Achievement unlocked

Saw a few friends sharing on different platforms that their kids got medals for being 6 months in advance of their peers at Kumon.. 

Was wondering if the Kumon centre they go to was awarding the medals to other kids when I recalled Jocelle leaving the centre 2 weeks ago with 2 medals.. 

On closer look, I realized she received a medal each for English and Mathematics. 

Jovan didn’t receive any but I’m ok with that.. haha.. cos I can see his improvement in his math.. He got 44/50 got his SA2, which I think is very good even though the paper is considered easy according to my colleague..


Pearly whitesΒ 

Princess’ adult tooth couldn’t wait to emerge.. she had been talking about her classmates with shaky teeth and even about her teeth being shaky when we couldn’t find any..

Hubby discovered the new tooth on Saturday and was very concerned..

Coincidentally, I’ve made an appointment to see the dentist today.. According to the dentist, it’s quite common for kids at this age with adult teeth emerging and we should not worry too much.. I asked about whether her new tooth would be crooked and the dentist said as new teeth emerge, they will shift so we couldn’t be sure.. hopefully she won’t have to put braces in future… 

We’re praying hard that all will be well.. Fortunately, the dentist said her teeth are fine and she seemed to be brushing them well.. keep it up the good job, girl!

Princess’ 1st ballet performance

The little girl had been busy with her rehearsals the past few weeks and finally, the day she had been waiting for was here!


Taken at one of her rehearsals

The full dresses rehearsal was from 4.30-8.30pm yesterday but she only came out of the theatre at about 9pm and by then we were all famished!

Tonight, we had to send her in at 5.30pm and the show started at 7pm..

We didn’t take any photos as advised and ordered the DVD.. didn’t take photo before and after as we were rushing.. so glad that the staff sent me three photos of her..

Her group was the Spanish dancers.. although her segment was just a few minutes long, she was poised and graceful during the performance and I was very proud of her!

We were advised to sign her up for the RAD exam but she is only eligible for the Primary level for now.. so we decided to sign her up for the exam only when she’s eligible for the Grade 1 exam.. I’m sure she’ll do well then!

Jocelle is 6!!

My princess is 6 today! I made arrangements at work so I could have the afternoon free..

Left school almost immediately after the bell has gone. We stopped by NTUC to get some disposable plates and cutlery.. Hubby was home when we reached home.. We rushed to collect the cake after Jovan had a few mouthfuls of curry rice that he had packed from school..

I was shocked that the ice cream cake I collected was not printed with the Sofia the 1st designed that I had chosen.. I was very upset and worried that my girl will be upset as we brought her the Sofia dress that she had requested. 

[backstory] I’ve placed my order for a Sofia cake after taking some time to choose the design for the cake. While the staff was keying in my order, I changed my mind and told them I wanted design 2211.. The staff happily said they could change for me. After I paid and collected my receipt, I didn’t double check.. πŸ˜“ I didn’t realize that the design number was keyed in as 2111 instead of 2211!! Luckily 2111 is Stunning Princesses design which had 6 Disney princesses and not a Transformers or Spider-Man design!!

I was super upset and worried and the moment I saw my girl, I explained to her that I’ve ordered the wrong cake for her.. She didn’t show any signs of disappointment at all! Phew! What a relief! After that, we started getting ready for her celebration…   

After the celebration, we left Jocelle for her swimming lesson and brought Elyssa home with us.. She looked at us longingly and seemed to be expecting us to bring her home.. Haha.. We had to grant her the wish, right?

We rested for a while before meeting up with my siblings for dinner at Swenson’s again!  We ordered another cake for her and this design is the one I initially wanted!!

 We had an overdose of ice cream today! Couldn’t finish it so we packed the remaining cake home.. When I got home, I realized that I actually could have gotten the cakes at a 20% discount cos my two kids are both the Kids Club members! What a waste!! πŸ™„

1st Ballet Performance!

We just received 2 notifications from Jocelle’s ballet school today.. The first is to inform us that she will be promoted to Grade 1 in Term 2  

The second one is to inform us that the school will be having their Annual Dance Performance in September.  

 For the past 2 years, Jocelle was always not keen to take part and we did not push her to take part as they were all scheduled during the September school holidays when we would usually be away on a short trip..

This year, the notification seems to be given much earlier and since the performance is based on my darling’s favourite Princess – Sleeping Beauty, we didn’t even have to try to convince her! She just informed us that she’s going to participate in the performance!! I can’t wait to see her performance!! 😊

The kids can cycle!

Last week, we brought the kids to cycle downstairs.. The training wheels for Jovan’s bicycle had been removed and Jocelle requested for hers to be removed.. Jovan was able to cycle for a few seconds while Jocelle was still struggling.. As we were meeting Emily for dinner, the kids didn’t have much time to cycle..

Today, hubby brought them down to cycle while I tried to clear some marking.. And yes, they finally learnt how to cycle!!

