Joelle’s First Day of School

It was an exciting first day of school for the little one as she was going to start her formal education. It was easy to wake her up but we still had to rush a bit as I had to report by 6.50am. I still managed to take a photo of both of them before we set off..


All ready for school!

As I had my duties, I brought her to where her class should be at the basketball court, took a photo of her and went up to my staffroom.. She seemed all ready for what awaited her..


The chirpy girl…

I also managed to check on her during recess. For convenience, she would have bento from the different stalls for the first week at $2 each so she would not have to queue and buy her food during recess.



She seemed to be happy with her fishball noodles…

I managed to see her again when she was having a tour around the school…



I checked on her again while she was at her Nascans classroom. It was the first day she was attending the student care in our school… caught her when she was about to change into her Nascans t-shirt…


Finally, I went to see her while she was having lunch.. She was having chicken rice, which was the hot favourite among the pupils..


The day just flashed by and it was only when I reached home that I realised that she was wearing a boy’s shirt instead of a girl’s blouse.. Hubby bought the shirt right after the P1 orientation last November and I didn’t even realise that she was wearing the wrong shirt until she told me her friends teased her for being a boy because of what she was wearing.. What an embarrassing mistake, considering that I am a staff in the school… :p

I was glad that she was not really affected by it but I quickly tried to salvage the situation by asking a colleague to pass me her daughter’s blouses which she had outgrown the following day.. Fortunately, we only bought 1 shirt for her and my boy could still fit into it.. Phew! What a memorable day it was!