Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir

Brought the kids to try out the obstacle course at the Forest Adventure at Bedok reservoir today..

We thought we could only let the kids try the Mini course since we didn’t prebook online before we went.. The mini course cost $15/child and the child can go through 3 rounds of the course.. It looks really mini and the obstacles were like the Wet Maze we tried at Adventure Cove last week..

Hubby asked for the Kids Course which cost $34/child for an hour. Luckily for us, the kids could go for the 4.30pm slot.. It was about 4pm when we reached.. We observed how other kids went through the courses while waiting for our turn..

When it’s almost time, the kids went to the starting point for a briefing.. Look how attentive they were..

Then, they put on their harnesses and were raring to go!

img_3385img_3376img_3370img_3358img_3354img_3367At the end of the course, they got to try the zip line which I think is their favourite of all!

They took about half an hour for the first round, mainly because of fear and unfamiliarity.. The second round was faster but Jovan who was the first in the line was still not as agile as Jocelle.. He said he had to focus! Haha.. Before they tried their third round, we asked Jovan to let Jocelle go first, which was a good move cos Jocelle was practically ‘racing’ through the course.. She even managed to go for a fourth round! Although there was time for Jovan to go for another half round, he decided to stop.. Guess he was tired.. Haha..

For $34, they got to try 3-4 rounds.. I think it’s quite worth it.. The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.. They were even energetic enough to cycle around the park for about half an hour..

I guess it’s a good place to go to if you want to build your kid’s confidence.. We saw a few crying and holding up the line but the instructors were ready to give assistance to those kids..

Do bring some insect repellent or patches along as the mosquitoes were practically feasting on my blood!Β 


March Holiday Activities Part 4

Today, Jocelle had to go to the ccc again as we signed her up for Batik Painting from 9.30-11.30am.. 

I bought tickets to the Disney on Ice in the evening at 7pm and thought of bringing them to the ice skating rink.. However, I was lazy so just spent the day doing some work.. Jovan wanted porridge for lunch so we ate at home.. We picked the girl at 4 plus so she could change at home.. We then left home at about 5pm so we could have enough time to eat and maybe shop around.. The kids were excited about the show and of course kept badgering me to buy the toys and stuff there.. Sigh, the merchandise were all very expensive so I didn’t get them anything.. I don’t think it’s worth it at all.. 

We saw many girls in their princess dresses and I was glad I didn’t dress the girl up like a princess.. Hee.. No princess dream for her.. Anyway, we found our seat quite easily and I’m glad I got the Cat 2 tix.. Our seats were actually not bad..  

 I bought popcorn for them at $7 to keep their mouths occupied! Haha.. The show started at 7pm sharp although there were people who started walking to their seats way past 7pm.. Hmm.. 

It was really quite a nice show with 4 stories presented, namely The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast and finally, Frozen.

There was an intermission after Rapunzel and I let the kids go to the washroom on their own.. I’m glad they knew the way back to our seats! Frozen was the highlight and when Elsa was singing Let it Go, I saw many girls in their Elsa gown dancing to the music.. Jocelle was singing along loudly too! Didn’t take many photos cos I didn’t bring my camera along.. Only zoomed in with my iPhone 6 at times cos some of the characters were so cute.. Haha.. I’ll just share some lousy shots of the show here..  


March Holiday Activities Part 3

On Thursday, I brought the boy to the library to read some Chinese books so he could complete his Chinese Book Record Worksheet.. While he was reading, I marked.. Quite a good way to spend our time.. When it’s lunch time, the boy again asked for Subway so we went to Vivo again. After that, we went home to rest for a while.. I’ve actually purchased tickets for the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at NUS for entry after 4pm.. We got a 20% discount by paying with MasterCard so it was about $27 for the three of us..

We picked the girl at 3plus and proceeded to the museum.. Parking was ok.. Not too crowded.. We parked at Carpark 3A which was just behind the museum.. It was not a big place but the kids were excited to see the exhibits..  



