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Joelle’s First Day of School

It was an exciting first day of school for the little one as she was going to start her formal education. It was easy to wake her up but we still had to rush a bit as I had to report by 6.50am. I still managed to take a photo of both of them before we set off..


All ready for school!

As I had my duties, I brought her to where her class should be at the basketball court, took a photo of her and went up to my staffroom.. She seemed all ready for what awaited her..


The chirpy girl…

I also managed to check on her during recess. For convenience, she would have bento from the different stalls for the first week at $2 each so she would not have to queue and buy her food during recess.



She seemed to be happy with her fishball noodles…

I managed to see her again when she was having a tour around the school…



I checked on her again while she was at her Nascans classroom. It was the first day she was attending the student care in our school… caught her when she was about to change into her Nascans t-shirt…


Finally, I went to see her while she was having lunch.. She was having chicken rice, which was the hot favourite among the pupils..


The day just flashed by and it was only when I reached home that I realised that she was wearing a boy’s shirt instead of a girl’s blouse.. Hubby bought the shirt right after the P1 orientation last November and I didn’t even realise that she was wearing the wrong shirt until she told me her friends teased her for being a boy because of what she was wearing.. What an embarrassing mistake, considering that I am a staff in the school… :p

I was glad that she was not really affected by it but I quickly tried to salvage the situation by asking a colleague to pass me her daughter’s blouses which she had outgrown the following day.. Fortunately, we only bought 1 shirt for her and my boy could still fit into it.. Phew! What a memorable day it was!

Pokemon Go Go Go

I’ve read about the game and heard rumours that the game would be banned in Singapore but I didn’t think too much about it until I saw a friend posting a photo on FB on 6 Aug showing the first Pokemon he caught..

Out of curiosity, I searched for the game on App Store and downloaded it.. Then I realized that the game was launched on that day.. 

I didn’t really know how to play the game so I just tried to catch the Pokemon that appeared along the way while hubby was driving.. Before I knew it, I’ve used up all my pokeballs! I didn’t know what to do next until my friend shared that I could get more pokeballs by visiting Pokestops.. Ok, so I found a Pokestop, which was the giant snowman at Vivo.. Ok, I didn’t really read what the Professor told me to do so I simply stood beside the snowman like an idiot wondering why nothing happened.. 😁

After I explored the app and found the ‘?’, I realized that I have to spin the picture to get pokeballs, I went back to the Pokestop to get some pokeballs.. Haha.. Now, I know I have to visit as many pokestops as possible to collect as many pokeballs as possible cos I usually wasted several pokeballs before I could catch the Pokemons.. And to add to that, some Pokemons could actually break free from the pokeballs! 

Yesterday, my sister actually gave my boy a tip that if you switch the AR off, it’ll be easier to catch the Pokemons as they would stay still for you to aim the pokeballs at them.. I guess she wanted to save her pokeballs as my boy who was helping to catch Pokemons on her phone had been wasting loads of her pokeballs due to this poor marksmanship.. Haha..

The AR is fun though cos I could take photos of my kids with the Pokemons.. The first one I took was at the swimming pool where I was relaxing by the pool while my kids played..

Then I decided to take more photos of them with the Pokemons for fun..

Ok.. I’ve used one incense at my own home which is a dry area, hoping to attract some Pokemons but was told that I had to walk around in order to find Pokemons.. That’s one incense wasted since I caught nothing in that half an hour as I was sitting at the dining table the whole time.. Hmm..

Noticed that I have 2 different user names? Hee.. I decided to sign in with a different gmail account as I found out that I could catch Pikachu if I ignored the first few Pokemons I encountered.. It was a waste as I was at level 9 already but I soon realized I should be able to level up quite fast so I might as well do it now or later.. And there! I found an XL Pikachu!

