Son passed this to me today.. 
Just a simple note but it’s so heartwarming.. He decorated the note with some drawings.. Try to spot these items: mandarin oranges, a red packet, a baby cot with ‘him’ on it and a mini bowl of porridge..

Haha.. Have I been under feeding him?? 😝


My son is turning 7!

Time flies.. My boy is in P1 this year.. We didn’t plan to have any party for him this year and we’ve prepared him for it.. But last week, he was eagerly expecting to get a superman costume for his birthday party when I reminded him that there would be no party this year.. Guess the Spiderman party last year must have left a deep impression on him..

Anyway, I didn’t want to disappoint him but I didn’t want to plan anything big.. So I tried to think of something simple.. Did a Google search and found Onsight Climbing Gym which organizes rock climbing party for kids and found it to be a good option.. My kids had never tried rock climbing before and I’ve always wanted to let them try.. The price was also reasonable so I tried my luck and called to check if there’re any slots available since it was so last minute.. Luckily, the lady suggested Friday from 5.30-7.30pm.. It was a good timing and fortunately, I managed to find 8 kids who were able to attend..

And that was how we had a small party for my first-born!

We were given 2 choices for the theme-Minecraft or Transformers- and my dear son chose the former.. Tried to search for items for the goodie bags.. Since it was so last minute, we couldn’t get from Taobao so I searched Carousell for some possible items.. Managed to get some loot bags and nano blocks within 2 days and order arrived on Tuesday! Phew.. Also managed to order a Minecraft cake from The Cake Shop! Contemplated baking on my own but not confident if I could find the time.. Would be too rushed to ask Cuppy Cakes to print for me so settled for the most convenient option..  The Chew family were the first to arrive! The cake collection took us a long time so we were late.. 😝

The kids were all eager but apprehensive about climbing up the tall wall!

My 2 kids were happy to put on the harnesses..


Of they went up the wall!image 


For dinner, we ordered from Domino’s Pizza.. Food arrived half an hour before scheduled, which was a good thing.. Hee.. Most commented that it was not bad.. But the kids didn’t eat much so we had quite a bit left over.. 

After about two hours of climbing, it was time to sing the birthday song!


After the cake cutting, the goodie bags were distributed and the kids were allowed to choose the Minecraft nanoblocks they liked..

There were 8 characters for them to choose from..  

I hope the kids enjoyed themselves and to quote a friend, I hope growing up won’t bring them down!!

Jovan’s 6th Birthday Bash – Superheroes Unite!

The day has come! Jovan was very excited when he woke up and asked if the bouncy was here…

We rented one from Singapore Toys Club some time ago but when I was checking in, I was told that bouncy castles are not allowed! I tried to explain that the kids were all here for the bouncy castle and that I’ve already paid for it. The staff just said it was the regulation.. Anyway, I thought I would just try my luck and I’ll decide what to do when the management stopped me.. I can’t disappoint the kids, right?

The men were very busy in the morning as they had to collect the bouncy castle and buy some stuff which we didn’t prepare.. Meanwhile, I prepared the cupcakes by adding the cream cheese frosting and the ring toppers..

The kids were excited when the bouncy castle was up!

The buffet lunch arrived before 12.30pm..

My colleague, Leo and his wife, Teri, who was my ex-colleague, were the first to arrive and the kids had the bouncy castle to themselves.. Soon, another colleague, Hwee Ling, and their family came too..



When more guests came, I got the cupcakes ready by placing them on the cupcake stand..

Looks quite presentable ya? Hee..

The entertainer came slightly before 4.30 pm and started sculpting balloons for the kids.. He’s not bad cos he could actually make an Elsa and a Rapunzel!

The kids were also kept entertained for more than 1.5 hours..






When he was almost done and was getting ready for the cake cutting, my man and my boy went upstairs to get themselves ready for the cake cutting session.. Haha..

It took a while for me to help them get ready and the kids who were getting impatient were knocking the door and asking for Spiderman! Haha.. It was crazy but when the 2 of them got out of the room, the kids got crazier! Haha.. And when they went downstairs, the adults went crazy too! Haha..




