Ear Piercing

Jocelle came home with a sticker that she stuck on one of her earlobes.. She shared that they were playing with sticker earrings in the ccc.. I was marking while she shared her experience so I wasn’t giving her my fullest attention..

Then she told me she wanted to wear earrings.. I told her it would be painful and asked if she would be able to stand the pain.. She assured me she would be able to bear with the pain..

I was skeptical initially and thought she would back out at the last minute.. After dinner, I went to a jewellery shop to check out the cost.. The quote of $28 was much less than I had expected so I decided to just settle for this shop.. 

She was afraid and asked to hold me hand… We took some time to decide on the location of the holes on her earlobes but the entire process took less than 10min!


Disinfecting with alcohol


Alcohol swab on the earlobe


marking the position




Happy princess!

 No pain, no gain! My princess was happy to get her ears pierced despite the pain! She didn’t she a single tear! I’m so proud of her!!


Sports Carnival 2015

My boy took part in his first sports carnival in our school yesterday. It’s the first time the lower primary pupils were involved in the sports carnival.. We usually involved only the P4-P6 pupils in the sports carnival while the P1-P3 pupils would have their lower primary sports day on the day of the national day celebration..

I guess the school made changes to their plans cos of the SG50 jubilee celebrations..

Anyway, I’m glad he could join me.. The school puts the child in the same house as the parent to encourage people of the same family to fight for the common goal.. I find it very reasonable, don’t you think?

 Look at my excited boy! 
One disadvantage of him being involved, however, was that I couldn’t take any photos of him in action as I also had a game station to man.. However, I still tried to steal some time to find him so I could take some photos…   

   Our Blue Rhino house was third in position so my darling boy asked if he could join the champion house, Green Viper.. 😓

Gave him a little talk about loyalty to help him understand that he had to put in effort to make his house the champion house and not just keep changing our house in order to be in a champion house! 

My son is turning 7!

Time flies.. My boy is in P1 this year.. We didn’t plan to have any party for him this year and we’ve prepared him for it.. But last week, he was eagerly expecting to get a superman costume for his birthday party when I reminded him that there would be no party this year.. Guess the Spiderman party last year must have left a deep impression on him..

Anyway, I didn’t want to disappoint him but I didn’t want to plan anything big.. So I tried to think of something simple.. Did a Google search and found Onsight Climbing Gym which organizes rock climbing party for kids and found it to be a good option.. My kids had never tried rock climbing before and I’ve always wanted to let them try.. The price was also reasonable so I tried my luck and called to check if there’re any slots available since it was so last minute.. Luckily, the lady suggested Friday from 5.30-7.30pm.. It was a good timing and fortunately, I managed to find 8 kids who were able to attend..

And that was how we had a small party for my first-born!

We were given 2 choices for the theme-Minecraft or Transformers- and my dear son chose the former.. Tried to search for items for the goodie bags.. Since it was so last minute, we couldn’t get from Taobao so I searched Carousell for some possible items.. Managed to get some loot bags and nano blocks within 2 days and order arrived on Tuesday! Phew.. Also managed to order a Minecraft cake from The Cake Shop! Contemplated baking on my own but not confident if I could find the time.. Would be too rushed to ask Cuppy Cakes to print for me so settled for the most convenient option..  The Chew family were the first to arrive! The cake collection took us a long time so we were late.. 😝

The kids were all eager but apprehensive about climbing up the tall wall!

My 2 kids were happy to put on the harnesses..


Of they went up the wall!image 


For dinner, we ordered from Domino’s Pizza.. Food arrived half an hour before scheduled, which was a good thing.. Hee.. Most commented that it was not bad.. But the kids didn’t eat much so we had quite a bit left over.. 

After about two hours of climbing, it was time to sing the birthday song!


After the cake cutting, the goodie bags were distributed and the kids were allowed to choose the Minecraft nanoblocks they liked..

There were 8 characters for them to choose from..  

I hope the kids enjoyed themselves and to quote a friend, I hope growing up won’t bring them down!!

Double promotion

We were told that Jocelle was in the wrong class last week after her ballet class.. Jocelle said her teacher told her she shouldn’t be there.. 