I remember I only learnt to cycle at 9! Jovan is only 7+ while Jocelle is 5+! Well done, kids!! Mummy is so proud of both of you!! 😘😘

Year End Concert

My dear girl missed 2 rehearsals for her concert because we were away on our trip for 13 days..

She just went for her combined full dress rehearsal yesterday before her actual performance today.. 

The theme this year was ‘Our Christmas Story’ so it was rather Christmassy.. I took a photo of her before she went in to get ready..  

We dropped her off first before we made our way home as Jovan did not bring his Kumon worksheets to do while waiting.. Jocelle completed all her worksheets before the trip while this procrastinator was way behind.. He only completed 3 or 4 worksheets per subject during the trip so he had a lot to catch up.. I think boys really have problems focusing! It’s so exasperating! 😑😑

Anyway, we went back to let him complete some of the worksheets before we went back to the concert venue again..

The concert didn’t start on time, which was a good thing as hubby took some time finding a place to park.. 

She did us proud as she remembered all her steps! She could really shake! I took a video of her item and another of her singing the school song of their ccc.. I’ll just post the latter here..

She could really shake well, right? Haha.. 

After the finale, we picked her up and took a photo of her with her BFF..  

We then went to have some sandwiches and a brownie as we all skipped lunch! 😝

Time flies and next year I’ll most likely be watching her graduation concert around this time.. I hope she’ll enjoy herself in the ccc in 2016 before she starts attending a real school!

My son is turning 7!

Time flies.. My boy is in P1 this year.. We didn’t plan to have any party for him this year and we’ve prepared him for it.. But last week, he was eagerly expecting to get a superman costume for his birthday party when I reminded him that there would be no party this year.. Guess the Spiderman party last year must have left a deep impression on him..

Anyway, I didn’t want to disappoint him but I didn’t want to plan anything big.. So I tried to think of something simple.. Did a Google search and found Onsight Climbing Gym which organizes rock climbing party for kids and found it to be a good option.. My kids had never tried rock climbing before and I’ve always wanted to let them try.. The price was also reasonable so I tried my luck and called to check if there’re any slots available since it was so last minute.. Luckily, the lady suggested Friday from 5.30-7.30pm.. It was a good timing and fortunately, I managed to find 8 kids who were able to attend..

And that was how we had a small party for my first-born!

We were given 2 choices for the theme-Minecraft or Transformers- and my dear son chose the former.. Tried to search for items for the goodie bags.. Since it was so last minute, we couldn’t get from Taobao so I searched Carousell for some possible items.. Managed to get some loot bags and nano blocks within 2 days and order arrived on Tuesday! Phew.. Also managed to order a Minecraft cake from The Cake Shop! Contemplated baking on my own but not confident if I could find the time.. Would be too rushed to ask Cuppy Cakes to print for me so settled for the most convenient option..  The Chew family were the first to arrive! The cake collection took us a long time so we were late.. 😝

The kids were all eager but apprehensive about climbing up the tall wall!

My 2 kids were happy to put on the harnesses..


Of they went up the wall!image 


For dinner, we ordered from Domino’s Pizza.. Food arrived half an hour before scheduled, which was a good thing.. Hee.. Most commented that it was not bad.. But the kids didn’t eat much so we had quite a bit left over.. 

After about two hours of climbing, it was time to sing the birthday song!


After the cake cutting, the goodie bags were distributed and the kids were allowed to choose the Minecraft nanoblocks they liked..

There were 8 characters for them to choose from..  

I hope the kids enjoyed themselves and to quote a friend, I hope growing up won’t bring them down!!

Lost tooth

It’s a lazy afternoon for me.. A rare morning for me to be the last to wake up.. Hee.. Hubby showered the kids while I lazed in bed even though he was under the weather.. πŸ˜…

After my breakfast and shower, hubby worked on his laptop and the kids played with their toys while I watched kdrama on my iPad.. 

We were not in a hurry to leave the house until it was way past our lunch time.. We dragged ourselves out at 2 plus so we could feed the kids even though they insisted that they were not hungry.. We had to entice them with ‘froggy froggy’ (the term they use to refer to Sakae Sushi) before they were willing to leave home..

While we were having our very late lunch, my boy made some weird sounds while baring his teeth to get our attention.. 

We didn’t know what he was trying to tell us until we saw his missing tooth!  

 Seems like he had swallowed his tooth that had been shaky for the longest time! We tried to search for it in the bowl of cha soba he was enjoying but couldn’t find it.. 

We looked around on the table and the area he was sitting but couldn’t find any sign of it.. We’re cool about it.. Hee.. I guess there’s nothing to worry about since we’ve never heard of anyone dying from swallowing his tooth, right?😁

My boy was of course not worried about it and even asked me to take a other photo of him with his daddy.. 

Ps: while doing his business in the evening, he commented that his tooth might be passed out from his system.. Haha..