Ok, the kids were posing with the sweets I bought for them, which was very rare as they were usually deprived of sweets and candies.. Haha..

I didn’t know there was an activity sheet the kids could complete but the kids were meaningfully occupied by the exhibits.. We found out that Jubi Lee, the sperm whale, was washed ashore our beach last year on Jovan’s birthday! I shared with them what were found in Jubi Lee’s stomach, how it was injured and how people kill whales for food.. It was a good opportunity to teach them not to litter to prevent the litter from ending up in the stomach of marine animals and killing them.. 

Of course, the skeletons of the dinosaurs were impressive although when compared to the Natural History Museum in London, they did not seem as big.. Hee.. But hey, we have one in our own backyard!

We spent about 1.5h in the museum and we didn’t read everything about every specimen.. There’s just too much information to digest! Maybe we can visit again when there’s a new exhibit?

After the museum visit, the kids asked to skate scoot.. When I asked them what they wanted for dinner, they requested for porridge.. I let them play for a while while I prepared dinner.. They had good fun playing at the playground too! They also enjoyed the dinner of simple porridge, broccoli, egg tofu and olive veggie.. Both were glad daddy wasn’t around to force them to eat chicken! Haha  

March Holiday Activities Part 1

This was not the type of holiday I wanted.. Couldn’t go anywhere cos the man had to go for P5 camp from Thursday to Saturday.. 

On Monday, the girl went to her ccc as we signed her up for Mr Postman.. The ccc brought them to the Philatelic Museum to find out how the postal services in Singapore was and is like now..

The 3 of us didn’t do much other than work in the morning.. We decided to go out for lunch after 1 plus.. We wanted to explore Tiong Bahru and came across this mural at block 74.. We had to pose for some photos.. Haha..
 It is such a realistic and nostalgic mural..

After that, we continued to look for something to eat.. In the end, we went to Subway at Vivo for lunch.. Duh.. I know, right? Haha.. The man suddenly had a headache and we decided to have a quick and simple lunch so he could go back and rest.. I continued with my work before we picked the girl up for dinner at a nearby food centre.. 

On Tuesday, I had to go back to school so hubby brought the kids to Safra for a swim in the morning.. We then met up for at home.. The kids and the man brought their skate scooters and we headed off too East Coast for a late lunch at St Marc bakery.. 

We then proceeded to The Road Safety park where the kids had some fun scooting away.. We talked about how we used to go to the park when we were young and how it’s has become a white elephant now.. I even suggested that I should come up with a proposal to develop the place into a proper theme park.. Hee.. Let’s see if anyone can beat me to it! 😝

The kids wanted to cycle so we went back home to get their bicycles and brought the kids to Labrador Park to cycle.. We’re really too free, right?

Guess what? We went back to East Coast again after that cos I wanted to check out Diggersite, a temporary site where kids can try their hands on operating excavators.. It’s really a small place..

 It’s not cheap.. Each token cost $8 and each try last only 5min.. They sell 3 tokens at $18 so we bought 3 tokens 1st.. We bought another token so each of them can try 2 different machines..    


They wanted to try the 3rd machine but we didn’t allow as we told them initially that they could only choose 2.. Hee.. They had no choice.. 😈 They have to learn that we can’t have everything in life.. 

We then ended the day with dinner at Burger King.. 

Princess’ Ice Skating Party @ The Rink

We had an advanced birthday party for the girl last night.. I had been too busy at work to plan for this so I only started planning less than 2 weeks in advance.. 

Wanted to try POLW but there was no available slot this weekend. I was too late.. Tried searching and found that The Rink at JCube has a 2-hour party package. Since my kids had never tried real ice skating before and they’ve always told us they were keen, I thought this would be a good idea. One advantage is that it is indoor so we won’t be affected by the weather..

We reached the place slightly after 7pm but the car park was full.. An alternative parking would be at the HDB car park.. 

