Jocelle’s name

I’ve actually thought of Jocelle’s name when I was expecting Jovan.. Before I knew Jovan was a boy, I shortlisted Jovan and Jocelle to be my boy’s and girl’s name respectively.. Went to the same 师父 we consulted regarding Jovan’s chinese name before we decided on Jocelle’s Chinese name..

This time round, we’ve shortlisted Zhuo Si (思)or Zhuo Shi (诗)as Jocelle’s Chinese name so it will sound like her English name.. The 师父 gave us a few options.. But the ‘Shi’ that he suggested cannot be found in the dictionary.. So we looked through the meanings of the other characters he suggested: 轩,霖,芯,奇,惠,莹,仪

We shortlisted 轩 and 芯 cos they sound closer to Jocelle.. After checking the dictionary, we decided that she’ll be called 岑卓轩 as 轩 means lofty and dignified.. More meaningful than 芯 which means core.. Finally, we can register her birth cert.. Today is actually the last day for us to register her name..

We’ll have to settle her Cordlife and CDA account next..