Princess’ Fabulous Five Birthday!

We were all ready for the party at Kallang McDonald’s on Sunday.. Jocelle was of course very excited and couldn’t wait to change into her Elsa dress..

All the guests arrived punctually as we could only use the party area for 1.5 hour.. Some of the kids started entertaining themselves at the small playground…

When most of the kids were here, they were told to sit down at the table to wait for the games to start.. The party staff told them there were 3 games.. I didn’t catch the first game.. hee.. DSC03120

IMG_1615The second one was for the kids to break into 2 teams. The last person in the team would take a ball and pass it down to the front and the first person would throw a coloured ball into the assigned basket before they went back to their seat. The team which had the most number of balls in their basket would win..

Girls vs boys

Girls vs boys

After that, they played Simon Says…


After the games, the kids were served their meals…


After their meals, some quickly made their way to the playground again to continue playing… haha..

Before long, it was time to sing the birthday song.. We ordered the 2kg cake from Bengawan Solo.. It was as usual a challenge to take photos of the children.. They are never looking at the camera at the same time… haha..

IMG_1662IMG_1658Not all the kids were captured here though.. Amy’s 3 kids and Jasmine’s 2 girls didn’t want to join in.. There were a total of 21 kids, including the birthday girl..


The pretty princesses

Cake cutting pose

Cake cutting pose

Family photo...

Family photo…

After the cake was cut and distributed, it was time for the birthday girl to give out the goodie bags.. Each child received 2 goodie bags, one from McDonald’s and one that we have prepared..

Giving out the goodie bags

Giving out the goodie bags


It was a really warm day and even though the party room was air-conditioned, we couldn’t feel it.. The adults mostly went to the restaurant to have their meals and chit chatted while I tried to take photos and chat with everyone.. We stayed on even after we were told to clear the area.. hee.. There’s too much catching up to do and the kids were having too much fun in the playground..


Elsa and Anna!

Then, an accident happened and Jocelle’s big right toe was hit by the corner of the glass door of the playground.. It was bleeding profusely and she cried in pain.. We tried to apply pressure on her toe to stop the bleeding and got her to sit down and raise her right foot.. Tried to calm her down too.. She didn’t make a big fuss, just whined a little when the blood oozed out again… Daddy took some ice and applied cold pressure to her toe.. I didn’t think it was necessary to rush her to the doctor as I thought there was nothing to be done.. So I carried on chatting with my friends.. hee..

Hubby was worried though and my sister advised that we should bring her to a doctor.. We left at about 6 plus to go to a 24h clinic near our place.. The receptionist told me that the doctor on duty was not the resident doctor and would not remove the nail for her.. I didn’t think it was necessary to remove her toenail.. Anyway, the lady was very nice.. She helped to clean the wound and bandaged it up without charging me and even gave me some gauze to use in case there was a need to change the dressing.. She advised me to see the doctor the next day.. IMG_1678After that, we went to Emily’s place for dinner.. Hubby actually made an appointment to let Jocelle see the doctor at the clinic near our place but because the doctor would only be back at 8.40pm, we had time to have dinner before we headed back to the clinic..

The doctor cleaned the wound again and dressed it again.. He advised us to bring Jocelle back on Tuesday for him to check the wound again..

We had to keep the wound dry so that night, we wrapped up her toe and she sat on a stool while I showered her..

What an eventful day it was!

PS: Thank you all for attending the party and showering Jocelle with thoughtful gifts and red packets.. She is indeed one blessed girl! =)