We didn’t get to find out more until after the next lesson.. Teacher Hui En told us that Jocelle was initially promoted to the pre-primary class but she decided that she should be promoted to the primary class as she was able to follow instructions well. Apparently, she was able to pick up new things rather fast so the teacher felt that she would benefit and learn more in the primary class and that there would be tests in the primary class.. I’m not so concerned about the tests and certifications but I thought she could learn more at her pace in the primary class..

We then checked with the CSO about the various timings for the primary class and realized that we had to find another day as the Saturday timing clashed with their Berries class.. Tried calling Berries but we couldn’t find another common time slot for both of them.. In the end, we had to change the timing to 6-7 on Wednesdays..

Jocelle was reluctant to join a new class.. Guess she wanted to stay with her friends but we managed to convince her to try to make new friends in the new class.. She agreed finally with some persuasion/coercion by the mummy.. 😈

Today, we had dinner before we sent her to her 1st primary class lesson.. When I opened the door, I realized that the girls inside were so much older than my girl! They were really primary children who were much taller than my girl! Haha.. Jocelle gave me an apprehensive look but didn’t look daunted.. Hee.. 

I left her there and went to meet up with the boys.. We finished our dinner before we proceeded to McDonald’s for a drink while Jovan did his Kumon and school homework.. 

After the class, we asked the relief teacher that day if Jocelle was ok and she assured us that Jocelle could follow the steps rather well.. Phew! Then, Jocelle told us that the other girls kept commenting that she was cute! Haha.. I guess it’s expected since she’s so small.. Hee.. I hope she’ll enjoy her ballet lessons and learn more in the primary class.. 😉

Jocelle’s 5th Birthday Celebration part 2

Took childcare leave today so I could prepare the cupcakes for the celebration at the ccc.. I’m glad I took leave today as I had to bring her to the doctor to follow up on her injured toe.. The bandage dropped off last night and hubby tried to bandage it again.. It looked better but there was still some discharge so we wrapped it just in case..

I wanted to bring her to see the doctor early then send her to the ccc so I could have sufficient time to bake the cupcakes and prepare the frosting but when we reached the clinic at about 8.45am, there were already 8 patients in the queue and the lady at the reception told me Dr Tan would only be there at 9.40am and asked me to return at about 10am.. I gave her Jocelle’s particulars before we headed home..

Since there was time, I started baking the cupcakes.. Managed to bake 20 cupcakes and we only left home at about 10.10am.. The moment we stepped into the clinic, it was Jocelle’s turn! Good timing ya? Hee..

Dr Tan checked her toe and even pressed on it.. No pain, it seems.. He said there’s no need to wrap up her toe and she could shower.. Hurray!!

It doesn’t look too bad ya? I sent her to the ccc before I went back home to prepare the cream cheese frosting.. After which, I topped each cupcake with the Frozen cupcake toppers, of course! Hee..

These cupcakes toppers make any cupcake look good, right? They were sponsored by my good friend who prints edible and customizable cupcake toppers.. Lucky me! Hee.. 

After I was done with the cupcakes, I did some work while waiting for the man to pick up my son and collect the 1kg cake we ordered from Bengawan Solo.. I reminded him to be early as the kids at the ccc would be waiting for the cakes for tea.. And of course, he had to be late! We rushed to the ccc and I went in with the cakes and the Elsa dress.. I even brought along the costume Jovan wore for his concert as requested by him.. When we went in, Jocelle was seated alone and commanding all her peers to sit down! My little chilli padi is really bossy!

Anyway, while I was busy changing the kids, I was hoping the man would quickly park the car and help to get the cakes ready but as you should have guessed by now, he was not here yet! 😡

I quickly took out the cake and cupcakes from the boxes and arranged them on the table..

Emil u brought Elyssa there and took a photo as evidence.. Look at all the hungry and curious kids crowding around! They were all choosing the cupcakes they wanted even before they have sung the birthday song! The cupcake toppers really were impressive! Hee..

And guess what the man was doing?? He was busy chit chatting with my BIL! 😤 I wonder why he couldn’t see that I needed some help!

Anyway, I gave him the task of taking photos even though he is not a good photographer.. Hey, he had to do something, right? I took photos with my iPhone 6 while he used my Canon camera.. Anyway, my girl was very happy to be Queen Elsa and she took the opportunity to boss her subjects around! Haha.. I’ll let the photos do the talking now..