After the cake cutting, the kids queued up to take photos with the 2 Spideys..






It was so fun! And I got to kiss Spiderman! Haha.. Hey, not many people have had the chance to kiss a superhero, right? Hee..


We had BBQ dinner after that but not many stayed for the BBQ so there was a lot of leftovers..

Anyway, I hope the kids and adults enjoyed the party as much as I did although it was tiring preparing for it.. It’s all worth it if everyone had a good time! But I guess I won’t have the energy to host another party like this anytime soon.. Haha.. But I would gladly attend another one like this.. Hmm.. Who will be hosting next? Hee..

I think my hubby deserves some applause for the pleasant surprise as he really brought the party to the climax! Hee.. I guess he also fulfilled his dream cos I think he’s been waiting the longest time for a chance to dress up as a superhero and this gave him the best excuse to do so! Hee..

My boy sure had a great time too and he kept thanking us for planning this party for him.. Good that he appreciated our effort and time!

We would like to thank those who came to the party and for all the thoughtful gifts and red packets.. Your presence means a lot to us and we hope you had a good time!


Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Final part!

Didn’t plan to take leave today but decided to just take a day off to spend time with the birthday boy.. alone..

From our past experiences, Mei Mei would choose not to go to the ccc if Gor Gor was sick so if I were to tell her that I’ll be bringing Gor Gor out while she stays in the ccc, she’ll definitely not let us go.. hence, I didn’t tell both of them my plan until we were at the entrance of the ccc…

After the usual screening, I hugged Jocelle and sent her in, making an excuse that I wanted to talk to Gor Gor… Luckily, princess didn’t suspect anything and went into the ccc to join her friends..

Phew! Then I whispered to Jovan to tell him I’d be bringing him out alone.. he didn’t seem to believe me as he kept asking if it’s for real.. he also asked if Mei Mei would be joining us.. such a caring brother!

We went home 1st so he could change out of his uniform.. I asked him to decide how he wanted to spend the day and the first thing he requested to do was…


I love cycling!

He had a great time cycling for about 45min until he decided it was enough..

He took a shower before we made our way to…


Date with my little man!

A kind lady helped to take the above photo…

It is definitely much easier bringing out 1 kid than both.. I guess we wouldn’t be able to do much if Jocelle was around since she still can’t take many of the rides due to her lack of height.. also, she would ask to be carried..

Anyway, we managed to take some rides we had missed previously.. will not elaborate with words but here are some photos we took..


With the B-boys!


Cool Optimus Prime!




With the King of the day!




Special treat!



We were there from about 11am to 5pm but my boy was not satisfied and kept asking to stay a while longer..

Finally, I managed to get him out at around 5 plus after much persuasion…

We went to pick Mei Mei 1st before I brought the kids to take a shower…

Met up with hubby later before we went out for a nice dinner at Ichiban Boshi (again…)

After dinner, I decided to give the kids a treat.. main reason was to make it up to princess for not taking her out that day.. look at how happy they were!


Cheap but nice treat!

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday Part 3

As mentioned in an earlier post, Jovan wanted a soldier theme for his birthday… that got me busy as I had to get camouflage party favours for the celebration at the ccc on Youth Day..

We decided to get green mugs from the Lifestyle Mart at Safra as they would be useful for the kids.. I also ordered some party hats which I had to collect all the way from Woodlands.. While I was there, I bought some kaleidoscopes.. the camou paper plates were from Spotlight and the green plastic spoons and forks were from Giant.. we also bought some green gummys and chocolates wrapped in green wrappers to fit the camou theme.. We even bought camou Ts for ourselves! We couldn’t find one for Jocelle so we ended up buying an adult size t-shirt for her and let her wear it as a dress! Haha.. all for the fun of it! Anyway, here are the pictures!


The loot!


The food!

