Ear Piercing

Jocelle came home with a sticker that she stuck on one of her earlobes.. She shared that they were playing with sticker earrings in the ccc.. I was marking while she shared her experience so I wasn’t giving her my fullest attention..

Then she told me she wanted to wear earrings.. I told her it would be painful and asked if she would be able to stand the pain.. She assured me she would be able to bear with the pain..

I was skeptical initially and thought she would back out at the last minute.. After dinner, I went to a jewellery shop to check out the cost.. The quote of $28 was much less than I had expected so I decided to just settle for this shop.. 

She was afraid and asked to hold me hand… We took some time to decide on the location of the holes on her earlobes but the entire process took less than 10min!


Disinfecting with alcohol


Alcohol swab on the earlobe


marking the position




Happy princess!

 No pain, no gain! My princess was happy to get her ears pierced despite the pain! She didn’t she a single tear! I’m so proud of her!!


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