After the celebration at the ccc, we headed back home to rest for a while.. The kids took a shower and changed their clothes reluctantly..

We ate out that night with Emily and family.. We went to Swensons and ended our dinner with a birthday Firehouse for the birthday girl!

Happy 5th birthday, my darling! May you be blessed with great health and eternal happiness! Mummy hope that you will grow up to be a confident and compassionate lady who is loved and treasured by all! Please try to be less bossy! 😁

Princess’ Fabulous Five Birthday!

We were all ready for the party at Kallang McDonald’s on Sunday.. Jocelle was of course very excited and couldn’t wait to change into her Elsa dress..

All the guests arrived punctually as we could only use the party area for 1.5 hour.. Some of the kids started entertaining themselves at the small playground…

When most of the kids were here, they were told to sit down at the table to wait for the games to start.. The party staff told them there were 3 games.. I didn’t catch the first game.. hee.. DSC03120

IMG_1615The second one was for the kids to break into 2 teams. The last person in the team would take a ball and pass it down to the front and the first person would throw a coloured ball into the assigned basket before they went back to their seat. The team which had the most number of balls in their basket would win..

Girls vs boys

Girls vs boys

After that, they played Simon Says…


After the games, the kids were served their meals…


After their meals, some quickly made their way to the playground again to continue playing… haha..

Before long, it was time to sing the birthday song.. We ordered the 2kg cake from Bengawan Solo.. It was as usual a challenge to take photos of the children.. They are never looking at the camera at the same time… haha..

IMG_1662IMG_1658Not all the kids were captured here though.. Amy’s 3 kids and Jasmine’s 2 girls didn’t want to join in.. There were a total of 21 kids, including the birthday girl..


The pretty princesses

Cake cutting pose

Cake cutting pose

Family photo...

Family photo…

After the cake was cut and distributed, it was time for the birthday girl to give out the goodie bags.. Each child received 2 goodie bags, one from McDonald’s and one that we have prepared..

Giving out the goodie bags

Giving out the goodie bags


It was a really warm day and even though the party room was air-conditioned, we couldn’t feel it.. The adults mostly went to the restaurant to have their meals and chit chatted while I tried to take photos and chat with everyone.. We stayed on even after we were told to clear the area.. hee.. There’s too much catching up to do and the kids were having too much fun in the playground..


Elsa and Anna!

Then, an accident happened and Jocelle’s big right toe was hit by the corner of the glass door of the playground.. It was bleeding profusely and she cried in pain.. We tried to apply pressure on her toe to stop the bleeding and got her to sit down and raise her right foot.. Tried to calm her down too.. She didn’t make a big fuss, just whined a little when the blood oozed out again… Daddy took some ice and applied cold pressure to her toe.. I didn’t think it was necessary to rush her to the doctor as I thought there was nothing to be done.. So I carried on chatting with my friends.. hee..

Hubby was worried though and my sister advised that we should bring her to a doctor.. We left at about 6 plus to go to a 24h clinic near our place.. The receptionist told me that the doctor on duty was not the resident doctor and would not remove the nail for her.. I didn’t think it was necessary to remove her toenail.. Anyway, the lady was very nice.. She helped to clean the wound and bandaged it up without charging me and even gave me some gauze to use in case there was a need to change the dressing.. She advised me to see the doctor the next day.. IMG_1678After that, we went to Emily’s place for dinner.. Hubby actually made an appointment to let Jocelle see the doctor at the clinic near our place but because the doctor would only be back at 8.40pm, we had time to have dinner before we headed back to the clinic..

The doctor cleaned the wound again and dressed it again.. He advised us to bring Jocelle back on Tuesday for him to check the wound again..

We had to keep the wound dry so that night, we wrapped up her toe and she sat on a stool while I showered her..

What an eventful day it was!

PS: Thank you all for attending the party and showering Jocelle with thoughtful gifts and red packets.. She is indeed one blessed girl! =)


Prep for Princess’ 5th Party

Jocelle turns five this year.. And she actually requested for a Frozen themed party this year.. We obliged and went to book a slot for a McDonald’s birthday party.. We initially wanted to hold the party at the McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden at Queenstown but the party area was undergoing renovation after a fallen tree damaged it.. We decided to try out the one at Kallang and managed to get a slot..

