Jocelle is 6!!

My princess is 6 today! I made arrangements at work so I could have the afternoon free..

Left school almost immediately after the bell has gone. We stopped by NTUC to get some disposable plates and cutlery.. Hubby was home when we reached home.. We rushed to collect the cake after Jovan had a few mouthfuls of curry rice that he had packed from school..

I was shocked that the ice cream cake I collected was not printed with the Sofia the 1st designed that I had chosen.. I was very upset and worried that my girl will be upset as we brought her the Sofia dress that she had requested. 

[backstory] I’ve placed my order for a Sofia cake after taking some time to choose the design for the cake. While the staff was keying in my order, I changed my mind and told them I wanted design 2211.. The staff happily said they could change for me. After I paid and collected my receipt, I didn’t double check.. 😓 I didn’t realize that the design number was keyed in as 2111 instead of 2211!! Luckily 2111 is Stunning Princesses design which had 6 Disney princesses and not a Transformers or Spider-Man design!!

I was super upset and worried and the moment I saw my girl, I explained to her that I’ve ordered the wrong cake for her.. She didn’t show any signs of disappointment at all! Phew! What a relief! After that, we started getting ready for her celebration…   

After the celebration, we left Jocelle for her swimming lesson and brought Elyssa home with us.. She looked at us longingly and seemed to be expecting us to bring her home.. Haha.. We had to grant her the wish, right?

We rested for a while before meeting up with my siblings for dinner at Swenson’s again!  We ordered another cake for her and this design is the one I initially wanted!!

 We had an overdose of ice cream today! Couldn’t finish it so we packed the remaining cake home.. When I got home, I realized that I actually could have gotten the cakes at a 20% discount cos my two kids are both the Kids Club members! What a waste!! 🙄


My son is turning 7!

Time flies.. My boy is in P1 this year.. We didn’t plan to have any party for him this year and we’ve prepared him for it.. But last week, he was eagerly expecting to get a superman costume for his birthday party when I reminded him that there would be no party this year.. Guess the Spiderman party last year must have left a deep impression on him..

Anyway, I didn’t want to disappoint him but I didn’t want to plan anything big.. So I tried to think of something simple.. Did a Google search and found Onsight Climbing Gym which organizes rock climbing party for kids and found it to be a good option.. My kids had never tried rock climbing before and I’ve always wanted to let them try.. The price was also reasonable so I tried my luck and called to check if there’re any slots available since it was so last minute.. Luckily, the lady suggested Friday from 5.30-7.30pm.. It was a good timing and fortunately, I managed to find 8 kids who were able to attend..

And that was how we had a small party for my first-born!

We were given 2 choices for the theme-Minecraft or Transformers- and my dear son chose the former.. Tried to search for items for the goodie bags.. Since it was so last minute, we couldn’t get from Taobao so I searched Carousell for some possible items.. Managed to get some loot bags and nano blocks within 2 days and order arrived on Tuesday! Phew.. Also managed to order a Minecraft cake from The Cake Shop! Contemplated baking on my own but not confident if I could find the time.. Would be too rushed to ask Cuppy Cakes to print for me so settled for the most convenient option..  The Chew family were the first to arrive! The cake collection took us a long time so we were late.. 😝

The kids were all eager but apprehensive about climbing up the tall wall!

My 2 kids were happy to put on the harnesses..


Of they went up the wall!image 


For dinner, we ordered from Domino’s Pizza.. Food arrived half an hour before scheduled, which was a good thing.. Hee.. Most commented that it was not bad.. But the kids didn’t eat much so we had quite a bit left over.. 

After about two hours of climbing, it was time to sing the birthday song!


After the cake cutting, the goodie bags were distributed and the kids were allowed to choose the Minecraft nanoblocks they liked..

There were 8 characters for them to choose from..  

I hope the kids enjoyed themselves and to quote a friend, I hope growing up won’t bring them down!!

Elyssa’s 1st birthday!

My beautiful niece celebrated her 1st birthday with a bang.. my sister really indulged in her and planned a Hello Kitty theme party for her. She even threw in a bouncy castle, auto cars and a balloon sculptor for the celebration!

I’ll let the photos do the talking!


Bouncy fun!


I can drive!


Change car!


I can drive too!








My personalised cupcake!


This has my name!

