11th Anniversary Gift

It’s 7 days late but he mentioned that there was no stock.. Anyway, I just received my anniversary gift.. He said this will be easier for travel..  

He did say Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine’s Day.. So I replied that we should probably not buy anything for each other on these 2 special days so that we can save up for our condo.. Hee hee hee..

By the way, I love it!! Thanks, dear!! 😘😘


Taiwan Sept 2015 Part 6

It’s our last day here and the host prepared porridge for our breakfast..   

  We took a group photo before we left the place..
 We then moved on to the next stop..         

dessert time!

   The final stop before we leave for the airport is the Longteng Earthquake Collapsed bridge..

 After that, we stopped by a Japanese restaurant before we made our way to the airport.. It’s always fun to travel and it’s even more fun to travel with your loved ones.. We love Taiwan and there are still many places to explore in Taiwan.. We’ll see when we can explore other parts of Taiwan next time!  

Taiwan Sept 2015 Part 5

Today we went to a wooden sculpture factory for the kids to try painting a wooden sculpture each.. Each chose a sculpture they liked and were briefed on how to paint their sculpture..   

 It was really a therapeutic activity and the kids were proud of their work..

After that, we moved on to the Flying Cow Ranch for lunch..  

We explored the place and the kids had fun feeding the animals..  



Before we left, we redeemed a bottle of milk each..

Our darlings

We stopped by at the Gaomei Wetlands to watch the sunset..


Observing the crabs


Cool dog

    We bought noodles for dinner as we wanted to watch the fireflies at our Minsu.. 😁

Of course, I won’t be sharing any photos of the fireflies as I couldn’t take any.. Hee..

Taiwan Sept 2015 Part 4

We woke up to a beautiful view today! 

Breathtaking view

We had our breakfast and got ready to check out.. Took a group photo before we left..  

Group photo outside our minsu

 We then moved on to Sun Moon Lake.. 

family shot that’s too dark.. haha..


Audry and family


Grandma with her grandchildren

  We took the ferry to stop by to buy some ι˜Ώε©†θŒΆεΆθ›‹.. 

Hot egg

 While waiting for the ferry to the next stop, Nigel was punished by my man for misbehaving.. Haha.. So cute! 

‘Hands behind your back!’

We then tried some street food for lunch..


Yum Yum




Black sausage

After we’ve had our fill, we moved on to take a cable car to the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village.. 

  The kids had a lot of fun at the theme park as the park was quite empty.. We practically tried every ride more than once! 

There were all sorts of rides suitable for the kids and we stayed till closing time before we proceeded to our last Minsu.. 😁 


Along the way, the driver stopped by a betelnut stall.. 


 I’m not sure why people like this.. It tasted too raw for my liking.. 
We stopped by an eatery to have some noodles for dinner..

  It was cheap and nice! After that, we moved on to our last accommodation for the trip.. 

The host, Mary, was very friendly.. She gave us some welcome snacks and we chatted for a while before we got ready to sleep.. It’s been a long and fun day but we need to rest for the activities the next day.. Wifi was not very good but I tried to stay up to wait for the election results.. Hee..  

Wedding Anniversary Staycation

Was trying to think of an anniversary gift for the man when a friend shared that he could get me a good deal at MBS.. Although I meant to give him a surprise, I had to share this with him so we could decide on a date since the actual day is right smack in the middle of the week on Wednesday.. πŸ˜“

We decided on the weekend before 11 Nov.. After the kids’ Kumon class, we made our way to MBS.. It was drizzling on our way there but the rain stopped when we reached.. 

nice view from the room

2 twin beds

The kids were so excited about going to the pool so we quickly got changed and went up to the pool..

The water was cold.. Brr.. But the kids were undaunted as usual.. πŸ˜…

The man tested his Sony Z5 which I got for him as an anniversary gift.. It’s supposed to be waterproof and looking at the photos, it seems to be not bad! 

Princess and I


couple shot


family shot


my camera-ready girl


enjoying the city view

We spent about more than an hour at the pool before we moved on to the jacuzzi to warm ourselves up..  

So comfy you can fall asleep

 After a while, the kids wanted to go back to the pool.. I was reluctant to as I’d just warmed up my body.. So while they frolicked in the water, I took a nap on one of the many pool chairs..

We left the pool close to 6pm to shower and go for our dinner.. The kids were of course reluctant to leave so I had to entice them with the promise that they could play at the bath tub (which we didn’t in the end due to time constraints).

We walked quite a bit to the foodcourt but I saw a Superheroes cafe 2 levels up! So we decided to check it out!


The Superman Wannabe


My Wonder Woman vegetarian quesadilla

   After our meal, we walked around and took some photos..  

The new Superman


Taken by Jocelle




Mei Mei’s turn





  After a very filling dinner, we took a slow and relaxing strol back to our room.. It was a long but enjoyable day!


beautiful night view from the room

We woke up next morning well rested.. Hubby ordered a continental breakfast set and 2 egg benedicts cos we were lazy to walk out.. Haha.. The kids still wanted to swim..
We went for another swim and got ready to check out at 12.. It was a short staycation but had a great time! Can’t wait for the holidays to come! 😁