One tooth less

My dear son woke up in the morning to show me his missing tooth.. It’s his lower right front baby tooth that finally dropped.. It had been loose for more than a week and he had been rather excited about it..

I was worried that he might have swallowed it during his sleep so I quickly got out of bed to search his bed.. Thankfully, I found it!


I put it in a bag and slipped in a piece of paper to note down the date.. Haha..


School uniform

Bought a set of PE attire and school uniform for my dear son to try.. He was very excited and didn’t want to remove them.. Haha..


The size 22 pants seemed a little too long but the waist fit so I don’t think I’ll get a smaller pair lest it’s too tight around the waist.. The XS shirt seemed ok though.. Will just buy one more set of the school uniform since they wear their PE attire more frequently.


This is more fitting ya? Both are size S.. He looked so happy! Will get 3 more sets cos of PE and PAL..

Kumon update

Finally, Jovan has passed his Level 3A test and is ready to move on to Level 2A.. He only made 2 mistakes in the test and although he exceeded the standard time of 10min, I think it’s an achievement for a 6-year-old to complete 80 questions in 18min!! So I guess I’ll conclude that he’s progressing well! πŸ™‚ Kudos to you, my dear son!! Mummy is so proud of u!


Kumon progress

Jocelle seems to be progressing quite well in her mathematics although I had to use the cane many times to get her to do her work. I know it’s not the best way to motivate her but it’s the most effective way to get her to complete her work when I’m tired or when we are in a rush..

She’d do one question and then count the number of pages left in the worksheet.. It’s really frustrating to make her do her work. There was once when I even had to kiss her after she had completed each page before she would carry on!

Anyway, she still seems to be coping well.. And she’s progressing so well that she’s almost catching up with her brother who’s learning how to add 2 to numbers up to 32..

She just did a test and she actually did very well!


I’m very proud of her but I still hope she’ll be more motivated to do her work so I don’t have to resort to caning her.. But I guess all kids suffer from a mild form of masochism as they would only do what you tell them after you scold or cane them.. Sigh..

Spidey’s birthday celebration at the ccc

I took Childcare leave today to bake some cupcakes and a small cake for Jovan’s birthday..

It was a busy morning but I managed to get everything ready by 2 pm..



The fondant is something I’m not confident of handling but since the party was today, I didn’t have to worry about storage and I think kids would be more forgiving.. Hee.. I used quite a bit of corn flour to make the fondant less sticky..

Took me some time to place it on the cake and when I finally drew on it with edible icing, I drew a slanted line.. Sigh.. I don’t have steady hands… One mistake and that’s it.. I had no choice but to carry on.. The face was actually not very symmetrical.. I did mention that kids are more forgiving ya? :p so I hope they would pay more attention to the rings on the cupcakes.. Hee..

Hubby didn’t take leave today as he felt bad about being absent from work for the past 2 days as Jocelle was not well.. She had fever on Tuesday and even hit 40 degrees Celsius so Dr Chan gave her 2 days MC.. Since hubby was also not well, both stayed at home for the past 2 days.. He then made arrangements with his colleague to swap lessons so he could leave school at 3pm..

I reached the ccc at 3.15pm as the kids had swimming class at 4pm.. We started the celebration promptly as I didn’t want to hold back their schedule..

I changed Jovan into his Spidey costume and that got the kids’ attention.. He was a little shy.. Maybe cos his Spider-man daddy was not around..

Jocelle also changed into her Spidey top and joined in the celebration..

Then, Teacher Rani took photos of Jovan with his classmates group by group..

We sang the birthday song and I was still hoping for the special appearance of Spider-Man..

Jovan was surprisingly able to blow out the candle with his mask on! Haha..

After that, he took out his mask and the 3 of us took a photo. I actually almost forgot to take a photo with them!

After we distributed the cupcakes, cakes and goodie bags, Spider-Man still wasn’t here..

The kids started changing into their swimwear to prepare for swimming class and I helped Jovan change too..

As I was changing him, the daddy finally called and said he had arrived.. Hmm.. I told him all the kids were getting ready for their swimming class and that he didn’t have to come in as I didn’t want to affect their schedule..

On hindsight, I think I should have just asked him to give the kids a surprise since he was already there.. Sigh.. Anyway, the celebration was over..

A little of anti-climax but I think the boy was happy enough as he polished off 2 cupcakes and a slice of the fondant cake.. Hee.. We also brought them to Sakae Sushi, their favourite restaurant, for dinner…

To my son: I hope you had a great day today and happy, happy birthday! I also hope you’ll stay happy and healthy forever.. Life is not going to be easy as you celebrate more and more birthdays.. But with a positive mindset, you will live life well.. Remember that mummy and daddy will be here to give you the support you need as long as we can..

We love you!

Jocelle’s 1st Day@ccc

It’s the 1st Monday of the Sept school holidays so I didn’t have to take leave to accompany Jocelle on her first day at the ccc..

The kids woke up at about 8am.. After the morning routine, we had to give Jovan his medicine as well as to nebulise him for about 10min.. So by the time we were ready to go, it was about 10 plus.. We reached the centre at about 10.40am.. 