Anyway, once all the kids arrived, a party host gave them a briefing to teach them how to stand up when they fall..  They also did some stretching exercises..

The kids couldn’t wait to enter the rink! 

 We rented a few penguins for the kids who couldn’t skate..  


The kids had great fun at the rink with the supervision of a few of the staff.. 

 After about half an hour, we got the kids back into the party room for the cake cutting ceremony..



 After the cake cutting ceremony and some snacks, the kids hit the rink again.. We took a (dozen) group photo(s) before some of them left..  

 I think the kids had great fun on the rink while the adults had a great time chit chatting.. Overall, I think this is a great and cool venue for a birthday party!! The kids have been bugging us to bring them back again! πŸ˜‰

V Day 2016

Didn’t expect much today as the man is not one who’s romantic..

But he surprised me when I came out of my shower with this.. 
We then went for at late lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, Herbivore, at Fortune Centre.. 

After lunch, we went to Sentosa to fly… Hee..


Son and I had great fun while the man and daughter watched on.. I actually gave the man an iFly treat on his birthday last year.. Hee.. We will probably try again when Jocelle turns 7, which is the minimum age for the experience..

After that, we went to my mum’s place to have another Lohei as it’s the 7th day of the lunar new year, which is δΊΊζ—₯, a day Chinese consider to be everyone’s birthday.. My bro and youngest sis didn’t join us as they had their own programmes.. 

That’s an eventful day..

ps: I did get the man a set of wallet and key pouch some time ago so I told hubby that’s considered his V Day gift! 😝

Happy new year!!

Today, we had a gathering at the Chews.. The Tohs couldn’t join us so there were only the Tans and Laus together with my family.. 

We went there after lunch and reached at about 3pm.. The kids made themselves comfortable and started playing Nerf guns in the room.. Of cos, the ‘hoverboard’ that the Chews bought recently was a hot item.. The adults chatted while the kids played in the room.. 

Brenda made reservations at Melben Seafood restaurant near their place.. It’s apparently a very popular place to go as there was a long queue for walk-ins and even though she made a reservation, we had to wait for a while..

The kids took one table while we occupied the other.. Thankfully the kids are old enough to feed themselves.. We simply served them fried rice and some other dishes as we ate.. The kids had a good time playing games while eating.. I think they really enjoyed one another’s company.. 

After dinner, we went to try some chendol which I think is on par with those sold in Malacca.. The gula melaka serving was generous, the chendol was soft and the red beans were big and sweet.. We bought 4 to share as we were all rather full..   

When we were bidding one another goodbye, the kids were reluctant to leave and some even suggested staying.. Of cos, we didn’t allow that or Brenda would go crazy!! Lol..

It was a great 1st day of 2016.. Let’s hope the new year will be filled with lotsa love, joy and blessings!!

Have a BEARY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Cheers!! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ»πŸΎ

Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay

My secondary friend who’s my AIA agent asked me if I wanna go to the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay and passed me 2 game cards..

We considered going on Christmas day but we were all too lazy and only met up for dinner.. We then decided to visit the place on Boxing Day after my kids’ enrichment..

We met Emily and family for brunch at Nassim Hill Bistro 1st..

The food was good and the serving was big.. After that, we made our way to Gardens by the Bay.. It was close to 4pm when we reached and we had to park at the Meadow car park as the other car parks were full..

We strolled to the Fairground area and it was not too crowded yet.. We found that the Carousel ride cost 5 tokens (=$10) each and a slide down Helter Skelter cost 4 tokens (=$8) each! It’s ridiculously costly! My BIL went to redeem 10 tokens using the 2 cards and bought another 5 tokens.. We decided to walk further in to explore other areas before we decide how we wanted to spend the pitiable 15 tokens we had.. 

We came across the AIA TrickArt area and decided to join the priority queue (by showing the game card) which was rather short at that time.. We didn’t have to wait long.. After taking the photo, we could just enter our email address for the photo to be sent to us..  

