Getting Wet in Sydney

It’s been 2 days of wet weather in Sydney.. We had been hoping for the best but it seems like the weather will be wet throughout our stay here.. 

Last night, we went to Darling Harbour after lunch.. We wanted to wait for the rain to stop but we decided to just brave the rain and leave the apartment.. We took the train and walked a bit before we reached around 4 plus.. 

We hung around there for a while and waited for the Vivid Sydney light show to begin at 6pm..

While waiting, the kids asked to try the Ferris Wheel.. The 7 of us squeezed into one capsule..

After our ride, we walked a bit more but found out that the light show had been cancelled due to the bad weather.. Most locals told us this extended period of rain was unexpected.. Sigh.. Guess our luck wasn’t so good.. We decided to call it a day and made our way back..

Today, it was still raining when we set off.. We wanted to check out Sydney Opera House and The Rocks.. The rain was very heavy when we reached Martin Place Station..  We had to use ponchos to prevent ourselves from getting drenched.. Because of the heavy rain, we decided to have our lunch at McDonalds..We then booked a Sydney Opera House tour at an agency but realized we could have gotten a cheaper package if we bought a family package at $95 for 2A2C instead of paying $37/adult and $20/child.. Think that lady could have suggested this option for us..😑

Along the way, we took some photos with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in our background..

Anyway, we started our tour at 3pm and it lasted for an hour.. Quite an insightful tour, I think..

After the tour, we walked over to The Rocks to check out the shops.. The rain was relentless.. Sigh.. We took a break at an eatery where the kids had some pasta while we enjoyed a slice of cake and some hot drinks..

We walked around and waited for the light show which we were told had been delayed due to some technical issues.. After waiting for a while, we finally caught the show which was supposed to be on from 6-11pm daily.. 

As the rain was getting heavier, we decided to make our way back..

We saw the light show at Customs House.. 

We wanted to take the train back but was told that the we had to take a Train Replacement Bus to Bondi Junction where our apartment is due to a fallen tree on the train tracks.. The lady who informed us about this also told us this heavy storm was unexpected..

We then took a free bus service back and I’m glad the kids were still chirpy..

Sigh.. It’s been too wet and disappointing.. We most probably can’t make it to the Blue Mountains.. Let’s pray for better weather tomorrow! 


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