March Holiday Activities Part 4

Today, Jocelle had to go to the ccc again as we signed her up for Batik Painting from 9.30-11.30am.. 

I bought tickets to the Disney on Ice in the evening at 7pm and thought of bringing them to the ice skating rink.. However, I was lazy so just spent the day doing some work.. Jovan wanted porridge for lunch so we ate at home.. We picked the girl at 4 plus so she could change at home.. We then left home at about 5pm so we could have enough time to eat and maybe shop around.. The kids were excited about the show and of course kept badgering me to buy the toys and stuff there.. Sigh, the merchandise were all very expensive so I didn’t get them anything.. I don’t think it’s worth it at all.. 

We saw many girls in their princess dresses and I was glad I didn’t dress the girl up like a princess.. Hee.. No princess dream for her.. Anyway, we found our seat quite easily and I’m glad I got the Cat 2 tix.. Our seats were actually not bad..  

 I bought popcorn for them at $7 to keep their mouths occupied! Haha.. The show started at 7pm sharp although there were people who started walking to their seats way past 7pm.. Hmm.. 

It was really quite a nice show with 4 stories presented, namely The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast and finally, Frozen.

There was an intermission after Rapunzel and I let the kids go to the washroom on their own.. I’m glad they knew the way back to our seats! Frozen was the highlight and when Elsa was singing Let it Go, I saw many girls in their Elsa gown dancing to the music.. Jocelle was singing along loudly too! Didn’t take many photos cos I didn’t bring my camera along.. Only zoomed in with my iPhone 6 at times cos some of the characters were so cute.. Haha.. I’ll just share some lousy shots of the show here..  



March Holiday Activities Part 3

On Thursday, I brought the boy to the library to read some Chinese books so he could complete his Chinese Book Record Worksheet.. While he was reading, I marked.. Quite a good way to spend our time.. When it’s lunch time, the boy again asked for Subway so we went to Vivo again. After that, we went home to rest for a while.. I’ve actually purchased tickets for the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at NUS for entry after 4pm.. We got a 20% discount by paying with MasterCard so it was about $27 for the three of us..

We picked the girl at 3plus and proceeded to the museum.. Parking was ok.. Not too crowded.. We parked at Carpark 3A which was just behind the museum.. It was not a big place but the kids were excited to see the exhibits..  



Ok, the kids were posing with the sweets I bought for them, which was very rare as they were usually deprived of sweets and candies.. Haha..

I didn’t know there was an activity sheet the kids could complete but the kids were meaningfully occupied by the exhibits.. We found out that Jubi Lee, the sperm whale, was washed ashore our beach last year on Jovan’s birthday! I shared with them what were found in Jubi Lee’s stomach, how it was injured and how people kill whales for food.. It was a good opportunity to teach them not to litter to prevent the litter from ending up in the stomach of marine animals and killing them.. 

Of course, the skeletons of the dinosaurs were impressive although when compared to the Natural History Museum in London, they did not seem as big.. Hee.. But hey, we have one in our own backyard!

We spent about 1.5h in the museum and we didn’t read everything about every specimen.. There’s just too much information to digest! Maybe we can visit again when there’s a new exhibit?

After the museum visit, the kids asked to skate scoot.. When I asked them what they wanted for dinner, they requested for porridge.. I let them play for a while while I prepared dinner.. They had good fun playing at the playground too! They also enjoyed the dinner of simple porridge, broccoli, egg tofu and olive veggie.. Both were glad daddy wasn’t around to force them to eat chicken! Haha  

March Holiday Activities Part 2

It’s midweek of the holidays and the last day we can have fun as a family.. The kids went for an art class at Heart Studio in the morning.. The Chews and Tans also sent their kids for the same classes.. Brenda brought Stephanie’s kid, Sarah, along as Stephanie has just delivered her 2nd princess!  

 While the kids painted, we adults went to the Toast Box at Heartland Mall to chitchat.. It was so nice to catch up after the crazy term..

We went back to pick the kids and we’re happy to see the cheery kids with their beautiful products.. All of them looked proud of their work! 

 Hubby had to send his mum for a medical appointment so we joined the rest for lunch at Aston’s at Safra Toa Payoh.. We then took Harold’s car back as the kids had piano lessons.. 

