves.. Jovan got a piece of tissue paper while Jocelle had a pamphlet.. I only brought along 2 pens and Jocelle had to use the red one.. Haha.. 


She weighed 9.9kg and her height was 74cm.. Still below the 50th percentile.. Hmm.. She cried for a while after each of the 2 jabs administered but stopped after a while.. Still thinks she’s a brave and thick-skinned girl.. Hee..

Jovan was given an antibiotic, different set of medicine for his cough and we had to rent a machine so we could nebulise him at home.. My poor boy! I hope he’ll recover from his bad cough soon!


Jovan@3 years old

This is a belated post.. Should hv updated this when he’s 3 years old.. My darling boy is now 3 years and 1 month old.. He has learnt many things from the Childcare centre as well as from Berries..

He has learnt how to put on his clothes himself and he is able to go diaperless when he’s awake.. We’ve tried to let him take afternoon naps without wearing his diapers and we thought he could control his bladder during his naps too.. Last week, I asked the teachers at the centre to let him take his nap without his diapers and at the end of the week, ่พน่€ๅธˆ feedback that he did not wet himself for 2 consecutive days so we did not have to pack any diapers in his bag this week.. But alas! He wet himself during his naptime yesterday and today.. Hmm.. So it’s back to diapers during naps.. Sigh.. Hopefully, he’ll be able to go diaperless soon!

Since we started sending him to Berries in March, he is more willing to converse in Mandarin.. We also got him to recite some poems in Chinese.. We don’t really revise what he has learnt in school every day as we couldn’t find the time to do so.. However, we try to revise with him whenever we can.. To us, it’s more important that he enjoys his childhood.. So no pressure.. yet.. Hee..


Lights Out

Just started to get Jovan to sleep earlier as I realized that he has been sleeping very little for a 3 year old boy..

It all started last weekend when we had a busy weekend celebrating my darling boy’s 3rd birthday.. Yes, I have been a mother for 3 years! Time really flies past too quickly! Ok, back to the topic.. Jovan was so tired after the few long days that he had difficulty waking up in the morning on Monday.. Hubby is wearing a splint cos of his tendonitis so he couldn’t carry Jovan.. Usually, I’ll carry Jocelle to the car in the morning while hubby is in charge of carrying Jovan.. For the next few weeks, we have to wake Jovan up and get him to walk on his own.. I feel so bad that we had to wake him up so early in the morning because of our working hours.. This is when I realized he had not been getting enough sleep.

Usually, we reach home at about 8 plus in the evening.. I’ll usually start doing some housekeeping and take a shower while my 2 darlings occupy themselves in their toys room.. By the time I’m done, it’ll be about 9 plus.. I’ll bring them into the bedroom where I will watch tv while drying my hair.. The 2 of them will be jumping around or drinking milk.. I usually let them have the freedom of moving around till they are tired enough to fall asleep.. Jovan will usually sleep at about 10 plus while Jocelle will sleep way past 11.. Considering that we wake Jovan up at about 7 every morning, he is only getting about 11 hours of sleep each day if we include about 2 hours of afternoon nap.. That is definitely not enough ya? I have to do something! Haha..

So on Monday evening, when we reached home, I brought the kids into our bedroom and switched off the lights before 9.. I started reading some stories to the 2 kids with the help of a small torch.. Jovan fell asleep at about 9.40pm but Jocelle still tossed and turned till about 10 plus.. That’s an improvement, I think.. I’ll keep trying to get them to sleep earlier so that they’ll get enough sleep.. I hope it is still not too late to help them cultivate a habit of sleeping and waking early!

Updates on the kids…

It’s been quite some time since the last entry.. Jocelle has turned 1 10 days ago.. She’s growing up real fast.. 

