Birthday Weekend 2016

This year, my birthday falls on a Saturday.. But since the kids got an invite from Becky for a sleepover at Festive Hotel on 27 May, hubby planned something on Friday night..

He had actually made a reservation for dinner at Loving Hut at Joo Chiat but since the kids had piano till 5.45pm and we had to drop the kids off at Festive Hotel, we decided to shift the dinner to Sat.. So we ended up having dinner with Denise, Wendy and her hubby, as well as the kids at the Korean Food Street at RWS.. A wise decision since we didn’t have to rush and there was a good variety of food which were yummy!

These were some photos Denise took.. The kids were definitely well entertained!After we sent Denise and the kids back to their room, we went on an atas movie date on Friday night.. Hee.. We went to Vivo Gold Class to watch X-Men: Apocalypse..

Hee..As I had MTP on Friday, I dozed off at one point during the show.. Hee.. But fortunately I didn’t miss much.. I find the show better than Civil War and of course much better than Batman Vs Superman.. The storyline was much better and it was action-packed! The show ended after midnight and when we reached our car park, hubby handed me my birthday present.. I kinda guessed what it was but the box was heavy and big so I was not very sure until I unwrapped the box.. It was another Apple toy to add to my collection! Hee..

Cool, right? Hee.. I couldn’t wait to explore its functions but I was too tired after a long day so I just charged it for a while..

Of course I had to wear it the next day when I met up with Denise, Wendy and the kids the following day at USS! The kids were well-fed before we met up with them..

We had a long and tiring but fun day at USS and decided to upgrade to season pass!

The kids wanted to swim with Becky and her classmate at pool at Festive Hotel but we didn’t have much time as the upgrading to our season passes took a while.. In the end, we let them take a dip in the pool for about 15min before we made our way home to shower..

We then made our way to Joo Chiat and along the way, all of us dozed off except the driver.. Hee.. I think he was trying to keep himself awake too.. Poor man!

There was quite a variety of food and we over ordered again.. 😁

The kids had kids’ meal vege penne which they both loved and a clear garden soup which we found quite bland.. The kids’ meal came with an apple juice too..

We ordered their Royal Satay ($12.90) to share.. It was good and very filling!I ordered Tomyum soup ($12.90) which was yummy!! It came with a bowl of rice which I couldn’t finish.Hubby’s Penang laksa was rather disappointing though.. Hubby also ordered a coconut drink to cool him down..I was stuffed but the kids insisted that there must be a cake on my birthday so we ordered a slice of chocolate cheese pie.. They even asked for a candle! Hee..

Had a good time this birthday weekend and I’m counting my blessings every day to have these lovely people in my life! Happy birthday to me!! 😉


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