Princess’ Ice Skating Party @ The Rink

We had an advanced birthday party for the girl last night.. I had been too busy at work to plan for this so I only started planning less than 2 weeks in advance.. 

Wanted to try POLW but there was no available slot this weekend. I was too late.. Tried searching and found that The Rink at JCube has a 2-hour party package. Since my kids had never tried real ice skating before and they’ve always told us they were keen, I thought this would be a good idea. One advantage is that it is indoor so we won’t be affected by the weather..

We reached the place slightly after 7pm but the car park was full.. An alternative parking would be at the HDB car park.. 

Anyway, once all the kids arrived, a party host gave them a briefing to teach them how to stand up when they fall..  They also did some stretching exercises..

The kids couldn’t wait to enter the rink! 

 We rented a few penguins for the kids who couldn’t skate..  


The kids had great fun at the rink with the supervision of a few of the staff.. 

 After about half an hour, we got the kids back into the party room for the cake cutting ceremony..



 After the cake cutting ceremony and some snacks, the kids hit the rink again.. We took a (dozen) group photo(s) before some of them left..  

 I think the kids had great fun on the rink while the adults had a great time chit chatting.. Overall, I think this is a great and cool venue for a birthday party!! The kids have been bugging us to bring them back again! πŸ˜‰


1st Ballet Performance!

We just received 2 notifications from Jocelle’s ballet school today.. The first is to inform us that she will be promoted to Grade 1 in Term 2  

The second one is to inform us that the school will be having their Annual Dance Performance in September.  

 For the past 2 years, Jocelle was always not keen to take part and we did not push her to take part as they were all scheduled during the September school holidays when we would usually be away on a short trip..

This year, the notification seems to be given much earlier and since the performance is based on my darling’s favourite Princess – Sleeping Beauty, we didn’t even have to try to convince her! She just informed us that she’s going to participate in the performance!! I can’t wait to see her performance!! 😊


Son passed this to me today.. 
Just a simple note but it’s so heartwarming.. He decorated the note with some drawings.. Try to spot these items: mandarin oranges, a red packet, a baby cot with ‘him’ on it and a mini bowl of porridge..

Haha.. Have I been under feeding him?? 😝

V Day 2016

Didn’t expect much today as the man is not one who’s romantic..

But he surprised me when I came out of my shower with this.. 
We then went for at late lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, Herbivore, at Fortune Centre.. 

After lunch, we went to Sentosa to fly… Hee..


Son and I had great fun while the man and daughter watched on.. I actually gave the man an iFly treat on his birthday last year.. Hee.. We will probably try again when Jocelle turns 7, which is the minimum age for the experience..

After that, we went to my mum’s place to have another Lohei as it’s the 7th day of the lunar new year, which is δΊΊζ—₯, a day Chinese consider to be everyone’s birthday.. My bro and youngest sis didn’t join us as they had their own programmes.. 

That’s an eventful day..

ps: I did get the man a set of wallet and key pouch some time ago so I told hubby that’s considered his V Day gift! 😝

CNY 2016 – Day 6

Went back to my mum’s place on Sat as my 3rd aunt and her family was there.. They didn’t go on the 1st day as they went to a chalet at D’Kranji resort.. 

We had lots to eat.. I collected the DIY popiah and kueh pie ti sets at SmithStreet before making my way there..

We let the kids gamble a little.. Haha.. For the fun of it.. And cos it’s CNY.. Hee.. 

 Then we celebrated Nigel’s birthday..   

 We then had our first Lohei!

 This is the first day of the CNY this year that I felt festive.. Haha..

Legoland Feb 2016

We popped over to Legoland Malaysia the weekend before CNY.. Since the first day of CNY is on Monday, I ‘jio’ my siblings for a 3D2N stay at the Legoland Hotel..

Depending on the room type, the hotel stay cost RM2500-2860 for a 2-night stay.. We bought 2-day combo theme park tickets online at RM225 for adults and RM180 for kids and seniors.. We also bought online dinner at RM95 each.. It’s not cheap but I guess it’s a treat for all of us since we were all busy at work the past month.. 

