Impromptu sleepover

Went to watch Big Hero 6 with Denise and Becky..

The 3 kids enjoyed the show very much and had great fun running around Vivocity before and after the show.. After we had some desserts at Fruit Paradise, we made our way back home to pick the kids’ pyjamas before we set off to Audry’s place for dinner.. As we were reaching our block, Becky asked if she’s going to my place.. I then asked if she wanted to stay over that night.. She said yes so loudly without much consideration! Hee.. I guess she had fun during the previous sleepover. But she had to get permission from her dad first so we dropped them off at their place before we went for dinner.. My 2 kids were excited too!

So after dinner, the kids quickly took their shower so we could pick Becky earlier so they could have more time to play.. Hee..


Playing with blocks...

Hubby dug out some light sticks to entertain the kids.. And they pretended that they were camping..


They had so much fun that they refused to sleep! I went into the room many many times until I finally kept the light sticks and made them close their eyes at 11 plus..

We woke up early the next day as hubby and I had a facial and massage appointment and Becky had to visit her grand dad..


Fed them and showered them before we sent Becky home and dropped the kiddos at Emily’s place.. I’m sure the kids had great fun as they were already asking about the next sleepover! Hee..


He’ll do anything for ‘love’

My son will do anything for love.. Haha..

I was showering him after lunch when he told me he wanted to put ‘the clip’ on his nose after his shower..

‘The clip’ is actually a gadget that hubby bought some time ago to sharpen my dear son’s flat, button nose (no thanks to my genes.. Sigh.. Sorry..)

Anyway, since he didn’t like it previously, I asked..

Me: Why do you want to wear the clip?
Jov: because I want to be handsome.
Me: Why do you want to be handsome?
Jov: because I want Becky to like me..

I’m amused by how he would do things that he thought Becky would like.. Haha..

Haha.. Anyway, I granted him his wish..

He couldn’t wear it for long cos it really makes breathing difficult..

Puppy Love?

People will do anything they can to please someone they like, don’t they?

I think it’s true for many people, especially my dear son.. It’s a bit early for him but it’s very evident recently that he’s one who will do anything to please the person he likes.. And for now, that person is Becky, my colleague’s daughter..

Since he was introduced to Becky last year, he has been ‘smitten’ with her.. He often tells us that he likes her and that he wants to marry her.. She’s an adorable girl.. Very mature and sensible for her age.. Even my hubby adores her.. We find it amusing whenever he tells us that he likes her.. He’ll also smile shyly whenever we talk about her..

He likes her so much that we could even make him do things we want him to do just by mentioning her name!

For example, there was once when he refused to eat the chicken in his bowl.. Hubby then told him that he would call Becky to tell her about it and guess what my boy did? Yes, my dear son gobbled up all the chicken in his bowl and asked for more cos his daddy told him that Becky likes boys who eat a lot of meat!

Today, he demonstrated his ‘love’ for Becky again.. I have asked him to help me carry a bag of towels but he refused, telling me it’s heavy.. After I commented that Becky likes strong man, my darling son immediately took the 2 bags from my hands.. To encourage and praise him, I told him I’ll take a photo of him and show Becky how strong he was.. He gamely posed for photos…


I was rather amused by the episode until my sister commented that I should be worried cos he will probably forget about me once he gets a girlfriend or wife..

Hmm.. My dear son, would you abandon me if the love of your life ask you to in future???