We had a great time at NSRCC where the kids bounced, drove and swam.. it’s a pity many of my sister’s friends’ children didn’t get to enjoy playing on the bouncy castle and driving the cars.. that made me wanna plan a similar party for Jovan cos I have so many friends with kids who would enjoy themselves on the bouncy castle! The battery operated cars were a little troublesome though cos we had to keep changing the batteries… so I won’t be renting those cars for Jovan’s party..

Meanwhile, planning starts for the party in July!!

Jocelle is 4!

Yes, it’s the actual day.. We didn’t plan to do much since it’s a Monday… We just thought of having dinner outside and we didn’t even plan where to have dinner! Hee..

But when I opened the mail box, we got a pleasant surprise!

So we went to the Swenson’s at Ion, which hubby said was the nearest… traffic was heavy so it took some time for us to reach Ion..

We made good use of the voucher and the kiddos had kids’ meal..

We’re thankful for the surprise and Jocelle even had her 1st Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae!

My wish for you, my princess, is to always stay healthy and happy! Good things come your way when you are positive and nice to others so be helpful and cheerful always!! Mummy loves you!!

Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 3

It’s 1 day before her actual birthday and we had a cake which had not been shared, we didn’t have to buy another for the celebration at Audry’s… place..

I baked a batch of oreo cheese cupcakes as I wanted to make use of the personalised flags which I ordered from eBay.. I thought I might be able to squeeze some time to bake for her celebration at the ccc but I couldn’t… since they’re personalised, I won’t be able to use them after her birthday tis year.. so here they go!

I didn’t bring all over to Audry’s place as we had another cake.. It was a simple celebration for the princess..

Yes, I’ve had enough of cakes already… haha..

Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 2

We met up with the usual gang at Toa Payoh Safra Kidz Amaze for a joint celebration with Celestiel. Their birthdays are just 1 day apart although Celestiel is 2 years older than Jocelle..

We met up with the Lau and Chew families at Kidz Amaze in the afternoon.. a nice place for us as the kids could play safely while the adults could chat and complain… haha.. it’s a pity the Tan and Toh families couldn’t join us earlier as they had other commitments in the afternoon..

Glad that they could join us for dinner so we could still catch up.. We went to Astons at about 6pm to beat the crowd as the previous time we went, there was a very long queue..

It was difficult to order the food as we were given slips of order forms and each person was supposed to use 1 form.. I think it’s a waste of time and paper and it’s confusing, especially for a big group like us.. We had 9 adults and 8 kids so ordering for was a nightmare.. thanks to Brenda for taking the orders..

Finally, it was cake cutting time!

We bought 2 identical cakes for the princesses as both love Sleeping Beauty…

As we sang the birthday song, some teenagers from 2 tables in the crowded restaurant joined in to sing and clap for the birthday girls! It was a pleasant surprise for us and their gesture put a smile on many of our faces..

We didn’t cut both cakes though as we were rather full so the adults skipped the cake..

We left the restaurant after our dinner but we didn’t leave immediately as we still had lots of catching up to do.. hee.. While we chatted, the kids were entertained by the movie ‘King Kong’ which was screened outside Toast Box.. We really can chat non stop! Hee.. I’m looking forward to the next meet up already… haha..

Thanks to all for your lovely gifts and red packets.. my girl enjoyed herself thoroughly…

Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 1

We had to celebrate her birthday in advance on the last day of February the ccc as I had a meeting on Monday.. Hubby took leave that day so he could join in the celebration. I didn’t want him to miss it this time as he missed the celebration last year..

We collected the cake from Swenson’s together as I managed to leave school at around 2 pm.. I got some paper plates as I totally forgot about it..

Some friends asked why I didn’t bake a cake for my girl like what I did for Jovan last year.. I really had no time as it’s the exam period and I had lots of marking to clear.. anyway, I think she’ll be happy with any princess cake we get for her.. she was the one who chose this cake..

She was over the moon when she saw me at the ccc with the cake.. I got her a change of clothes and brought along her tiara hair band..

When her classmates saw her, many commented that she was a princess that day… she smiled shyly and sweetly at the compliments.. she really looked sweet then..

Jovan had been looking forward to the celebration and joined in to sing the birthday song..

The 2kg ice cream cake was just enough for all her classmates and the teachers in the ccc.. it was difficult to cut the cake but thanks to Brenda who shared her experience with me, we prepared a metal knife..

We brought the kids back after the celebration so they could shower before we went out for dinner at Sakae Sushi, which the kids call ‘froggy froggy’.

