Achievement unlocked

Saw a few friends sharing on different platforms that their kids got medals for being 6 months in advance of their peers at Kumon.. 

Was wondering if the Kumon centre they go to was awarding the medals to other kids when I recalled Jocelle leaving the centre 2 weeks ago with 2 medals.. 

On closer look, I realized she received a medal each for English and Mathematics. 

Jovan didn’t receive any but I’m ok with that.. haha.. cos I can see his improvement in his math.. He got 44/50 got his SA2, which I think is very good even though the paper is considered easy according to my colleague..


Princess’ 1st ballet performance

The little girl had been busy with her rehearsals the past few weeks and finally, the day she had been waiting for was here!


Taken at one of her rehearsals

The full dresses rehearsal was from 4.30-8.30pm yesterday but she only came out of the theatre at about 9pm and by then we were all famished!

Tonight, we had to send her in at 5.30pm and the show started at 7pm..

We didn’t take any photos as advised and ordered the DVD.. didn’t take photo before and after as we were rushing.. so glad that the staff sent me three photos of her..

Her group was the Spanish dancers.. although her segment was just a few minutes long, she was poised and graceful during the performance and I was very proud of her!

We were advised to sign her up for the RAD exam but she is only eligible for the Primary level for now.. so we decided to sign her up for the exam only when she’s eligible for the Grade 1 exam.. I’m sure she’ll do well then!

Year End Concert

My dear girl missed 2 rehearsals for her concert because we were away on our trip for 13 days..

She just went for her combined full dress rehearsal yesterday before her actual performance today.. 

The theme this year was ‘Our Christmas Story’ so it was rather Christmassy.. I took a photo of her before she went in to get ready..  

We dropped her off first before we made our way home as Jovan did not bring his Kumon worksheets to do while waiting.. Jocelle completed all her worksheets before the trip while this procrastinator was way behind.. He only completed 3 or 4 worksheets per subject during the trip so he had a lot to catch up.. I think boys really have problems focusing! It’s so exasperating! 😡😡

Anyway, we went back to let him complete some of the worksheets before we went back to the concert venue again..

The concert didn’t start on time, which was a good thing as hubby took some time finding a place to park.. 

She did us proud as she remembered all her steps! She could really shake! I took a video of her item and another of her singing the school song of their ccc.. I’ll just post the latter here..

She could really shake well, right? Haha.. 

After the finale, we picked her up and took a photo of her with her BFF..  

We then went to have some sandwiches and a brownie as we all skipped lunch! 😝

Time flies and next year I’ll most likely be watching her graduation concert around this time.. I hope she’ll enjoy herself in the ccc in 2016 before she starts attending a real school!

Double promotion

We were told that Jocelle was in the wrong class last week after her ballet class.. Jocelle said her teacher told her she shouldn’t be there.. 

We didn’t get to find out more until after the next lesson.. Teacher Hui En told us that Jocelle was initially promoted to the pre-primary class but she decided that she should be promoted to the primary class as she was able to follow instructions well. Apparently, she was able to pick up new things rather fast so the teacher felt that she would benefit and learn more in the primary class and that there would be tests in the primary class.. I’m not so concerned about the tests and certifications but I thought she could learn more at her pace in the primary class..

We then checked with the CSO about the various timings for the primary class and realized that we had to find another day as the Saturday timing clashed with their Berries class.. Tried calling Berries but we couldn’t find another common time slot for both of them.. In the end, we had to change the timing to 6-7 on Wednesdays..

Jocelle was reluctant to join a new class.. Guess she wanted to stay with her friends but we managed to convince her to try to make new friends in the new class.. She agreed finally with some persuasion/coercion by the mummy.. 😈

Today, we had dinner before we sent her to her 1st primary class lesson.. When I opened the door, I realized that the girls inside were so much older than my girl! They were really primary children who were much taller than my girl! Haha.. Jocelle gave me an apprehensive look but didn’t look daunted.. Hee.. 

