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Joelle’s First Day of School

It was an exciting first day of school for the little one as she was going to start her formal education. It was easy to wake her up but we still had to rush a bit as I had to report by 6.50am. I still managed to take a photo of both of them before we set off..


All ready for school!

As I had my duties, I brought her to where her class should be at the basketball court, took a photo of her and went up to my staffroom.. She seemed all ready for what awaited her..


The chirpy girl…

I also managed to check on her during recess. For convenience, she would have bento from the different stalls for the first week at $2 each so she would not have to queue and buy her food during recess.



She seemed to be happy with her fishball noodles…

I managed to see her again when she was having a tour around the school…



I checked on her again while she was at her Nascans classroom. It was the first day she was attending the student care in our school… caught her when she was about to change into her Nascans t-shirt…


Finally, I went to see her while she was having lunch.. She was having chicken rice, which was the hot favourite among the pupils..


The day just flashed by and it was only when I reached home that I realised that she was wearing a boy’s shirt instead of a girl’s blouse.. Hubby bought the shirt right after the P1 orientation last November and I didn’t even realise that she was wearing the wrong shirt until she told me her friends teased her for being a boy because of what she was wearing.. What an embarrassing mistake, considering that I am a staff in the school… :p

I was glad that she was not really affected by it but I quickly tried to salvage the situation by asking a colleague to pass me her daughter’s blouses which she had outgrown the following day.. Fortunately, we only bought 1 shirt for her and my boy could still fit into it.. Phew! What a memorable day it was!

Disney on Ice

Answered a survey online in a bid to win tickets to Disney On Ice next year and at the end of the survey, there was a question about whether I’m interested to send my kids for a casting.. didn’t know what it was but I clicked ‘yes’.

Then 2 weeks ago, I received an email to request for photos or videos of my kids if I want them to be considered for the casting. I sent a few photos of my kids and a video of my girl..

She sang the song she was preparing for her graduation concert.. 

The next day, I got a call to inform me that the kids have been shortlisted for the casting and we arranged to bring the kids to go for a preliminary filming session..

The kids were very comfortable with the camera and were giggling most of the time although they didn’t use grammatical structures most of the time.. I took a video but it’s too long to be shared here.. 

The following day, I got an email to confirm that both had been selected for the filming. 

I couldn’t make it for the actually filming so I asked hubby to bring the kids there.. on the way there, his car broke down so he had to take a cab there.. 😓

According to him, he couldn’t take any photos or videos as he had to wait outside the studio..

After the filming, the kids got a big goody bag each and hubby was told that they would email me regarding the Cat 1 tickets for the Disney on Ice shows next March! Woohoo! I can’t wait to see the video on social media! 

Update: here’s the link to the short promo clip..

Jocelle’s Graduation

Finally, my girl had her graduation concert today..

She was dressed in a Korean hanbok for her performance but went to the stage in her graduation 🎓 gown first.. we were seated by the aisle so it was easy for us to take photos of her as she walked past..

She started with a song for the teachers. Then we waited for her performance which was the last one before the finale.. according to her, their performance was placed at the last cos it was the best.. haha..

Before her performance, she had a short emcee stint but the file is too big to be uploaded here..

The item we had been waiting for finally arrived! I didn’t take video of the first part as it was the boys’ part.. we paid for the DVD so we could see the entire performance but I just wanted to focus on her…

I had to agree that their item was the best! She danced so gracefully and confidently and I’m so proud of her!

After the finale, we took many photos of her with her friends and her teachers, it’s like she had just graduated from U… 😅


It’s nice that the graduands were each given a graduation bear!

Book Bugs

Brought the boy to the library yesterday to borrow some Chinese books.. with my card, we borrowed 14 books.. he told me he needed to scan 8 books in one receipt so that he could redeem book bugs cards.. however, he couldn’t redeem yesterday since they could only do the redemption on weekends.. we brought him to the library again and there was a self-service redemption corner where the kids can redeem their book bugs cards on their own..


He’s very motivated to borrow more books but I told him he has to read the books we borrowed first..

P1 Orientation

This time round, the p1 registration was rather stress-free since my girl could register via Phase 1..

Before we knew it, it was P1 orientation.. Jocelle is rather adaptable so she was able to handle the situation rather independently.. she was to sit with her future classmates while the parents had to sit on chairs placed some distance behind the P1-to-be kids..

We tasked Jovan to take photos of his sister..

As you can see, she’s not worried at all.. after the principal addressed the kids and the parents, the PD head briefed the audience about some school rules and some performances, the kids proceeded to the ISH for a workout session.. I went up to wait for her while hubby went to the classroom to do the paperwork..

She was able to follow the instructions rather well and she seemed to be enjoying herself…


The man bought her uniform while I sent my boy for his enrichment.. Then, I let her try it in my staffroom when I got back…

Sigh.. They definitely looked oversized.. 😑

I’ll probably need to get someone to alter the skirt… 😅

I hope she’ll have fun in school next year and give me less headache than her brother did for the past two years…. 😅

Achievement unlocked

Saw a few friends sharing on different platforms that their kids got medals for being 6 months in advance of their peers at Kumon.. 

Was wondering if the Kumon centre they go to was awarding the medals to other kids when I recalled Jocelle leaving the centre 2 weeks ago with 2 medals.. 

On closer look, I realized she received a medal each for English and Mathematics. 

Jovan didn’t receive any but I’m ok with that.. haha.. cos I can see his improvement in his math.. He got 44/50 got his SA2, which I think is very good even though the paper is considered easy according to my colleague..

Tracking my son 

I was very upset with my son one day as he didn’t stay at the agreed meeting point after school and I had to search high and low for him for 20min.

Decided to get him this GPS enabled phone watch from Lazada at about S$27..

We got an M card and tried to set up the watch but the manual was incomprehensible.. The man almost wanted to give up and I was preparing to return the watch when he found this blog that helped him a lot and we finally got the watch to work.. 

It’s not a fantastic watch but I like that it doesn’t look like a phone.. We can set the phone book such that he can only call specific numbers set by us and we can set SOS numbers that he can call without alerting anyone.. we can send text and voice messages other than calling him.. We can also locate him although it’s not very accurate but at least we can roughly know the area he is in.. we can also monitor him without him knowing.. We can also silence the phone during school hours so he won’t be distracted during lessons.. Since he can’t play games on it, it’s purely a tool for us to contact him.. 

The best thing about this watch is that it’s a good motivation tool for him! I told him he wouldn’t be able to wear the watch if I hear complaints from any of his teachers and he told me he would look at the watch to remind himself to talk less in class and to behave.. he would also ask me if he could wear the watch every day and I would let him wear it only if he behaved.. Recently, his HCL teacher also told me he is more well-behaved in class.. I hope this incentive will work for a long long time!

For now, it’s a good gadget for me to contact him and it’s definitely value for money! 

Pearly whites 

Princess’ adult tooth couldn’t wait to emerge.. she had been talking about her classmates with shaky teeth and even about her teeth being shaky when we couldn’t find any..

Hubby discovered the new tooth on Saturday and was very concerned..

Coincidentally, I’ve made an appointment to see the dentist today.. According to the dentist, it’s quite common for kids at this age with adult teeth emerging and we should not worry too much.. I asked about whether her new tooth would be crooked and the dentist said as new teeth emerge, they will shift so we couldn’t be sure.. hopefully she won’t have to put braces in future… 

We’re praying hard that all will be well.. Fortunately, the dentist said her teeth are fine and she seemed to be brushing them well.. keep it up the good job, girl!