After dinner, we bought another ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for our second celebration at my in-laws’ place…

I’m glad she had a good time although her actual birthday was still 3 days to go..

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Final part!

Didn’t plan to take leave today but decided to just take a day off to spend time with the birthday boy.. alone..

From our past experiences, Mei Mei would choose not to go to the ccc if Gor Gor was sick so if I were to tell her that I’ll be bringing Gor Gor out while she stays in the ccc, she’ll definitely not let us go.. hence, I didn’t tell both of them my plan until we were at the entrance of the ccc…

After the usual screening, I hugged Jocelle and sent her in, making an excuse that I wanted to talk to Gor Gor… Luckily, princess didn’t suspect anything and went into the ccc to join her friends..

Phew! Then I whispered to Jovan to tell him I’d be bringing him out alone.. he didn’t seem to believe me as he kept asking if it’s for real.. he also asked if Mei Mei would be joining us.. such a caring brother!

We went home 1st so he could change out of his uniform.. I asked him to decide how he wanted to spend the day and the first thing he requested to do was…


I love cycling!

He had a great time cycling for about 45min until he decided it was enough..

He took a shower before we made our way to…


Date with my little man!

A kind lady helped to take the above photo…

It is definitely much easier bringing out 1 kid than both.. I guess we wouldn’t be able to do much if Jocelle was around since she still can’t take many of the rides due to her lack of height.. also, she would ask to be carried..

Anyway, we managed to take some rides we had missed previously.. will not elaborate with words but here are some photos we took..


With the B-boys!


Cool Optimus Prime!




With the King of the day!




Special treat!



We were there from about 11am to 5pm but my boy was not satisfied and kept asking to stay a while longer..

Finally, I managed to get him out at around 5 plus after much persuasion…

We went to pick Mei Mei 1st before I brought the kids to take a shower…

Met up with hubby later before we went out for a nice dinner at Ichiban Boshi (again…)

After dinner, I decided to give the kids a treat.. main reason was to make it up to princess for not taking her out that day.. look at how happy they were!


Cheap but nice treat!

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday Part 3

As mentioned in an earlier post, Jovan wanted a soldier theme for his birthday… that got me busy as I had to get camouflage party favours for the celebration at the ccc on Youth Day..

We decided to get green mugs from the Lifestyle Mart at Safra as they would be useful for the kids.. I also ordered some party hats which I had to collect all the way from Woodlands.. While I was there, I bought some kaleidoscopes.. the camou paper plates were from Spotlight and the green plastic spoons and forks were from Giant.. we also bought some green gummys and chocolates wrapped in green wrappers to fit the camou theme.. We even bought camou Ts for ourselves! We couldn’t find one for Jocelle so we ended up buying an adult size t-shirt for her and let her wear it as a dress! Haha.. all for the fun of it! Anyway, here are the pictures!


The loot!


The food!

Made some cupcakes on top of the 2nd fondant cake! The fondant cake definitely had room for improvement so I thought I would have some leftover but I was only left with the empty boxes! The kids also devoured all the cupcakes! I think the cupcakes turned out quite well and the kids loved the soldiers on the cupcakes! Some kept asking if they could really keep the soldiers.. haha.. so cute!


The people!

The kids were very impressed with Jovan’s soldier uniform while the teachers commented that the theme was awesome! We had an enjoyable time that day!

Oh yes, we even let the kids take photos with the birthday boy and keep the photos as mementoes!


The mementoes!

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Part 1

My dear son is turning 5 very soon.. I only planned to have a simple celebration at his ccc.. had been asking him which character he would like for his birthday cake.. he didn’t give me a clear answer until we watched Ah Boys to Men 2.. he decided that he want soldier cake..

Decided to Google a little for some inspiration and thought of making a fondant cake for the celebration at the ccc.. since it would be my 1st attempt at fondant cakes, I decided to try to bake one a week before the actual celebration in case it was a failure…

Used a simple chocolate cake recipe from and used ready to use  Whilton rolled fondant..


1st fondant cake!

It looks ok but the fondant was actually rather wet cos I stored the cake in the fridge.. it actually had flaws which were covered by the toy trucks.. haha..

Since I’ve already made the cake, we had an impromptu birthday celebration at Audry’s place.. we also got a set of army uniform from Toys “R” Us.. it came with some accessories too..


Soldier uniform


Soldier in the making!


Let's celebrate anyway!