Achievement unlocked

Saw a few friends sharing on different platforms that their kids got medals for being 6 months in advance of their peers at Kumon.. 

Was wondering if the Kumon centre they go to was awarding the medals to other kids when I recalled Jocelle leaving the centre 2 weeks ago with 2 medals.. 

On closer look, I realized she received a medal each for English and Mathematics. 

Jovan didn’t receive any but I’m ok with that.. haha.. cos I can see his improvement in his math.. He got 44/50 got his SA2, which I think is very good even though the paper is considered easy according to my colleague..


Tracking my son 

I was very upset with my son one day as he didn’t stay at the agreed meeting point after school and I had to search high and low for him for 20min.

Decided to get him this GPS enabled phone watch from Lazada at about S$27..

We got an M card and tried to set up the watch but the manual was incomprehensible.. The man almost wanted to give up and I was preparing to return the watch when he found this blog that helped him a lot and we finally got the watch to work.. 

It’s not a fantastic watch but I like that it doesn’t look like a phone.. We can set the phone book such that he can only call specific numbers set by us and we can set SOS numbers that he can call without alerting anyone.. we can send text and voice messages other than calling him.. We can also locate him although it’s not very accurate but at least we can roughly know the area he is in.. we can also monitor him without him knowing.. We can also silence the phone during school hours so he won’t be distracted during lessons.. Since he can’t play games on it, it’s purely a tool for us to contact him.. 

The best thing about this watch is that it’s a good motivation tool for him! I told him he wouldn’t be able to wear the watch if I hear complaints from any of his teachers and he told me he would look at the watch to remind himself to talk less in class and to behave.. he would also ask me if he could wear the watch every day and I would let him wear it only if he behaved.. Recently, his HCL teacher also told me he is more well-behaved in class.. I hope this incentive will work for a long long time!

For now, it’s a good gadget for me to contact him and it’s definitely value for money! 

Pearly whites 

Princess’ adult tooth couldn’t wait to emerge.. she had been talking about her classmates with shaky teeth and even about her teeth being shaky when we couldn’t find any..

Hubby discovered the new tooth on Saturday and was very concerned..

Coincidentally, I’ve made an appointment to see the dentist today.. According to the dentist, it’s quite common for kids at this age with adult teeth emerging and we should not worry too much.. I asked about whether her new tooth would be crooked and the dentist said as new teeth emerge, they will shift so we couldn’t be sure.. hopefully she won’t have to put braces in future… 

We’re praying hard that all will be well.. Fortunately, the dentist said her teeth are fine and she seemed to be brushing them well.. keep it up the good job, girl!