Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay

My secondary friend who’s my AIA agent asked me if I wanna go to the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay and passed me 2 game cards..

We considered going on Christmas day but we were all too lazy and only met up for dinner.. We then decided to visit the place on Boxing Day after my kids’ enrichment..

We met Emily and family for brunch at Nassim Hill Bistro 1st..

The food was good and the serving was big.. After that, we made our way to Gardens by the Bay.. It was close to 4pm when we reached and we had to park at the Meadow car park as the other car parks were full..

We strolled to the Fairground area and it was not too crowded yet.. We found that the Carousel ride cost 5 tokens (=$10) each and a slide down Helter Skelter cost 4 tokens (=$8) each! It’s ridiculously costly! My BIL went to redeem 10 tokens using the 2 cards and bought another 5 tokens.. We decided to walk further in to explore other areas before we decide how we wanted to spend the pitiable 15 tokens we had.. 

We came across the AIA TrickArt area and decided to join the priority queue (by showing the game card) which was rather short at that time.. We didn’t have to wait long.. After taking the photo, we could just enter our email address for the photo to be sent to us..  

Could have done a better one.. Haha.. My sister was observing and she mentioned that the staff passed a stack of game cards to a Caucasian family.. After further observation, I realized that they gave the cards to every group which took a photo! Then I asked her to take a photo with her family too..   

After taking the photo, she was given some game cards too! Why didn’t we get any? I asked hubby to ask for the game cards but he refused to.. Sigh.. Men!

I went to a lady manning the laptop and told her I took a photo too but I didn’t receive any game cards.. She asked me how many people took the photo together and I said 4.. She passed me 32 game cards as each of us got 8 cards! Woohoo! I joked that I should have said there were 10 of us! Haha.. But of cos we must have integrity! 😁

Happily, we moved on to the redemption booth to redeem our tokens! We have 56 game cards among the 7 of us which meant $560 worth of tokens! 


When Audry joined us, we told them to take their photo to get 24 more game cards! Haha.. 

While they were taking their photo, we went around to let the kids try some rides.. They tried Helter Skelter 1st but Jocelle ended up crying as she disregarded the instruction to keep her hands off the side of the slides.. Sigh.. Think the slide was a little too fast for her and she wanted to slow herself down but was thrown off the mat she was supposed to be sitting on..  

Helter Skelter

After that, they went to try the Swinging Chairs which cost 4 tokens each..  

The adults tried our hands at some of the Carnival games.. To get the dragons, the darts we threw had to land on one or more cards.. To get minions, the balls we threw had to land in a pail.. To get the big teddy bear, we had to knock down some cans with 3 balls.. 

Check out how difficult it was!

  Each game cost 2 tokens and we had a whale of a time playing those games over and over again mainly because they were free! I would never pay so much to play these games with low probability of winning! But it’s different when it’s free! Haha.. We were super happy to be able to play for free and even planned to take another group photo at AIA TrickArt just to get more game cards! Haha.. 


 At the end of the day, the kids each got some soft toys to bring home..

We left for dinner around 8 and as we still had many tokens left, we decided to visit again to try the Ice Skating and Snow playground the next day.. Maybe we could also take another photo to get more game cards! Haha..


We had facial today so by the time we reached Meadow car park, it was after 4pm and the car park was full.. Meanwhile, my 2 sisters were queuing to get tickets for the Ice Skating (7 tokens each) and Snow Playground (6 tokens each)..

Hubby dropped me off while he drove around looking for a place to park.. He couldn’t make it for the ice skating.. So Emily joined Jovan and me.. 

When hubby finally joined us, my girl had won for herself a medium sized dragon..We played the games and let the kids take a ride on the carousel and swinging chairs again..

After that, the kids spent about half an hour in the snow playground..  

 We cleared all our tokens ($800 worth!) at the carnival games and left the place after 8.30pm..

What a tiring day it was but we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Haha..

These were our loot! 

 Am I glad I didn’t pay $800 for 7 soft toys! πŸ˜…


Year End Concert

My dear girl missed 2 rehearsals for her concert because we were away on our trip for 13 days..

She just went for her combined full dress rehearsal yesterday before her actual performance today.. 

The theme this year was ‘Our Christmas Story’ so it was rather Christmassy.. I took a photo of her before she went in to get ready..  

We dropped her off first before we made our way home as Jovan did not bring his Kumon worksheets to do while waiting.. Jocelle completed all her worksheets before the trip while this procrastinator was way behind.. He only completed 3 or 4 worksheets per subject during the trip so he had a lot to catch up.. I think boys really have problems focusing! It’s so exasperating! 😑😑

Anyway, we went back to let him complete some of the worksheets before we went back to the concert venue again..

The concert didn’t start on time, which was a good thing as hubby took some time finding a place to park.. 

She did us proud as she remembered all her steps! She could really shake! I took a video of her item and another of her singing the school song of their ccc.. I’ll just post the latter here..

She could really shake well, right? Haha.. 

After the finale, we picked her up and took a photo of her with her BFF..  

We then went to have some sandwiches and a brownie as we all skipped lunch! 😝

Time flies and next year I’ll most likely be watching her graduation concert around this time.. I hope she’ll enjoy herself in the ccc in 2016 before she starts attending a real school!