Then I sourced for invitation cards for the kids even though McDonald’s gave me their invitation cards.. I found a beautiful template here. The website provided some tips on how to personalize the cards and even had a pdf template for the envelope.. I love how the card turned out! 

After I’ve sent out the invites, I started sourcing for goodie bags and stuff to put inside.. I tried to source for items related to the theme although McDonald’s goodie bags were included in the birthday package.. Since it’s a Frozen themed party, naturally there should be party favours related to the theme, right? However, I decided to source for Spiderman stuff for the boys as I couldn’t find any Olaf or Kristoff related stationery for them.. I’m sure the boys wouldn’t want any Elsa or Anna stuff even if they liked the movie..

I managed to buy all the stuff from Carousell and I also had some extra party favours from Jovan’s birthday party last year..

This time, I got the kids to help to pack the goodie bags.. 😉

for the boys

pencil case with stationery

note books

love these loot bags!

the happy girl!

I thought it would be more practical to get stationery and the loot bag so I’m quite happy to be able to get these items.. Unlike the previous years, I didn’t include any snacks since the kids would indulge in some junk food during the party.. 😁

We’ve also ordered the cakes from Bengawan Solo! We ordered a 2kg cake for the McDonald’s party and a 1kg one for the celebration at the ccc as I would also be baking some cupcakes.. 

Now, we’re all set for the parties!

1st day of school!

My first born is in Primary One this year and it’s the first day of school today!

I’m so glad hubby managed to take leave today so I could work in peace.. We woke up very early and it was not difficult to wake the kids up.. I guess they were both excited about school!


I brought Jovan along with me while hubby dropped Jocelle at the ccc before he made his way to my school.. I just dropped him at the basketball court without bringing him to the toilet! Haha.. I had work to do too! But I did take a photo or 2 before I walked off.. Hee..


I also managed to steal some time now and then to take some photos of my dear son during recess..


He was busy talking and eating at the same time.. This chatty boy! The school has arranged for the kids to have packed food from the various stalls for the first 6 days and I think it’s a great arrangement so the kids can be introduced to the types of food sold in the canteen..

I met him at the foyer again and he was happy to see me.. Haha.. Look at him!


Again, I met him after school when he was introduced to his student care teachers and given a name tag..


I then went to the canteen to check out the food he was served for lunch..


Not too bad, I think..

We forgot to get him a sleeping bag so he didn’t take his nap but I saw him eating again when I was settling some stuff.. Haha..


He even told me he had a piece of cake before this! So it seems like he had been eating and eating the whole day ya? Haha..

My P was very nice as she personally handed each P1 pupil a welcome goodie bag and taught them how to shake hands and say ‘thank you’! But my boy told me he found her fierce when she addressed them in the hall.. Haha.. I guess it’s good that he’s afraid of authority!

All good on the first day of school and unlike many, I’m so glad that the first day of school is a Friday! The weekend is much needed for us to let the reality set in…. But we’ll soon get used to it, I’m sure! All the best to all the parents of P1 kids out there!! We will survive!!

Jovan’s Graduation concert

The concert took place on 19 Dec and the theme was Once Upon A Time.. Jovan was dressed like the prince in Rapunzel.. We had to put some make up for him and style his hair.. We had to apply blue eye shadow and blusher for him but apparently, it was too light and the teachers touched up quite a bit.. Haha..


I like the venue this time and we managed to get good seats.. It started off with a speech by the valedictorian from the various centers before the K2s went on stage to receive their scrolls..

After that, the K1 and K2 classes in the various centers took turns to perform, each centre performing an item based on the various fairytales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and of cos Frozen.. It was rather entertaining to watch! We had placed an order for the DVD so I didn’t take many photos or videos but simply enjoyed the show..




After the concert, Jovan took a photo with his favourite 边老师..

It was drizzling slightly but we managed to get to the car park without getting wet.. We then went to Ichiban Boshi at Great world for lunch..


Time flies.. My boy has graduate and will soon be embarking on a new journey! He’s excited and I hope he’ll enjoy and cope well in school next year!