Hobart June 2016 Part 2

We started our day early and headed to Ida Bay Bush Railway.. It was a 2-hour train ride and there were 2 timings – 10am and 12.30pm.

We reached our destination at about 11 plus and decided to get our tickets first.. We got the tickets from the little cafe where we had our lunch.. We saw a book which they placed outside the cafe.. They were petitioning to get state funds to help maintain the railway..

It started drizzling as we were eating but the rain stopped when we were done.. We walked around to explore the area while waiting for the train..

We soon boarded the tram and started on our journey after the driver gave us a briefing of what to expect.. There were fleece blankets in the train in case we felt cold along the journey..

We saw a rainbow as soon as we were on the way! Seems like we see rainbows more easily in Australia than in Singapore as we also saw one when we went to Perth last June..

We stopped for a while near the tombs of the original owners of the railway.. I didn’t pay much attention actually.. 😁

We explored the beach for a while..

We also took a group photo before we continued on the train ride..

The rest of the journey made us drowsy.. The rocking and noise of the train as well as the cool breeze made me doze off a few times.. But it’s a relaxing ride..

It was close to 3pm when we were done so we decided to explore the Hastings Caves which was nearby.. It was supposed to be closed at 4pm..

We took a short drive over and were lucky that we managed to catch the last tour which would start at 3.15pm..

The Newdegate Cave which we went to seemed smaller than the one we went to in Perth.. I’m impressed by how the Australians take care of the caves.. We were told not to touch any of the formations as the natural oil secretion from our hands would ‘kill’ the formations..

The only one we could touch was a quarter of a century years old..

After exploring the cave, we made our way back to our house.. Along the way, we bought some groceries and had porridge for dinner..

Tomorrow, we would be exploring Port Arthur..


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