She is more mobile since she started walking on her own although she’s still not very steady.. However, it’s enough to keep us bz.. Hee.. She’s still very attached to me but now that she can walk on her own, she’s more independent and can be left alone to play for a while.. Of cos, she can play for a longer period of time if her bro is with her.. But they also fight over the toys easily.. Hmm.. Jocelle seems to be interested in whatever Jovan is playing with.. Jovan used to share his things more readily but now he seems to feel threatened by his sister.. On our part, we try to encourage him to share.. Hopefully they will learn to share their things more readily…

Jovan, who turned 22 months a few days ago, is getting very chatty… he loves to sing too! He sometimes talks to himself while he’s playing too! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

He’s starting to show interest in books and will badger us to read to him.. Sometimes he’d want to read himself.. Of cos, he can’t read on his own yet.. But he’ll make up his own story based on the pictures in the book.. It’s quite interesting actually.. Hee.. We just bought and assembled a bookshelf yesterday to encourage him to read.. We even bought a Thomas play mat to make the reading corner more attractive.. Hee.. We’ll try to bring him to the library this week.. ๐Ÿ™‚

He just started lessons at Berries last week.. Hopefully, he’ll learn to like Chinese too…

Back to Jocelle.. She can call mama, papa and ah ma.. She seems to like singing like her bro.. Whenever Jovan starts singing, she’ll start humming and clapping her hands!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m trying to wean her off already as she’s still not sleeping through the night and I’m getting tired of waking up in the middle of the night.. I’m sure she wakes up not because she’s hungry cos she eats a lot when she’s awake.. Also, she’d rather go back to sleep than to drink from the bottle.. 

I tried to stop her from suckling to sleep 2 nights ago.. She would cry and fuss but I would ignore her cries as I’ve resolved to let her go to sleep on her own.. Eventually, she relented and just went to sleep.. Last night when she woke up and cried in the middle of the night, I just let her be.. I didn’t give in to her cries and she eventually went back to sleep.. I hope she’ll start sleeping through soon so I can sleep uninterrupted through the night.. Yawnzzz… Jocelle, be good, ok? 

Jovan@19 Months

Time flies.. Jovan is already 19 months old.. He’s gonna be a ‘gor gor’ in abt a month’s time.. Not sure he’ll be ready for it cos he’s still super sticky to me.. I hope I can cope with 2..

He has grown quite a bit.. Still short.. Hee.. But his cheeks still look chubby.. He babbles a lot and makes a lot of funny sounds in his special Jovan language.. Haha.. He’s always very entertaining with his funny gestures and facial expressions.. He can greet us rather clearly.. Mummy, daddy, Ye ye, Nai nai, Ah ma, Ah gong (ah jor), Ah yee, Ah gu (Ah chu), Jie jie, Gor gor, Mei Mei, Di di, Auntie (ah dee), Uncle (ah ger), Ah M (old auntie) and several others..

He will also say please (ah pi) when he wants to eat anything.. We’ll get him to say thank you or xie xie whenever someone offers him food.. He can also say ok (otay), sorry (placing his hand on his temple), Nan Nan (milk), Mickey (ah mee, also for any soft toys he sees), balloon (bawoon), ball ball etc..

He has a mind of his own now and is always demanding this and that.. He’ll hold our finger or thumb to lead us to where he wants to go.. He’ll say ‘NO’ as he frowns when he doesn’t want to do what you ask of him.. He’ll hug us, say bye bye and give flying kisses before we go and he’ll point to himself when we ask him, ‘Where’s the handsome boy?’

He also reacts better with females and would smile sweetly at strangers we meet in lifts.. He dances to music and claps when he’s happy.. He just learnt how to gesture ‘gong xi gong xi’ and say happy new year (happy ye ye ye).. Haha.. 

He has been such a dear even though he can be stubborn at times.. I just bought a cane to discipline him.. Didn’t use much force but it seems to be a good way to stop him from misbehaving.. I hope he doesn’t think that I don’t love him anymore because of Jocelle.. Will have to learn how to balance.. I hope he’ll understand..