The kids can cycle!

Last week, we brought the kids to cycle downstairs.. The training wheels for Jovan’s bicycle had been removed and Jocelle requested for hers to be removed.. Jovan was able to cycle for a few seconds while Jocelle was still struggling.. As we were meeting Emily for dinner, the kids didn’t have much time to cycle..

Today, hubby brought them down to cycle while I tried to clear some marking.. And yes, they finally learnt how to cycle!!

I remember I only learnt to cycle at 9! Jovan is only 7+ while Jocelle is 5+! Well done, kids!! Mummy is so proud of both of you!! 😘😘


No gadgets

We seldom watch tv at home unless we have guests.. We also don’t let the kids play with iPads or iPhones at home.. They’re too busy during school term and we are seldom at home during weekends and holidays so they don’t have the habit of playing with gadgets.. 

We bought a laptop recently so that my boy can do his Koobits and activities on McOnline this year..   They were happily exploring the features of the Star Wars edition laptop..

We let the boy explore the laptop for a while before we left for our gathering.. He’s a happy boy!!

After our gathering, we reached home at about 10pm.. When I came out of my shower, I was pleased to see them reading quietly.. 

 We’ll see how long we can delay their addiction to gadgets.. 😝

Happy new year!!

Today, we had a gathering at the Chews.. The Tohs couldn’t join us so there were only the Tans and Laus together with my family.. 

We went there after lunch and reached at about 3pm.. The kids made themselves comfortable and started playing Nerf guns in the room.. Of cos, the ‘hoverboard’ that the Chews bought recently was a hot item.. The adults chatted while the kids played in the room.. 

Brenda made reservations at Melben Seafood restaurant near their place.. It’s apparently a very popular place to go as there was a long queue for walk-ins and even though she made a reservation, we had to wait for a while..

The kids took one table while we occupied the other.. Thankfully the kids are old enough to feed themselves.. We simply served them fried rice and some other dishes as we ate.. The kids had a good time playing games while eating.. I think they really enjoyed one another’s company.. 

After dinner, we went to try some chendol which I think is on par with those sold in Malacca.. The gula melaka serving was generous, the chendol was soft and the red beans were big and sweet.. We bought 4 to share as we were all rather full..   

When we were bidding one another goodbye, the kids were reluctant to leave and some even suggested staying.. Of cos, we didn’t allow that or Brenda would go crazy!! Lol..

It was a great 1st day of 2016.. Let’s hope the new year will be filled with lotsa love, joy and blessings!!

Have a BEARY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Cheers!! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ»πŸΎ

Running PantsΒ 

This pair of pants had been ‘running’ around in my house..   

 When we got home from visiting my in-laws last night, I saw it on my bed.. Then I tried to recall where I had seen it earlier.. It was on my bed but on hubby’s side.. Earlier when I saw it, I thought he was going to change into it before we left home.. But he was not wearing that pair of berms that night.. Then it dawned on me that it was originally on my sofa after hubby told me that a button had fallen off..

It completely slipped my mind and hubby had been trying to put the pair of pants in my line of view so I could sew the button on for him.. πŸ˜“

Seems like someone is getting too reliant.. Anyway, it only took a few minutes to sew it on.. And I think he definitely has the ability to do it himself.. I guess that’s what wives are for? πŸ€”