Of course we had to take some photos to mark the special day! But look at how my girl is standing? Haha..


Jocelle seemed to be looking forward to joining her brother.. She didn’t even turn back to see if her brother or mummy was behind her when she entered the centre.. She went round exploring the place while I followed behind her.. We were led to her classroom which was empty as the other kids were at the outdoor play area.. I brought her to join her classmates.. We didn’t spend a lot of time there, maybe about 5min, as the kids had probably spent some time there already..

The kids were guided to hold the railings as they moved up and down the stairs.. Then they went to wash their hands before they had lunch.. Jocelle was not very cooperative.. She didn’t want to sit with the rest while they waited for their turn to wash their hands.. Guess it’s her 1st day so she’s not used to following instructions.. Haha.. I carried her and brought her to wash her hands.. That was when I saw Jovan crying..

He was sitting beside his friends as they got ready to shower after their water play.. We didn’t want him to go for water play as he’s still coughing.. I saw him sobbing so I went forward to comfort him a little.. Maybe he was jealous that my attention was on Jocelle instead of him? Poor boy.. 

After I washed Jocelle’s hands, I saw Jovan removing his top himself and putting it into a bag.. I realized that my boy has become more independent.. I’m so proud of him!!

I accompanied Jocelle to her classroom where they were served their lunch – chicken porridge.. The kids were all feeding themselves.. Jocelle was making herself comfortable.. She started feeding herself once the bowl was placed in front of her.. (I remember Jovan was still unable to feed himself when he first joined the centre at 19 months..)

Jocelle didn’t finish her porridge as she just had milk an hour ago.. However, she gladly took the banana given to her and finished it quickly..

When most of the kids had emptied their bowls, Teacher Eunice started telling the kids stories and getting them to sing songs.. She also got the kids to play some matching games.. Guess these were some filler activities to entertain the kids before their shower as the PN2 kids were using the bathroom.. 

Jocelle was busy exploring the room while Teacher Eunice was trying to engage the kids.. One boy was able to identify many words and animals that were flashed on the cards that Teacher Eunice used.. (I am very impressed as I don’t think Jovan can do as well as him.. Haha..)

When the bathroom was finally cleared for the PN1s to take their shower, I decided to take the opportunity to leave.. On the way to the bathroom, I saw Jovan sobbing again.. Hmm.. This time, I hugged him and comforted him.. Then I assured him that I’ll be back very soon to pick them up.. Those who are not aware may be thinking that it’s Jovan’s 1st day at the centre, not Jocelle’s.. Haha..

Before I left, I went to the bathroom to notify Teacher Eunice as well as my darling daughter.. She didn’t want me to go initially and kept replying, ‘No!’ when I told her I’m leaving.. I hugged her and told her she’d have many friends to play with her.. Guess she was convinced as she didn’t cry nor protest when Teacher Eunice led her to the shower area..

We then went to SGH as hubby had an appointment to check the recovery of his fractured metatarsal.. His hospitalisation leave was extended for one more month! Sigh..

By the time we were done, it was about 3 plus.. We didn’t get any calls from the centre so I guess she’s doing fine.. Hee.. We went to get some groceries before picking the kids up.. Thought we shouldn’t leave them there for too long since it was Jocelle’s 1st day..

When we reached the centre, they just had their afternoon tea break.. Jocelle was happy to see me and of course the feeling is mutual..

Teacher Eunice said Jocelle was good.. She only cried a little before nap time as she didn’t want to sleep.. Apparently Jocelle and another new boy, Kyler were crying loudly during nap time while the others were asleep.. They actually used the adverb ‘loudly’! Haha.. I know my girl is loud.. Actually both my kids are loud! I joked that it could be an occupational hazard as I was probably screaming at kids during my pregnancy so my ‘loudness’ could have passed on to them.. Haha..

Anyway, Teacher Eunice told me Jocelle fell asleep after she rocked her for a while.. She was also smiling after her nap and the principal, Ms Esther, brought her to see Jovan.. Guess they wanted her to see someone familiar so she wouldn’t cry.. Hee..

Overall, I think Jocelle has done very well.. Other than being able to drag her own Minnie Mouse bag herself, she could also locate her shoes on the shoe rack.. She even tried to remove her shoes herself when we reached home! I’m sure she’ll get used to going to the centre in no time!! πŸ™‚

Jocelle is 18 months old!

My darling daughter just turned 18 month old today.. She’s supposed to take her final scheduled vaccination today but we brought her to see Dr Chan yesterday as Jovan was coughing rather badly.. We made an appointment at 8.15 pm but we were there pretty early, thinking that we may be slotted in between the patients.. Sigh.. It wasn’t meant to be.. Haha.. We waited till abt 9pm before we went in.. To keep them occupied, they were each given a pen and a piece of paper to entertain themselves.. Jovan got a piece of tissue paper while Jocelle had a pamphlet.. I only brought along 2 pens and Jocelle had to use the red one.. Haha.. 


