March Holiday Activities Part 4

Today, Jocelle had to go to the ccc again as we signed her up for Batik Painting from 9.30-11.30am.. 

I bought tickets to the Disney on Ice in the evening at 7pm and thought of bringing them to the ice skating rink.. However, I was lazy so just spent the day doing some work.. Jovan wanted porridge for lunch so we ate at home.. We picked the girl at 4 plus so she could change at home.. We then left home at about 5pm so we could have enough time to eat and maybe shop around.. The kids were excited about the show and of course kept badgering me to buy the toys and stuff there.. Sigh, the merchandise were all very expensive so I didn’t get them anything.. I don’t think it’s worth it at all.. 

We saw many girls in their princess dresses and I was glad I didn’t dress the girl up like a princess.. Hee.. No princess dream for her.. Anyway, we found our seat quite easily and I’m glad I got the Cat 2 tix.. Our seats were actually not bad..  

 I bought popcorn for them at $7 to keep their mouths occupied! Haha.. The show started at 7pm sharp although there were people who started walking to their seats way past 7pm.. Hmm.. 

It was really quite a nice show with 4 stories presented, namely The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast and finally, Frozen.

There was an intermission after Rapunzel and I let the kids go to the washroom on their own.. I’m glad they knew the way back to our seats! Frozen was the highlight and when Elsa was singing Let it Go, I saw many girls in their Elsa gown dancing to the music.. Jocelle was singing along loudly too! Didn’t take many photos cos I didn’t bring my camera along.. Only zoomed in with my iPhone 6 at times cos some of the characters were so cute.. Haha.. I’ll just share some lousy shots of the show here..  



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