Princess’ Ice Skating Party @ The Rink

We had an advanced birthday party for the girl last night.. I had been too busy at work to plan for this so I only started planning less than 2 weeks in advance.. 

Wanted to try POLW but there was no available slot this weekend. I was too late.. Tried searching and found that The Rink at JCube has a 2-hour party package. Since my kids had never tried real ice skating before and they’ve always told us they were keen, I thought this would be a good idea. One advantage is that it is indoor so we won’t be affected by the weather..

We reached the place slightly after 7pm but the car park was full.. An alternative parking would be at the HDB car park.. 

Anyway, once all the kids arrived, a party host gave them a briefing to teach them how to stand up when they fall..  They also did some stretching exercises..

The kids couldn’t wait to enter the rink! 

 We rented a few penguins for the kids who couldn’t skate..  


The kids had great fun at the rink with the supervision of a few of the staff.. 

 After about half an hour, we got the kids back into the party room for the cake cutting ceremony..



 After the cake cutting ceremony and some snacks, the kids hit the rink again.. We took a (dozen) group photo(s) before some of them left..  

 I think the kids had great fun on the rink while the adults had a great time chit chatting.. Overall, I think this is a great and cool venue for a birthday party!! The kids have been bugging us to bring them back again! πŸ˜‰


Jurassic Park Birthday Party

Another birthday party for the kids today.. This time Jocelle joined in too..   

 Emily brought them there while hubby and I went to watch MI5.. 😁

According to Emily, the kids were shy and didn’t play the games organized by the party host.. They just sat around and ate the food..

It’s great to have a sister to babysit the kids while we go dating.. Hee.. Anyway, we volunteered to babysit Elyssa on days they want to go dating too! I’m just waiting for the day to come! πŸ˜‰

Birthday Party

Jovan was invited to a classmate’s birthday party today.. It was the first one that he attended although he had been invited to one in June.. He didn’t attend that one as we were in Perth then..

I didn’t attend as I find it awkward so hubby went with him while I stayed at home to mark..   

According to hubby, the house was huge.. They could even have a slide in the living room.. My boy of cos had a great time swimming in the pool.. That was his favourite activity obviously.. 

1st Birthday Party in 2013

The kids attended their first birthday party of the year yesterday at Happy Willows at Fushionpolis.. Jacelyn had planned for a combined birthday party for her daughter, Melanie, and her niece, Eden.

They had Berries in the morning first. Then hubby packed some noodles and brought them back for lunch while I met up with some ex-colleagues for lunch.. Didn’t want the kids to join us cos we wanted them to take a nap before the party at 4.30pm..

After my lunch appointment, I went back home to find the three of them taking their naps.. Envious cos I was sleepy too.. They soon woke up and started playing with their toys..

Soon after, we made our way to Fushionpolis.. The kids were very excited and right after wearing their socks, they went straight to the play area!

That’s good actually so I could catch up with Soot Mei and Choy Ying..

After a while, the staff there started ringing a bell to get the kids to gather in a room for some games..



The kids were able to sit quietly to listen to the instructions..

After the games, the kids went back to the play area.. Jovan and Jocelle spent some time at the toys area too..

The place was spacious and there’s also some snacks and drinks available for sale..


The staff soon started ringing the bell again and gathered the kids into another room for the cake cutting session..

There were 2 cakes – one for each birthday girl.. Hello Kitty theme!





The kids were then served with some pasta and pizza..



They didn’t finish their food but went back to the play area again.. Although the party was supposed to end at 6.30pm, the kids were reluctant to leave.. In the end, we left at about 7pm..

Thanks, Jacelyn for inviting us! The kids had loads of fun!! πŸ™‚