She weighed 9.9kg and her height was 74cm.. Still below the 50th percentile.. Hmm.. She cried for a while after each of the 2 jabs administered but stopped after a while.. Still thinks she’s a brave and thick-skinned girl.. Hee..

Jovan was given an antibiotic, different set of medicine for his cough and we had to rent a machine so we could nebulise him at home.. My poor boy! I hope he’ll recover from his bad cough soon!

Jovan@3 years old

This is a belated post.. Should hv updated this when he’s 3 years old.. My darling boy is now 3 years and 1 month old.. He has learnt many things from the Childcare centre as well as from Berries..

He has learnt how to put on his clothes himself and he is able to go diaperless when he’s awake.. We’ve tried to let him take afternoon naps without wearing his diapers and we thought he could control his bladder during his naps too.. Last week, I asked the teachers at the centre to let him take his nap without his diapers and at the end of the week, θΎΉθ€εΈˆ feedback that he did not wet himself for 2 consecutive days so we did not have to pack any diapers in his bag this week.. But alas! He wet himself during his naptime yesterday and today.. Hmm.. So it’s back to diapers during naps.. Sigh.. Hopefully, he’ll be able to go diaperless soon!

Since we started sending him to Berries in March, he is more willing to converse in Mandarin.. We also got him to recite some poems in Chinese.. We don’t really revise what he has learnt in school every day as we couldn’t find the time to do so.. However, we try to revise with him whenever we can.. To us, it’s more important that he enjoys his childhood.. So no pressure.. yet.. Hee..


Jocelle@15 Months

 Jocelle was 15 months old when we went on our Korea trip.. That was her 1st plane ride.. She had not been totally weaned off breastmilk then.. 

Although she drinks formula milk mostly in the day, she would wake up about once a night occasionally for comfort feeding.. I’ve been giving in to her demands as I didn’t wanna wake hubby up to make milk for her and I was lazy to pull myself out of bed to make milk for her.. It’s so convenient to just feed her as I continue to sleep.. Hee..

I’ve actually tried ignoring her cries sometime before the trip and she managed to go back to sleep without any comfort feeding.. But I gave in occasionally.. So she was not sleeping through the night until about 2 weeks ago..

I didn’t realize until a few days after we came back from Korea.. I’ve been cutting down on the frequency of nursing her to once every 2 days during the trip.. Then when we came back, I dunno why, but she started sleeping through! I’ve finally regained my freedom! Hee.. Now she’s totally weaned off me! I’m so enjoying this freedom of not being someone’s pacifier! πŸ˜€

The picture above was cropped from a photo I took of Jocelle n Jovan drinking milk together.. Just thought I should record this milestone of hers.. Haha.. Think I’ve been pampering her too much as some of my friends train their kids to sleep through by 3 months! I’m just too lazy to train them.. And I’m the one suffering.. =p

Updates on the kids…

It’s been quite some time since the last entry.. Jocelle has turned 1 10 days ago.. She’s growing up real fast.. 

She is more mobile since she started walking on her own although she’s still not very steady.. However, it’s enough to keep us bz.. Hee.. She’s still very attached to me but now that she can walk on her own, she’s more independent and can be left alone to play for a while.. Of cos, she can play for a longer period of time if her bro is with her.. But they also fight over the toys easily.. Hmm.. Jocelle seems to be interested in whatever Jovan is playing with.. Jovan used to share his things more readily but now he seems to feel threatened by his sister.. On our part, we try to encourage him to share.. Hopefully they will learn to share their things more readily…

Jovan, who turned 22 months a few days ago, is getting very chatty… he loves to sing too! He sometimes talks to himself while he’s playing too! πŸ™‚ 

He’s starting to show interest in books and will badger us to read to him.. Sometimes he’d want to read himself.. Of cos, he can’t read on his own yet.. But he’ll make up his own story based on the pictures in the book.. It’s quite interesting actually.. Hee.. We just bought and assembled a bookshelf yesterday to encourage him to read.. We even bought a Thomas play mat to make the reading corner more attractive.. Hee.. We’ll try to bring him to the library this week.. πŸ™‚

He just started lessons at Berries last week.. Hopefully, he’ll learn to like Chinese too…

Back to Jocelle.. She can call mama, papa and ah ma.. She seems to like singing like her bro.. Whenever Jovan starts singing, she’ll start humming and clapping her hands!! πŸ™‚ I’m trying to wean her off already as she’s still not sleeping through the night and I’m getting tired of waking up in the middle of the night.. I’m sure she wakes up not because she’s hungry cos she eats a lot when she’s awake.. Also, she’d rather go back to sleep than to drink from the bottle.. 

I tried to stop her from suckling to sleep 2 nights ago.. She would cry and fuss but I would ignore her cries as I’ve resolved to let her go to sleep on her own.. Eventually, she relented and just went to sleep.. Last night when she woke up and cried in the middle of the night, I just let her be.. I didn’t give in to her cries and she eventually went back to sleep.. I hope she’ll start sleeping through soon so I can sleep uninterrupted through the night.. Yawnzzz… Jocelle, be good, ok?