I’ve been diligently preparing Jovan for his 1st spelling for the year for the past 2 weeks.. I test him verbally and also got him to write down on a book.. He would sometimes write letters in their mirror image.. I would correct him and retest him and he would soon get them correct..


Practice at home…

I tested him a few times last week but he came back on Friday telling me he did not have any spelling..

Today, when I picked him up from the ccc, he excitedly announced that he had spelling and he had spelt all the words correctly.. but I got a shock when I saw what he had written!


Teacher Sabrina didn’t mark the spelling and I don’t blame her for not marking.. She wrote a note asking if Jovan always wrote in mirror images.. I managed to speak to her and I shared that he would write correctly when I practised with him at home.. She said she would monitor.. sigh.. I think I have to be even more diligent and get him to practise every night until the next spelling.. I’m hoping that he can correct this soon and will not be diagnosed with dyslexia..

Wish me luck!