For dinner, I made some glutinous dumplings from scratch! I even made them with peanut and sesame fillings! I’m so proud of myself! Hee.. The kids were happy to have them for dinner instead of proper food! πŸ˜…

For myself, I had an instant cup noodle for dinner.. That’s all for today! Tmr, I’ll be left with the kids on my own.. 

March Holiday Activities Part 1

This was not the type of holiday I wanted.. Couldn’t go anywhere cos the man had to go for P5 camp from Thursday to Saturday.. 

On Monday, the girl went to her ccc as we signed her up for Mr Postman.. The ccc brought them to the Philatelic Museum to find out how the postal services in Singapore was and is like now..

The 3 of us didn’t do much other than work in the morning.. We decided to go out for lunch after 1 plus.. We wanted to explore Tiong Bahru and came across this mural at block 74.. We had to pose for some photos.. Haha..
 It is such a realistic and nostalgic mural..

After that, we continued to look for something to eat.. In the end, we went to Subway at Vivo for lunch.. Duh.. I know, right? Haha.. The man suddenly had a headache and we decided to have a quick and simple lunch so he could go back and rest.. I continued with my work before we picked the girl up for dinner at a nearby food centre.. 

On Tuesday, I had to go back to school so hubby brought the kids to Safra for a swim in the morning.. We then met up for at home.. The kids and the man brought their skate scooters and we headed off too East Coast for a late lunch at St Marc bakery.. 

We then proceeded to The Road Safety park where the kids had some fun scooting away.. We talked about how we used to go to the park when we were young and how it’s has become a white elephant now.. I even suggested that I should come up with a proposal to develop the place into a proper theme park.. Hee.. Let’s see if anyone can beat me to it! 😝

The kids wanted to cycle so we went back home to get their bicycles and brought the kids to Labrador Park to cycle.. We’re really too free, right?

Guess what? We went back to East Coast again after that cos I wanted to check out Diggersite, a temporary site where kids can try their hands on operating excavators.. It’s really a small place..

 It’s not cheap.. Each token cost $8 and each try last only 5min.. They sell 3 tokens at $18 so we bought 3 tokens 1st.. We bought another token so each of them can try 2 different machines..    


They wanted to try the 3rd machine but we didn’t allow as we told them initially that they could only choose 2.. Hee.. They had no choice.. 😈 They have to learn that we can’t have everything in life.. 

We then ended the day with dinner at Burger King.. 

Jocelle is 6!!

My princess is 6 today! I made arrangements at work so I could have the afternoon free..

Left school almost immediately after the bell has gone. We stopped by NTUC to get some disposable plates and cutlery.. Hubby was home when we reached home.. We rushed to collect the cake after Jovan had a few mouthfuls of curry rice that he had packed from school..

I was shocked that the ice cream cake I collected was not printed with the Sofia the 1st designed that I had chosen.. I was very upset and worried that my girl will be upset as we brought her the Sofia dress that she had requested. 

[backstory] I’ve placed my order for a Sofia cake after taking some time to choose the design for the cake. While the staff was keying in my order, I changed my mind and told them I wanted design 2211.. The staff happily said they could change for me. After I paid and collected my receipt, I didn’t double check.. πŸ˜“ I didn’t realize that the design number was keyed in as 2111 instead of 2211!! Luckily 2111 is Stunning Princesses design which had 6 Disney princesses and not a Transformers or Spider-Man design!!

I was super upset and worried and the moment I saw my girl, I explained to her that I’ve ordered the wrong cake for her.. She didn’t show any signs of disappointment at all! Phew! What a relief! After that, we started getting ready for her celebration…   

After the celebration, we left Jocelle for her swimming lesson and brought Elyssa home with us.. She looked at us longingly and seemed to be expecting us to bring her home.. Haha.. We had to grant her the wish, right?

We rested for a while before meeting up with my siblings for dinner at Swenson’s again!  We ordered another cake for her and this design is the one I initially wanted!!

 We had an overdose of ice cream today! Couldn’t finish it so we packed the remaining cake home.. When I got home, I realized that I actually could have gotten the cakes at a 20% discount cos my two kids are both the Kids Club members! What a waste!! πŸ™„