Made some cupcakes on top of the 2nd fondant cake! The fondant cake definitely had room for improvement so I thought I would have some leftover but I was only left with the empty boxes! The kids also devoured all the cupcakes! I think the cupcakes turned out quite well and the kids loved the soldiers on the cupcakes! Some kept asking if they could really keep the soldiers.. haha.. so cute!


The people!

The kids were very impressed with Jovan’s soldier uniform while the teachers commented that the theme was awesome! We had an enjoyable time that day!

Oh yes, we even let the kids take photos with the birthday boy and keep the photos as mementoes!


The mementoes!

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Part 1

My dear son is turning 5 very soon.. I only planned to have a simple celebration at his ccc.. had been asking him which character he would like for his birthday cake.. he didn’t give me a clear answer until we watched Ah Boys to Men 2.. he decided that he want soldier cake..

Decided to Google a little for some inspiration and thought of making a fondant cake for the celebration at the ccc.. since it would be my 1st attempt at fondant cakes, I decided to try to bake one a week before the actual celebration in case it was a failure…

Used a simple chocolate cake recipe from and used ready to use  Whilton rolled fondant..


1st fondant cake!

It looks ok but the fondant was actually rather wet cos I stored the cake in the fridge.. it actually had flaws which were covered by the toy trucks.. haha..

Since I’ve already made the cake, we had an impromptu birthday celebration at Audry’s place.. we also got a set of army uniform from Toys “R” Us.. it came with some accessories too..


Soldier uniform


Soldier in the making!


Let's celebrate anyway!

Second Opinion

Daddy couldn’t accept the fact that Jovan has to wear specs so we brought him to SNEC for a second opinion.. He even requested for a senior consultant..

He was first examined by a Dr Sharon who actually said that he has 20/20 vision and seemed to be able to see well..

He then saw 2 more female optometrists.. the second one had the same conclusion as the first while the third said he has astigmatism.. 175 on the right and 250 on the left.. 25 degrees lower than the diagnosis in NOOCC..

We finally met Dr Quah, the senior consultant, who confirmed that Jovan has astigmatism but he also mentioned that Jovan has longsightedness which cancelled out his astigmatism such that he could still see well without specs..

We will be back in 6 months for a follow up… according to the doctor, there’s nothing much we can do to control astigmatism but we should still try to minimise tv time so that he won’t develop myopia..

After that, we still went to collect the specs from NOOCC.. He still couldn’t see very well with the specs on but we felt that it was because he had had a long day and he didn’t take his afternoon nap…

We’ll have to keep monitoring him.. and hopefully, his vision will be better or at least not worsen…

We just know that this will be an expensive condition… 😦

He’ll do anything for ‘love’

My son will do anything for love.. Haha..

I was showering him after lunch when he told me he wanted to put ‘the clip’ on his nose after his shower..

‘The clip’ is actually a gadget that hubby bought some time ago to sharpen my dear son’s flat, button nose (no thanks to my genes.. Sigh.. Sorry..)

Anyway, since he didn’t like it previously, I asked..

Me: Why do you want to wear the clip?
Jov: because I want to be handsome.
Me: Why do you want to be handsome?
Jov: because I want Becky to like me..

I’m amused by how he would do things that he thought Becky would like.. Haha..

Haha.. Anyway, I granted him his wish..

He couldn’t wear it for long cos it really makes breathing difficult..

Helpful Gor Gor

The kids were playing together with their toys when Jocelle approached her brother..

Mei: Gor Gor, I want to go shh shhee..
Gor: Go lor..
Mei: Can you go with me?
Gor: Ok.. (didn’t move)
Mei: Gor Gor, can you go with me?
Gor: Ok.. (got up and held Mei Mei’s hand as they went to the washroom.)
Mei: Gor Gor, can you wait for me outside? Sit on the chair (stool actually).
Gor Gor went back to his toys..
Gor: Mei Mei, I wait for you here, ok?
When Mei Mei was done..
Mei: Gor Gor, can you wear for me?
Gor Gor reluctantly helped Mei Mei put on her pants..

Hee.. I’ve got a reluctant but good helper! 😉