Sydney June 2016 Part 2

The weather was great today and we kind of regretted not booking for a tour to Blue Mountains.. 

We had no choice but to return to Darling Harbour again as we thought of visiting the Sea Life Aquarium there.. 

Since the weather was good, we thought we should do some outdoor activities 1st so we checked out the water taxis..

The cruise lasted about an hour and at the end of it, we were all very cold..

After the cruise, we headed to the Sea Life Aquarium.. We checked out the website and bought tickets to both the Sea Life Aquarium and the Sydney Wildlife Zoo at AUD$165 as it was cheaper than if we were to buy the tickets off the counter (AUD$40/adult and AUD$28/child for each attraction). It was about 3.30pm when we got our tickets..

We went to the zoo first as it closes at 5pm.. We thought the aquarium closes at 7pm.. We also thought the zoo would be small and that we could finish going around in an hour or so.. 

Sigh.. We left the zoo at about 5.10pm after Jocelle did her business and realized that the aquarium would be closed at 6pm that day and the last entry was at 5pm! We were so close! Sigh.. We tried to talked to the staff to let us just go in since we were leaving the next day.. They spoke to their superior but was told they could only extend our tickets for one more day.. We had to catch a flight to Hobart the next day at 11.10am so it’s impossible for us to utilize the tickets.. I guess we shouldn’t have been so ambitious.. Anyway, lesson learnt.. We need to check the opening hours more carefully… 😑

We then waited for the Vivid Sydney light show to begin.. But as it was too cold, we didn’t stay for too long.. We went back to finish our food and packed up as much as we could as we had to set off early the next day.. I guess that’s all for Sydney this time.. 😔


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