Hobart June 2016

We arrived in Hobart on a rainy day after bidding Sydney goodbye.. We rented a Kia Carnival which was enough for us and our 5 pieces of luggage..

We collected the keys to the apartment from a real estate staff before we had our lunch.. The owner of the house we rented via Airbnb was based in Hong Kong..

We had Japanese food at an eatery before we made our way to Coles to get some groceries before we drove to the apartment.. It was huge and the kids were immediately playing at the play area the moment the found it at the basement..

We prepared a simple meal of porridge, vegetables, chicken kebab and omelette..

Then we planned what we wanted to do the next day..

We woke up to a beautiful view from the balcony..

We then drove about 2 hours to Tahune Airwalk.. Along the way, we stopped by Petty Sessons Jetty for a toilet break.. 

We continued on the windy road and reached Tahune Airwalk at about 11.30am..

We joined the guided tour at 12pm..

The tour lasted about 1.5h and the kids were all complaining of hunger towards the end.. We had our lunch at the cafe before we went to try out the Cable Eagle Hang Glider.. We paid $99 for the 4 of us for both the walk and the hang gliding.. It was a fun and cold experience and we all enjoyed it! Jovan was the only kid to try it as the minimum weight of each glider is 25kg..

After that, we rushed to the Swinging Bridge as the journey to and fro was about 1 hour and it was already 3.10pm, 50min to closing time.. I’m glad we managed to make it and it was a great workout for all! The bridge was shaky as we crossed it but the kids were not afraid.. They were even jumping on it to shake it! 😅

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and the damage was about a hundred dollars.. The plain omelette was $18 and we couldn’t bear to order it! Haha.. A packet of 12 eggs was only $4.80!

After that, we went back and planned for our activities the following day.. Praying for good weather!


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