Jocelle’s Graduation

Finally, my girl had her graduation concert today..

She was dressed in a Korean hanbok for her performance but went to the stage in her graduation πŸŽ“ gown first.. we were seated by the aisle so it was easy for us to take photos of her as she walked past..

She started with a song for the teachers. Then we waited for her performance which was the last one before the finale.. according to her, their performance was placed at the last cos it was the best.. haha..

Before her performance, she had a short emcee stint but the file is too big to be uploaded here..

The item we had been waiting for finally arrived! I didn’t take video of the first part as it was the boys’ part.. we paid for the DVD so we could see the entire performance but I just wanted to focus on her…

IΒ had to agree that their item was the best! She danced so gracefully and confidently and I’m so proud of her!

After the finale, we took many photos of her with her friends and her teachers, it’s like she had just graduated from U… πŸ˜…


It’s nice that the graduands were each given a graduation bear!


P1 Orientation

This time round, the p1 registration was rather stress-free since my girl could register via Phase 1..

Before we knew it, it was P1 orientation.. Jocelle is rather adaptable so she was able to handle the situation rather independently.. she was to sit with her future classmates while the parents had to sit on chairs placed some distance behind the P1-to-be kids..

We tasked Jovan to take photos of his sister..

As you can see, she’s not worried at all.. after the principal addressed the kids and the parents, the PD head briefed the audience about some school rules and some performances, the kids proceeded to the ISH for a workout session.. I went up to wait for her while hubby went to the classroom to do the paperwork..

She was able to follow the instructions rather well and she seemed to be enjoying herself…


The man bought her uniform while I sent my boy for his enrichment.. Then, I let her try it in my staffroom when I got back…

Sigh.. They definitely looked oversized.. πŸ˜‘

I’ll probably need to get someone to alter the skirt… πŸ˜…

I hope she’ll have fun in school next year and give me less headache than her brother did for the past two years…. πŸ˜…

Tracking my sonΒ 

I was very upset with my son one day as he didn’t stay at the agreed meeting point after school and I had to search high and low for him for 20min.

Decided to get him this GPS enabled phone watch from Lazada at about S$27..

We got an M card and tried to set up the watch but the manual was incomprehensible.. The man almost wanted to give up and I was preparing to return the watch when he found this blog that helped him a lot and we finally got the watch to work.. 

It’s not a fantastic watch but I like that it doesn’t look like a phone.. We can set the phone book such that he can only call specific numbers set by us and we can set SOS numbers that he can call without alerting anyone.. we can send text and voice messages other than calling him.. We can also locate him although it’s not very accurate but at least we can roughly know the area he is in.. we can also monitor him without him knowing.. We can also silence the phone during school hours so he won’t be distracted during lessons.. Since he can’t play games on it, it’s purely a tool for us to contact him.. 

The best thing about this watch is that it’s a good motivation tool for him! I told him he wouldn’t be able to wear the watch if I hear complaints from any of his teachers and he told me he would look at the watch to remind himself to talk less in class and to behave.. he would also ask me if he could wear the watch every day and I would let him wear it only if he behaved.. Recently, his HCL teacher also told me he is more well-behaved in class.. I hope this incentive will work for a long long time!

For now, it’s a good gadget for me to contact him and it’s definitely value for money! 

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Got an invitation from the girl’s ccc to attend a Mother’s Day breakfast on 6 May.. Event was from 8-9am and it’s only open to K2 mummies..

I decided to try to apply for time off since it’s an exam day and there would be no teaching and I would probably be involved in invigilation duties only.. Girl was enthusiastic about this and since this is the last year for me to take part in the event, I decided to try my luck.. And I successfully applied for time off! I didn’t want to take the whole day off since I had to stay for common marking in the afternoon.. Just had to be back by 9.30am..

Girl was very excited.. Kept telling me she wished every day was Mother’s Day! She told me we would be making sandwiches together but I didn’t have to lift a finger as Teacher Lorraine was the one who prepared the sandwich.. 

I was given a crown which was colored and cut by Jocelle.. Then I was served a cup of milo.. Glad to see Zining’s mum as we could chat.. Haha.. We took some photos before we had our sandwich.. 

Then I got a card from my dear daughter.. 

I guess she’s one fortunate girl who has been to many countries at a young age.. So much more fortunate than me! I’m glad she’s appreciative!

She was very happy and was busy taking videos and even selfies while I chatted with ZN’s mum..

We then took a group photos before I left for work..

It’s a simple affair but I’m glad I could make it and make my girl happy! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mummies out there!

Jocelle is 6!!

My princess is 6 today! I made arrangements at work so I could have the afternoon free..

Left school almost immediately after the bell has gone. We stopped by NTUC to get some disposable plates and cutlery.. Hubby was home when we reached home.. We rushed to collect the cake after Jovan had a few mouthfuls of curry rice that he had packed from school..

