I love my son!

Yes, I love my dear son and he sure knows it! This is what my colleague sent to me today.. Haha..

Nope, I don’t tie my hair like that.. Haha..


Pokemon Go Go Go

I’ve read about the game and heard rumours that the game would be banned in Singapore but I didn’t think too much about it until I saw a friend posting a photo on FB on 6 Aug showing the first Pokemon he caught..

Out of curiosity, I searched for the game on App Store and downloaded it.. Then I realized that the game was launched on that day.. 

I didn’t really know how to play the game so I just tried to catch the Pokemon that appeared along the way while hubby was driving.. Before I knew it, I’ve used up all my pokeballs! I didn’t know what to do next until my friend shared that I could get more pokeballs by visiting Pokestops.. Ok, so I found a Pokestop, which was the giant snowman at Vivo.. Ok, I didn’t really read what the Professor told me to do so I simply stood beside the snowman like an idiot wondering why nothing happened.. 😁

After I explored the app and found the ‘?’, I realized that I have to spin the picture to get pokeballs, I went back to the Pokestop to get some pokeballs.. Haha.. Now, I know I have to visit as many pokestops as possible to collect as many pokeballs as possible cos I usually wasted several pokeballs before I could catch the Pokemons.. And to add to that, some Pokemons could actually break free from the pokeballs! 

Yesterday, my sister actually gave my boy a tip that if you switch the AR off, it’ll be easier to catch the Pokemons as they would stay still for you to aim the pokeballs at them.. I guess she wanted to save her pokeballs as my boy who was helping to catch Pokemons on her phone had been wasting loads of her pokeballs due to this poor marksmanship.. Haha..

The AR is fun though cos I could take photos of my kids with the Pokemons.. The first one I took was at the swimming pool where I was relaxing by the pool while my kids played..

Then I decided to take more photos of them with the Pokemons for fun..

Ok.. I’ve used one incense at my own home which is a dry area, hoping to attract some Pokemons but was told that I had to walk around in order to find Pokemons.. That’s one incense wasted since I caught nothing in that half an hour as I was sitting at the dining table the whole time.. Hmm..

Noticed that I have 2 different user names? Hee.. I decided to sign in with a different gmail account as I found out that I could catch Pikachu if I ignored the first few Pokemons I encountered.. It was a waste as I was at level 9 already but I soon realized I should be able to level up quite fast so I might as well do it now or later.. And there! I found an XL Pikachu!

I learnt quite a bit from my sis too as she crazier about catching Pokemons than me.. Haha.. I could transfer the extra Pidgeys, Zubats and Psyducks for candies to evolve my Pokemons to earn more XPs.. And I could discard potions to have more room in my back for pokeballs.. 

I also allowed my kids to play the game when it’s safe.. I guess the reports about people getting into accidents because of the game caused many people to hate the game.. But honestly speaking, as one who has tried playing the game, I don’t think it’s as dangerous as some people think it is. We just have to be responsible while playing the game and play the game with care.. 

It’s unthinkable how one can fall into the waters or stop in the middle of the road while playing the game as I didn’t have to do that.. I could still catch the Pokemons while the car was moving so even if you find a Pokemon in front of you, you can still keep walking as the Pokemon will still be in front of you as you walk.. Of course we should be mindful of our surroundings while playing as 2 adults stopped cycling suddenly when they spotted a Pokemon and almost caused us to crash into them when we were at East Coast Park last Sunday.
So, be responsible and conscious of your surroundings and you should be able to enjoy the game! Another benefit of this game is that it’s getting people to exercise outdoors! So haters, get outdoors and try out the game before you make any judgement..