V Day 2016

Didn’t expect much today as the man is not one who’s romantic..

But he surprised me when I came out of my shower with this.. 
We then went for at late lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, Herbivore, at Fortune Centre.. 

After lunch, we went to Sentosa to fly… Hee..


Son and I had great fun while the man and daughter watched on.. I actually gave the man an iFly treat on his birthday last year.. Hee.. We will probably try again when Jocelle turns 7, which is the minimum age for the experience..

After that, we went to my mum’s place to have another Lohei as it’s the 7th day of the lunar new year, which is 人日, a day Chinese consider to be everyone’s birthday.. My bro and youngest sis didn’t join us as they had their own programmes.. 

That’s an eventful day..

ps: I did get the man a set of wallet and key pouch some time ago so I told hubby that’s considered his V Day gift! 😝


CNY 2016 – Day 6

Went back to my mum’s place on Sat as my 3rd aunt and her family was there.. They didn’t go on the 1st day as they went to a chalet at D’Kranji resort.. 

We had lots to eat.. I collected the DIY popiah and kueh pie ti sets at SmithStreet before making my way there..

We let the kids gamble a little.. Haha.. For the fun of it.. And cos it’s CNY.. Hee.. 

 Then we celebrated Nigel’s birthday..   

 We then had our first Lohei!

 This is the first day of the CNY this year that I felt festive.. Haha..