Could have done a better one.. Haha.. My sister was observing and she mentioned that the staff passed a stack of game cards to a Caucasian family.. After further observation, I realized that they gave the cards to every group which took a photo! Then I asked her to take a photo with her family too..   

After taking the photo, she was given some game cards too! Why didn’t we get any? I asked hubby to ask for the game cards but he refused to.. Sigh.. Men!

I went to a lady manning the laptop and told her I took a photo too but I didn’t receive any game cards.. She asked me how many people took the photo together and I said 4.. She passed me 32 game cards as each of us got 8 cards! Woohoo! I joked that I should have said there were 10 of us! Haha.. But of cos we must have integrity! 😁

Happily, we moved on to the redemption booth to redeem our tokens! We have 56 game cards among the 7 of us which meant $560 worth of tokens! 


When Audry joined us, we told them to take their photo to get 24 more game cards! Haha.. 

While they were taking their photo, we went around to let the kids try some rides.. They tried Helter Skelter 1st but Jocelle ended up crying as she disregarded the instruction to keep her hands off the side of the slides.. Sigh.. Think the slide was a little too fast for her and she wanted to slow herself down but was thrown off the mat she was supposed to be sitting on..  

Helter Skelter

After that, they went to try the Swinging Chairs which cost 4 tokens each..  

The adults tried our hands at some of the Carnival games.. To get the dragons, the darts we threw had to land on one or more cards.. To get minions, the balls we threw had to land in a pail.. To get the big teddy bear, we had to knock down some cans with 3 balls.. 

Check out how difficult it was!

  Each game cost 2 tokens and we had a whale of a time playing those games over and over again mainly because they were free! I would never pay so much to play these games with low probability of winning! But it’s different when it’s free! Haha.. We were super happy to be able to play for free and even planned to take another group photo at AIA TrickArt just to get more game cards! Haha.. 


 At the end of the day, the kids each got some soft toys to bring home..

We left for dinner around 8 and as we still had many tokens left, we decided to visit again to try the Ice Skating and Snow playground the next day.. Maybe we could also take another photo to get more game cards! Haha..


We had facial today so by the time we reached Meadow car park, it was after 4pm and the car park was full.. Meanwhile, my 2 sisters were queuing to get tickets for the Ice Skating (7 tokens each) and Snow Playground (6 tokens each)..

Hubby dropped me off while he drove around looking for a place to park.. He couldn’t make it for the ice skating.. So Emily joined Jovan and me.. 

When hubby finally joined us, my girl had won for herself a medium sized dragon..We played the games and let the kids take a ride on the carousel and swinging chairs again..

After that, the kids spent about half an hour in the snow playground..  

 We cleared all our tokens ($800 worth!) at the carnival games and left the place after 8.30pm..

What a tiring day it was but we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Haha..

These were our loot! 

 Am I glad I didn’t pay $800 for 7 soft toys! πŸ˜…


It’s been a long while since we met up with our regular gang.. We haven’t met up since we returned from Perth in June!

We initially planned to have a play date at Sentosa Adventure Cove but had to cancel that as 3 families couldn’t make if for one reason or another.. 

But since we’ve set aside this date to meet up, we decided to continue with our plans to play.. 3 families managed to make it today for a play date at Fidgets! 

The kids had a great time playing while the adults had a great time chatting.. We talked about cars, school and the coming elections!

After about 5 hours of play, we called it a day.. The kids were exhausted.. Look at them!


Jurassic Park Birthday Party

Another birthday party for the kids today.. This time Jocelle joined in too..   

 Emily brought them there while hubby and I went to watch MI5.. 😁

According to Emily, the kids were shy and didn’t play the games organized by the party host.. They just sat around and ate the food..

It’s great to have a sister to babysit the kids while we go dating.. Hee.. Anyway, we volunteered to babysit Elyssa on days they want to go dating too! I’m just waiting for the day to come! πŸ˜‰