I was shocked that the ice cream cake I collected was not printed with the Sofia the 1st designed that I had chosen.. I was very upset and worried that my girl will be upset as we brought her the Sofia dress that she had requested. 

[backstory] I’ve placed my order for a Sofia cake after taking some time to choose the design for the cake. While the staff was keying in my order, I changed my mind and told them I wanted design 2211.. The staff happily said they could change for me. After I paid and collected my receipt, I didn’t double check.. πŸ˜“ I didn’t realize that the design number was keyed in as 2111 instead of 2211!! Luckily 2111 is Stunning Princesses design which had 6 Disney princesses and not a Transformers or Spider-Man design!!

I was super upset and worried and the moment I saw my girl, I explained to her that I’ve ordered the wrong cake for her.. She didn’t show any signs of disappointment at all! Phew! What a relief! After that, we started getting ready for her celebration…   

After the celebration, we left Jocelle for her swimming lesson and brought Elyssa home with us.. She looked at us longingly and seemed to be expecting us to bring her home.. Haha.. We had to grant her the wish, right?

We rested for a while before meeting up with my siblings for dinner at Swenson’s again!  We ordered another cake for her and this design is the one I initially wanted!!

 We had an overdose of ice cream today! Couldn’t finish it so we packed the remaining cake home.. When I got home, I realized that I actually could have gotten the cakes at a 20% discount cos my two kids are both the Kids Club members! What a waste!! πŸ™„

1st Ballet Performance!

We just received 2 notifications from Jocelle’s ballet school today.. The first is to inform us that she will be promoted to Grade 1 in Term 2  

The second one is to inform us that the school will be having their Annual Dance Performance in September.  

 For the past 2 years, Jocelle was always not keen to take part and we did not push her to take part as they were all scheduled during the September school holidays when we would usually be away on a short trip..

This year, the notification seems to be given much earlier and since the performance is based on my darling’s favourite Princess – Sleeping Beauty, we didn’t even have to try to convince her! She just informed us that she’s going to participate in the performance!! I can’t wait to see her performance!! 😊

No gadgets

We seldom watch tv at home unless we have guests.. We also don’t let the kids play with iPads or iPhones at home.. They’re too busy during school term and we are seldom at home during weekends and holidays so they don’t have the habit of playing with gadgets.. 

We bought a laptop recently so that my boy can do his Koobits and activities on McOnline this year..   They were happily exploring the features of the Star Wars edition laptop..

We let the boy explore the laptop for a while before we left for our gathering.. He’s a happy boy!!

After our gathering, we reached home at about 10pm.. When I came out of my shower, I was pleased to see them reading quietly.. 

 We’ll see how long we can delay their addiction to gadgets.. 😝

Year End Concert

My dear girl missed 2 rehearsals for her concert because we were away on our trip for 13 days..

She just went for her combined full dress rehearsal yesterday before her actual performance today.. 

The theme this year was ‘Our Christmas Story’ so it was rather Christmassy.. I took a photo of her before she went in to get ready..  

We dropped her off first before we made our way home as Jovan did not bring his Kumon worksheets to do while waiting.. Jocelle completed all her worksheets before the trip while this procrastinator was way behind.. He only completed 3 or 4 worksheets per subject during the trip so he had a lot to catch up.. I think boys really have problems focusing! It’s so exasperating! 😑😑

Anyway, we went back to let him complete some of the worksheets before we went back to the concert venue again..

The concert didn’t start on time, which was a good thing as hubby took some time finding a place to park.. 

She did us proud as she remembered all her steps! She could really shake! I took a video of her item and another of her singing the school song of their ccc.. I’ll just post the latter here..

She could really shake well, right? Haha.. 

After the finale, we picked her up and took a photo of her with her BFF..  

We then went to have some sandwiches and a brownie as we all skipped lunch! 😝

Time flies and next year I’ll most likely be watching her graduation concert around this time.. I hope she’ll enjoy herself in the ccc in 2016 before she starts attending a real school!

Birthday Party

Jovan was invited to a classmate’s birthday party today.. It was the first one that he attended although he had been invited to one in June.. He didn’t attend that one as we were in Perth then..

I didn’t attend as I find it awkward so hubby went with him while I stayed at home to mark..   

According to hubby, the house was huge.. They could even have a slide in the living room.. My boy of cos had a great time swimming in the pool.. That was his favourite activity obviously.. 

National Day Celebrations 2015

We had a full day of celebration in school today, not the usual half day like in previous years. The reason given was that since we have an additional public holiday tomorrow, we should make use of today to carry out the activities related to the Lego sets given to the pupils..

Had to conduct the lessons with my own class so didn’t go and kpo what my boy did.. Thankfully, the parents in the class groupchat took and shared some photos.. 

 I think all the kids had a great time building the different structures and some even created structures based on their own creativity! 

Now my 2 kids are still busy exploring the Lego sets!