I learnt quite a bit from my sis too as she crazier about catching Pokemons than me.. Haha.. I could transfer the extra Pidgeys, Zubats and Psyducks for candies to evolve my Pokemons to earn more XPs.. And I could discard potions to have more room in my back for pokeballs.. 

I also allowed my kids to play the game when it’s safe.. I guess the reports about people getting into accidents because of the game caused many people to hate the game.. But honestly speaking, as one who has tried playing the game, I don’t think it’s as dangerous as some people think it is. We just have to be responsible while playing the game and play the game with care.. 

It’s unthinkable how one can fall into the waters or stop in the middle of the road while playing the game as I didn’t have to do that.. I could still catch the Pokemons while the car was moving so even if you find a Pokemon in front of you, you can still keep walking as the Pokemon will still be in front of you as you walk.. Of course we should be mindful of our surroundings while playing as 2 adults stopped cycling suddenly when they spotted a Pokemon and almost caused us to crash into them when we were at East Coast Park last Sunday.
So, be responsible and conscious of your surroundings and you should be able to enjoy the game! Another benefit of this game is that it’s getting people to exercise outdoors! So haters, get outdoors and try out the game before you make any judgement..

March Holiday Activities Part 3

On Thursday, I brought the boy to the library to read some Chinese books so he could complete his Chinese Book Record Worksheet.. While he was reading, I marked.. Quite a good way to spend our time.. When it’s lunch time, the boy again asked for Subway so we went to Vivo again. After that, we went home to rest for a while.. I’ve actually purchased tickets for the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at NUS for entry after 4pm.. We got a 20% discount by paying with MasterCard so it was about $27 for the three of us..

We picked the girl at 3plus and proceeded to the museum.. Parking was ok.. Not too crowded.. We parked at Carpark 3A which was just behind the museum.. It was not a big place but the kids were excited to see the exhibits..  



Ok, the kids were posing with the sweets I bought for them, which was very rare as they were usually deprived of sweets and candies.. Haha..

I didn’t know there was an activity sheet the kids could complete but the kids were meaningfully occupied by the exhibits.. We found out that Jubi Lee, the sperm whale, was washed ashore our beach last year on Jovan’s birthday! I shared with them what were found in Jubi Lee’s stomach, how it was injured and how people kill whales for food.. It was a good opportunity to teach them not to litter to prevent the litter from ending up in the stomach of marine animals and killing them.. 

Of course, the skeletons of the dinosaurs were impressive although when compared to the Natural History Museum in London, they did not seem as big.. Hee.. But hey, we have one in our own backyard!

We spent about 1.5h in the museum and we didn’t read everything about every specimen.. There’s just too much information to digest! Maybe we can visit again when there’s a new exhibit?

After the museum visit, the kids asked to skate scoot.. When I asked them what they wanted for dinner, they requested for porridge.. I let them play for a while while I prepared dinner.. They had good fun playing at the playground too! They also enjoyed the dinner of simple porridge, broccoli, egg tofu and olive veggie.. Both were glad daddy wasn’t around to force them to eat chicken! Haha  

Desaru May 2015 Part 1

It’s the May Day long weekend and we decided to make a trip to Desaru.. I’ve always wanted to go to Desaru but people have been telling me it’s a boring place with nothing to do.. But isn’t nothing what we should do on a holiday? Hee.. Emily decided to join us so we booked 2 standard rooms at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort..

I was deciding between Pulai and Lotus Desaru Beach Resort which has a water theme park but after reading some reviews, we decided to try Pulai..

Emily picked us up in the morning as we decided to just take one car.. Much more convenient too.. We set of at about 9 plus in the morning as Emily was optimistic about the traffic conditions..  

 I had the impression that Desaru is nearer to the Woodlands checkpoint so we took the first link.. Bad move. The jam was bad! Think by the time we reached the resort, it was about 2.30pm, just in time for check in.. Only one room was ready though so we put our stuff down and ordered room service. The resort is very chalet like.. The rooms were big and after adding an extra bed for the kids, there was still a lot of walking space.. Wifi was quite bad actually but it was better than nothing..