I left her there and went to meet up with the boys.. We finished our dinner before we proceeded to McDonald’s for a drink while Jovan did his Kumon and school homework.. 

After the class, we asked the relief teacher that day if Jocelle was ok and she assured us that Jocelle could follow the steps rather well.. Phew! Then, Jocelle told us that the other girls kept commenting that she was cute! Haha.. I guess it’s expected since she’s so small.. Hee.. I hope she’ll enjoy her ballet lessons and learn more in the primary class.. 😉

New buy!

My dear son showed me his new toy after school yesterday.. It’s a Minecraft toy and apparently he had wanted to buy it the previous day.. 

He showed it off to me without worrying that I might scold him for spending unnecessarily again.. Sigh..

Today, when we picked him up from Berries, the teacher gave us the feedback that he’s a bit more active than the rest and that he did not seem to be able to remember the Chinese characters taught in class.. He apparently didn’t do the homework last week and we didn’t even realize it.. Guess we were busy with work too.. 

He’s going to have an oral test in the next lesson and we are expected to help him prepare for it.. 

Daddy is not too happy to hear the feedback and has confiscated his Minecraft figurine.. He also told my son that he would not get any pocket money for Term 2 Week 1.. Hmm.. I wonder how effective this will be.. 

Kumon update

Finally, Jovan has passed his Level 3A test and is ready to move on to Level 2A.. He only made 2 mistakes in the test and although he exceeded the standard time of 10min, I think it’s an achievement for a 6-year-old to complete 80 questions in 18min!! So I guess I’ll conclude that he’s progressing well! 🙂 Kudos to you, my dear son!! Mummy is so proud of u!


Kumon progress

Jocelle seems to be progressing quite well in her mathematics although I had to use the cane many times to get her to do her work. I know it’s not the best way to motivate her but it’s the most effective way to get her to complete her work when I’m tired or when we are in a rush..

She’d do one question and then count the number of pages left in the worksheet.. It’s really frustrating to make her do her work. There was once when I even had to kiss her after she had completed each page before she would carry on!

Anyway, she still seems to be coping well.. And she’s progressing so well that she’s almost catching up with her brother who’s learning how to add 2 to numbers up to 32..

She just did a test and she actually did very well!


I’m very proud of her but I still hope she’ll be more motivated to do her work so I don’t have to resort to caning her.. But I guess all kids suffer from a mild form of masochism as they would only do what you tell them after you scold or cane them.. Sigh..


We’ve decided to sign the kids up for Kumon Math enrichment class… mainly to prepare Jovan cos he had not been attending any Math classes. We wanted to enrol him for the EL class too as I felt that his progress in EL did not seem to be significant even though we enrolled him in I Can Read since last year. I guess I’m a little gan cheong to ensure he’s ready for P1 next year..

We went for an assessment last week and were told that we had to sit in for the first 2 sessions to have a look at how the lessons were conducted. The kids were very enthusiastic and they seemed to have enjoyed themselves..

They started to work on a set of worksheets while we looked on..




Jocelle was mainly asked to read and count numbers while Jovan had to trace some numbers. Simple activities mainly to help them identify numbers as they would still be confused between 13, 31 and 30..

After they were done with their worksheet, they went on to place numbers on number boards to help them with the identification of numbers again..


We would have to monitor them at home when they do their work so in a way, we’ll be forced to sit with them as they complete their work.. We even have to fill in our observation each time they do their work… A little challenging as I’m always busy marking.. I guess we have no choice but to try to spend time with them on their work…

That evening, both of them were so eager to do their work that they didn’t wait for us! I didn’t even manage to time them and when I came out from my shower, both had completed 2 sets each on their own! I’m glad they’re so enthusiastic though and I hope their enthusiasm will last!


Jocelle has started her swimming lessons at the cc since the 2nd week of Jan. We forgot about her goggles but we managed to get a pair before her 2nd lesson…

After her 2nd lesson, I got a shock when I saw her goggles!

She actually removed the rubber around the lenses and threw them away! She’ll be the death of me! Sigh…