Jocelle is 4!

Yes, it’s the actual day.. We didn’t plan to do much since it’s a Monday… We just thought of having dinner outside and we didn’t even plan where to have dinner! Hee..

But when I opened the mail box, we got a pleasant surprise!

So we went to the Swenson’s at Ion, which hubby said was the nearest… traffic was heavy so it took some time for us to reach Ion..

We made good use of the voucher and the kiddos had kids’ meal..

We’re thankful for the surprise and Jocelle even had her 1st Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae!

My wish for you, my princess, is to always stay healthy and happy! Good things come your way when you are positive and nice to others so be helpful and cheerful always!! Mummy loves you!!


Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 3

It’s 1 day before her actual birthday and we had a cake which had not been shared, we didn’t have to buy another for the celebration at Audry’s… place..

I baked a batch of oreo cheese cupcakes as I wanted to make use of the personalised flags which I ordered from eBay.. I thought I might be able to squeeze some time to bake for her celebration at the ccc but I couldn’t… since they’re personalised, I won’t be able to use them after her birthday tis year.. so here they go!

I didn’t bring all over to Audry’s place as we had another cake.. It was a simple celebration for the princess..

Yes, I’ve had enough of cakes already… haha..

Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 2

We met up with the usual gang at Toa Payoh Safra Kidz Amaze for a joint celebration with Celestiel. Their birthdays are just 1 day apart although Celestiel is 2 years older than Jocelle..

We met up with the Lau and Chew families at Kidz Amaze in the afternoon.. a nice place for us as the kids could play safely while the adults could chat and complain… haha.. it’s a pity the Tan and Toh families couldn’t join us earlier as they had other commitments in the afternoon..

Glad that they could join us for dinner so we could still catch up.. We went to Astons at about 6pm to beat the crowd as the previous time we went, there was a very long queue..

It was difficult to order the food as we were given slips of order forms and each person was supposed to use 1 form.. I think it’s a waste of time and paper and it’s confusing, especially for a big group like us.. We had 9 adults and 8 kids so ordering for was a nightmare.. thanks to Brenda for taking the orders..

Finally, it was cake cutting time!

We bought 2 identical cakes for the princesses as both love Sleeping Beauty…

As we sang the birthday song, some teenagers from 2 tables in the crowded restaurant joined in to sing and clap for the birthday girls! It was a pleasant surprise for us and their gesture put a smile on many of our faces..

We didn’t cut both cakes though as we were rather full so the adults skipped the cake..

We left the restaurant after our dinner but we didn’t leave immediately as we still had lots of catching up to do.. hee.. While we chatted, the kids were entertained by the movie ‘King Kong’ which was screened outside Toast Box.. We really can chat non stop! Hee.. I’m looking forward to the next meet up already… haha..

Thanks to all for your lovely gifts and red packets.. my girl enjoyed herself thoroughly…

Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 1

We had to celebrate her birthday in advance on the last day of February the ccc as I had a meeting on Monday.. Hubby took leave that day so he could join in the celebration. I didn’t want him to miss it this time as he missed the celebration last year..

We collected the cake from Swenson’s together as I managed to leave school at around 2 pm.. I got some paper plates as I totally forgot about it..

Some friends asked why I didn’t bake a cake for my girl like what I did for Jovan last year.. I really had no time as it’s the exam period and I had lots of marking to clear.. anyway, I think she’ll be happy with any princess cake we get for her.. she was the one who chose this cake..

She was over the moon when she saw me at the ccc with the cake.. I got her a change of clothes and brought along her tiara hair band..

When her classmates saw her, many commented that she was a princess that day… she smiled shyly and sweetly at the compliments.. she really looked sweet then..

Jovan had been looking forward to the celebration and joined in to sing the birthday song..

The 2kg ice cream cake was just enough for all her classmates and the teachers in the ccc.. it was difficult to cut the cake but thanks to Brenda who shared her experience with me, we prepared a metal knife..

We brought the kids back after the celebration so they could shower before we went out for dinner at Sakae Sushi, which the kids call ‘froggy froggy’.

After dinner, we bought another ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for our second celebration at my in-laws’ place…

I’m glad she had a good time although her actual birthday was still 3 days to go..

I can talk, you cannot!

I don’t worry about my girl being bullied.. I’m more worried about her bullying others.. sigh…


Need to apologise to the mummy.. hope it’ll never happen again…

I’m pretty sure she didn’t get that from me! Maybe it’s the daddy…

Note to Princess as she turns 3!

3 years ago, on this day, you seemed in a rush to meet us before the gynae reached the delivery ward.. or maybe mummy was too eager to add you to our family that I pushed you out a minute too soon.. Hee.. Thankfully,  the midwife was alerted soon enough to help deliver you..

It was truly a memorable and worthy push for me as you have been bringing so much joy to my life since then!

You cheer me up when I see or hear your infectious smiles and laughs after work. You make it all worthwhile.. My wish is for you to continue to bring smiles and positive energy to everyone around you..

You make me proud when you reason your way out of some mischief with your witty responses and comments.. My wish is for you to make use of your wit in useful ways for the benefit of one and all..

You make me laugh with your singing and dancing.. I’m glad you enjoy performing.. My wish is for you to have some means of de-stressing so you can cope with the stress and obstacles that you may encounter in life..

You make your bro’s life more interesting by being his constant playmate and ‘squabble’ mate.. I enjoy watching the 2 of you play with, fight with and fight for, share with, care for, miss, kiss and hug each other.. My wish is for you to continue to be there for each other even when we are no longer around..

On this day, I’m counting my blessings for having you in my life..

I hope you have enjoyed the simple programmes I’ve planned for you these few days and my wish is for you to be able to take every challenge that comes in your way in stride and enjoy life the way you do now..

Happy birthday, dear princess!

Pre-birthday celebration @ Kids Amaze Safra Toa Payoh

Met up with the regular group of friends to have another celebration since Princess Celestiel’s birthday is just one day before Jocelle’s..

The mummies had a great time catching up while the kids ran wild at the playground with their regular playmates..


So happy!


Not our party but we like the banner! Princess theme!

It’s a huge place so the kids were kept occupied for about 3 hours before we saw signs of hunger.. hee.. most of the eateries were packed so we had to queue for a while for a place to accommodate the 16 of us – 8 adults & 8 kids..

Meanwhile,  the kids tried to entertainment themselves…



We finally decided to settle our dinner at McDonald’s..


Adrian chose a HK cake with 2 characters cos there're 2 stars today


With the birthday girl! Both love Aurora!


Good friends!


Did everyone look at the camera??

The kids had great fun and wanted to go back to the playground after dinner.. I guess all fell asleep in the car on the way back.. haha..

Thanks all for joining us in the celebration as well as the presents for my princess! We didn’t mean for you to get presents actually.. Just wanted the kids to have fun at the playground.. Your presence is really the greatest present!

Pre-birthday celebration @ ccc

Was slightly late for their tea break at the ccc.. when I reached,  the kids were already waiting at their tables for the cake..

All had their party hats on while my princess waited for her tiara which was with me.. Look at how happy they were!


Finally, my cake is here!


It's my favourite Sleeping Beauty!


Class photo!


With Teacher Ina and 边老师!


Yummy cake!


Gor Gor enjoying the cake too!


With mummy & Gor Gor...