The kids couldn’t wait to swim so we got them changed after we’ve had our very late lunch.. We headed to the pool for a dip.. There’s a slide at the pool and a small pool meant for younger kids.. The kids had fun splashing about in the pool while I played beach ball with my man.. We stopped only when it started to drizzle..   

           We wanted to go and see the fireflies but we hadn’t had dinner so we decided to go for the firefly cruise the following evening.. That night we went to have seafood dinner at Desaru Jade Garden Seafood restaurant which was about half an hour’s drive away.. I didn’t have seafood of course but the rest had their fill.. The waitress advised us not to order crabs as they were not so good so they decided to curb their cravings for that night.. It was a cheap meal according to them.. But I forgot how much it was.. Think it was RM250? We ordered fish, prawns, venison, tofu and vegetables too..

After that, we called it a night.. The men had to enjoy a drink of beer while I tried to mark a few compo scripts.. 3 to be exact.. Hee.. Yes.. I actually brought compos to mark on a holiday! That’s the life of a teacher! 😓 Anyway, I fell asleep way before my man came back from his drinking session.. Hee.. I need to rest my tired body for the Ostrich Farm visit and the firefly cruise the next day! 

Korea March 2015 Part 4

This should be the most eventful day of the trip for the kids and I.

First, we went to Lotte World as Felix wanted to bring his son to the Aquarium.. But we found out that it had been closed due to some leakage since December 2014..

We had our breakfast before we split up.. I brought the kids to the theme park while the rest went shopping.. 

Maybe coz it’s a weekday, we didn’t have to queue long for each ride.. We tried almost all the rides except for those that Jocelle couldn’t try due to the minimum height requirements.. We even tried some rides more than once!   
                As you can see from the photos, the kids had loads of fun! We didn’t have a proper lunch as we were snacking along the way..


watching the parade


They tried this a hundred times!!

We finally left the theme park after 5pm when I convinced the kids that we had to leave as the rest were waiting for us… 
Apparently, the rest were tired from shopping and we decided that we should go try out their jjimjilbang or the Korean sauna… This was something I had to try this time! Hee.. We took a train to Yongsan and the Dragon Hill spa is located just outside the station… We did ask some locals while we were in the station as we didn’t know which exit to take… Think we just followed the sign leading to the conference hall or something.. 

Anyway, it’s so big you wouldn’t have missed it!    

    This pathway leads to the spa

    The girls and the boys had to get changed at different levels as they had separate hotsprings for different genders and these are for those who are not shy to be wearing only their skin.. We didn’t try cos the guys were shy.. Hee.. We got changed before we met up with the boys in the common sauna area.

    Look at my 2 jokers.. Haha… 

    Cutie Nigel

     We did what the locals did, wearing the ‘towel buns’ and ate the eggs.. Hee..   


            The kids even gave me special service! 😁 


     We also explored the various sauna and cold room although I couldn’t stay inside for long.. 

          Think we all managed to take turns to nap a little.. And after we’ve rested enough, we had our dinner in the restaurant inside.. Look at Jocelle’s jajang rice!  After dinner, we explored the other levels before we got changed and made our way back to our apartment.. We had a great time and I think I would wanna come back again next time.. Of cos, I have to go there with the man, right? Great excuse to visit Korea again, don’t you think? Hiak hiak hiak!! 😝

    1st day of CCA!

    Today, my dear son started his first CCA lesson.. We signed him up for Wushu for Semester 1 and Badminton for Semester 2 as both are modular..

    I prepared a cheque of $148 for him to submit to the instructor but when I tried to look for it before the lesson, I couldn’t find it in his file!

    This boy is really testing my patience! I’m sure it’s somewhere but I’m not sure if it will appear soon although I’ve written his name and class at the back of the cheque..