We planned to leave home at 3pm to avoid the jam but  only left home at about 4pm as the kids took forever to finish their Subway lunch.. When we were nearing the customs, we were shocked to see the jam..


The crawling traffic..

Guess everyone had the same thought about leaving home at that time..  It took us about 5 hours to reach the hotel!! 

The rooms were based on different themes and each theme took up a different floor..   

By the time we reached, it was about 9.45pm and the restaurant was closed so we decided to order room service.. 

Meanwhile, the kids had fun watching tv while I took some photos of the room..

Relaxing on the bunk bed while watching tv shows

 My sisters commented that the bed looked bigger than a normal king-size but I thought otherwise.. So we asked hubby to lie down on the bed for me to take a photo for comparison..

 Food finally arrived at 11 plus.. 

Late dinner

After a filling dinner, we called it a day as the kids were getting sleepy.. Conclusion about the food: it’s safer to order local dishes.. 

We started off day 2 with a good breakfast at the Bricks restaurant. We met a Lego mascot at the lift lobby..

There was a great variety of food and we all had a filling breakfast..  


We had planned to visit the water theme park at 9.30am as hotel guests could enter the parks half an hour earlier than the public..

But with kids, things don’t always go as planned.. Em bought the ticket for Elly but it was unnecessary. Kids under 3 just had to pay RM11 and you’d get 2 swimming diapers.. We went to refund the tix we bought earlier and by the time we entered the park, it was about 11am..

 We decided to rent a cabana at RM300.. You get a discount of RM50 if you are an annual pass holder. Rental included 2 towels and some bottled drinks. There was a locker and a fridge to put our drinks. We thought it would be more bearable for my mum who was tasked to take care of our stuff.. Haha.. There’s a ceiling fan to cool us down.. We tried out the lazy pool 1st and mum was tasked to photos..

Then, the kids had great fun at the playground..

Some of us (the guys and I) went to try out the slides while Audry and Emily helped to look after the kids.. We also tried the wave pool which seemed bigger than the one in Adventure Cove.. The waves were not as strong though.. 

At about 4 plus, I suggested that we go to the Legoland Theme Park to try out some rides as we would be leaving early the next day.. 

We managed to try some rides and the kids managed to have some driving fun at the 2 driving schools.. Jovan is now old enough to try the driving school..   

 Emily also tried to drive a boat…

After that, we called it a day as we were all tired.. We then met up for dinner.. All the tables were lined with drawing paper for the kids to entertain themselves.. I also saw some adults coluring the pictures..    

 The men were excited to know that there was BBQ food! I didn’t eat much as I didn’t feel hungry.. 

When the kids started getting restless, I brought them to the castle in front of the reception to play with the Lego blocks..   


  After a while, we called it a day! It was a long day and the kids had great fun!

On our last day, we had initially planned to wake up earlier to bring the kids to the pool in the hotel.. We wanted to bring them to the water theme park again but decided it was too much of a hassle..

But the weather was not too good.. It was drizzling early in the morning so we decided to just head to the theme park after checking out.. We could get a rebate for the parking charges which was RM50/entry..

The rain got heavier after we loaded our stuff into the car so we went to the nearby Medini mall to wait for the rain to stop.. The kids had some fun on the kiddy rides which cost RM3/ride.. That’s so much cheaper than what we have at home! 

 Once the rain stopped, we entered the park..

Of cos, we had to take a group photo before we entered..  

Then, we stopped by the Star Wars model display and more..


We left the park at about 4.45pm and left the car park at about 5.10pm so we could still make it for reunion dinner at my in-laws’ place.. The traffic back as rather smooth as expected which was a good thing..

That’s the end of our short getaway.. I like it that we didn’t have to queue for long for the slides and rides.. Maybe we can go back again some day.. πŸ˜‰