Hobart June 2016 Part 3

img_4087We drove about close to 2 hours before we reached Port Arthur.. It started raining before we reached and was still raining when we reached..

We had lunch at the cafe before we decided which tour to join.. They have ghost tours which I think would not be suitable for the kids..

The general tour includes a cruise and a guided tour plus entry to all the buildings so we settled for that..

It was still raining when it was time for our harbour cruise and as we had to walk a long way to board the ship, we had to put on our ponchos..

The rain made it impossible to see where the guide was pointing to so we didn’t see much.. We took it as a leisure ride to shelter ourselves from the rain.. Haha.. Dennis even suggested that we should just stay on the boat and not leave until it stopped raining.. Of course, we didn’t do that!

When we returned to shore, it was still raining.. We joined the guided tour but had to take cover while the guide gave us some brief history about Port Arthur.. Port Arthur was set up as a prison for convicts to undergo training to become useful people again.. The prison was for adults and boys to be educated and trained in skills that would be useful for them to find employment..

It was a beautiful place that would be nice to live in if it were not a prison.. We spent the rest of the day exploring the various buildings in the area..

We learnt that the convicts grew to love the place and settled there even after their term was over.. I guess I would too..

After the tour, we brought the kids to the indoor discovery area where they had to find the convicts that matched the cards they were given..

There were still people streaming in and I guess they were all there for the ghost tours.. We snacked and relaxed a bit before we made our long journey back.. It was an informative trip..

Tomorrow, we are going to explore the Salamanca Market.. Again, we’re praying for good weather!


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