    Anyway, I told the teacher-in-charge about it and that I’ll write another cheque to pay the instructor..

    He seemed rather attentive and was following the instructor’s instructions.. Took a few photos before I went back to do some work..








    Bandung Nov 2014 Part 3

    We had many activities planned for today and our first stop was to a hot spring..

    According to the itinerary, we could choose to swim in the hot spring or just dip our feet into the hot spring so most of us expected a pool of water where we could just dip our feet into.. We didn’t bring our swimwear, thinking that it would be difficult to change if we were to swim..

    But alas, when we reached the Sari Ater Hot Spring, we realised it’s actually a resort where we could try a whole range of activities! We could actually spend an entire day here!

    We first dipped our feet into some hot pools..



    Some of us also tried the fish spa..


    As we’ve tried fish spa before, we decided to try out their archery..


    The photos of the men were taken by me while the one of me was taken by my dear husband.. You can tell who’s a better photographer ya? Sigh..

    After that, we walked around and stopped for some snacks..


    The food there was really cheap and nice!

    Next on, we went to try their ATV ride.. I expected more to want to try but it ended up with only the 4 of us trying!


    It was fun!

    It started to drizzle when we decided to move on to our next destination, which was the Floating Market but we stopped by a coffee place for a break..


    As we were about to leave the place, it started drizzling again so we decided to skip the Floating Market and move on to De’Ranch at Lembang..

    We had a welcome drink that was included in the entrance fee..


    Then it started to drizzle again.. Sigh.. We bought some snacks while waiting for the weather to turn better..


    Their tauhu snacks were really good! Jocelle asked for cotton candy too..

    Again, we took some photos while waiting..


    There’s simply too much to do, don’t you think?

    Finally, we decided to just let the kids go ahead with the horse rides when the rain was less heavy..



    The rest took a horse carriage ride too!



    Actually, I kind of pity the horses pulling the carriages in the rain although they were wearing ‘raincoats’..

    Anyway, after we’ve had our fun, we decided to skip Dusun Bambu, an eco park where we were supposed to have lunch as the rain was getting rather heavy..

    We went for dinner at another local restaurant before we went for our massage..

    The food was not as good as the previous one we had and Elyssa broke a cup during dinner.. Nic was upset when he was asked to pay for the broken cup..

    After dinner, we proceeded to Ola Family Spa where we all had either foot or body massage.. I shared a room with Jocelle while Shum shared one with Jovan..

    The kids enjoyed the massage so much that both fell asleep and didn’t want to wake up!


    It’s a place I would recommend all to go since it’s family-friendly and cheap!

    Next, we asked the replacement driver to bring us shopping but he brought us to a batik shop.. We shopped a while before we proceeded to another factory outlet which was a disappointment. That was when I WhatsApped Kosim to ask him if there was a better shopping area.. He communicated with the replacement driver who then drove us to another shopping centre which was way better..

    Of course, we had to snack.. Hee..


    After some shopping, we again stopped by a minimart to get some food.. We bought cheap Magnum and martabak for supper too… Hee..


    Time to call it a day! But not before the kids talked about their experience earlier..


    Haha.. Like real only!

    NDP celebrations cum Young Entrepreneurs’ Day

    The kids celebrated our nation’s birthday today wearing red and white. It’s also the ccc’s Young Entrepreneurs’ Day when the kids experienced selling things. Of cos, the parents were the ones paying for the products..


    A cup of popcorn, chickpeas or snacks cost $2 and a small apple cost $1! They really know how to make money! My man bought a set of coupons worth $10 and each of them spent $5 buying things that cost multiple times of their cost price! Anyway, I’m sure the kids had fun.. Haha..

    I tried to take photos of the kids in their patriotic outfits but I really don’t know which is the best. Haha.. How difficult is it to take a nice shot of 2 kids?


    PS: we were told that the ccc raised $1000 for the Ju Eng Home for senior citizens! Not bad ya?