Taiwan Sept 2015 Part 3

On the 3rd day here, we went to many places..

1st stop: 彩虹村 

It’s a colourful building covered with murals painted by an ex-soldier who’s 81 years old.. According to our driver, he still paints regularly..


2nd stop: Paper factory

We saw how paper was made by hand before the kids tried out paper printing and making something for themselves..


Then we tried eating paper..

3rd stop: 18oC Chocolate shop

We just stopped by to try some tea and snacks.. Didn’t buy chocolate but we bought some nice bread and biscuits..


cute Nigel!

  4th stop: Hot Spring @ 廬山名盧溫泉大飯店

We went to a hot spring in a hotel for a dip..    

 5th stop: Lunch at Nali (甕仔雞)

 6th stop: Green Green Grassland..


Finl stop: Check in at Sheep Village Minsu

We had some toast prepared by our host.. 

We then rested for and made use of the wifi to find out what’s going on back home.. Then we enjoyed cup noodles for dinner!



Ear Piercing

Jocelle came home with a sticker that she stuck on one of her earlobes.. She shared that they were playing with sticker earrings in the ccc.. I was marking while she shared her experience so I wasn’t giving her my fullest attention..

Then she told me she wanted to wear earrings.. I told her it would be painful and asked if she would be able to stand the pain.. She assured me she would be able to bear with the pain..

I was skeptical initially and thought she would back out at the last minute.. After dinner, I went to a jewellery shop to check out the cost.. The quote of $28 was much less than I had expected so I decided to just settle for this shop.. 

She was afraid and asked to hold me hand… We took some time to decide on the location of the holes on her earlobes but the entire process took less than 10min!


Disinfecting with alcohol


Alcohol swab on the earlobe


marking the position




Happy princess!

 No pain, no gain! My princess was happy to get her ears pierced despite the pain! She didn’t she a single tear! I’m so proud of her!!

Taiwan Sept 2015 Part 2

We woke up early today as we wanted to reach the Leofoo Village Theme park the moment it’s open.. Haha.. 

We went for our breakfast at 7.30am but took some photos along the way.. 

Spot the lemurs behind me!




Can’t see the zebras clearly…


The only giraffe with the zebras..

 We then got ready to check out after breakfast.. We left our luggage at the resort before we made our transport arrangements.
We had to take a mini bus to the theme park as it was too far for us to walk.. The bus ride was very fast though.. The kids posed for photos before we bought the tickets.. My girl asked me to take photos of her with just about everything! 😅   

 Adults had to pay NT799 while my 2 kids had to pay NT399 each.. After we entered, my kids posed for photos again!

Jovan got excited when he saw someone feeding the goats and asked to feed them as well.. Jocelle was afraid to feed them.. 

His favourite activity


Willing captive

Happy prisoner




Carousel ride with their grandma..

The ride we were looking forward to was closed for maintenance


Posing before lunch..


 After we had our lunch, we set off to the Lavendar Cottage.. It’s like an art gallery in a garden..


The cheery kids!


Swinging good time!



Sitting on giant colour pencils!


Another swing!

We paid NT600 to enter the place and the tickets could be used to offset any expenses incurred in the cafes or shops there.. We decided to get ourselves some drinks and desserts..

Posing on a swing in the cafe..


Parting shot

We then set off to our accommodation near the Fengjia night market which was a few minutes’ walk from our 民宿..


Mickey Mouse themed room..

We put down our stuff and got ready to explore the night market! 

Trying the chicken


Fried chicken


Sausage in glutinous rice


Long queue


One of the many snacks we had for dinner!


First time trying fermented beancurd..


Recommended by the driver..


Watching tv shows after their shower..

After the snacks, we bought some stuff from a convenience store before we called it a night.. 

Taiwan Sept 2015 Part 1

We took a short trip to Taiwan this Sept holidays.. Booked tickets from Scoot before our Perth trip cos of a promotion.. It cost our family only about $1119 for the airfare..

My mum, bro as well as Audry and her family came along so I found ourselves a driver.. I asked him a lot of questions prior to our trip and he was happy to help most of the time except when I asked him to help me book an accommodation.. The 火车民宿 was not available at booking.com yet at the point of booking and I could only find their phone number. I asked the driver for help but he declined.. I didn’t want to make an overseas call so I gave it a miss.. Anyway, I’m not sure if you can now book your stay there via booking.com but you can give it a try.. 🙂

I negotiated with the driver (許先生 +886 939 003 226) and the best price he could offer was NT39000 (~S$1800) for the entire trip.. I told him where we would be staying for the trip so he could plan where he could bring us.. I did tell him the places I would like to cover beforehand and checked with him regarding the weather before our trip..

The Scoot flight was scheduled at 0045 and we were to reach at 0530.. We actually reached earlier at 0515 and the driver was already waiting for us at the airport..

His car was big enough for our group of 6 adults and 3 kids as well as our luggage..

We asked him to bring us somewhere for breakfast first..

They had sweet soya bean drink(left, in cup) and salty soya bean drink (right, in bowl).. We just picked whatever we want before the staff came over to total up the bill.. It was rather cheap.. Only NT318 (~S$15).

It was still early after breakfast so we went to have a look at a dam.. 

We climbed up to the viewing tower and let the kids run around for a while while we enjoyed the breeze a little under some shade.. The sun was bright and scorching actually..

After this, we went to 小人国.. We paid NT399 (~S$18) each and it’s free for Nigel..

Brenda told me her daughter wore the same dress (handed down from her) when they visited the place previously!

My lovely kids!

NT10 for the fish feed..

Couple shot on the carousel!

My princess and I!

The King and Prince! haha!

 Some rides were indoor while others were outdoor.. We practically had the whole place to ourselves! We spent about 3-4 hours at the theme park before we left for lunch..

We stopped by an eatery and had some Chinese food and the lunch cost us NT1000 (~$50).. After that, we proceeded to check in at Leofoo Resort.. We reached the place at about 2 plus and since the theme park closes at 5pm, we decided to rest for the day and visit the theme park the next day..

Tried to request for rooms in the Giraffe wing but they were not available so we were given 2 adjoining rooms in the Zebra wing.. While walking to our rooms, we saw something interesting.. Listen to Jovan’s comment! 😂😂

one of the 2 king size beds..

We all took a nap before we had the buffet dinner which was included in the room price of ~NT34000.. After that, I got the kids to complete some of their Kumon worksheets before we called it a night.

It was a super long day for us!