It’s been a long while since we met up with our regular gang.. We haven’t met up since we returned from Perth in June!

We initially planned to have a play date at Sentosa Adventure Cove but had to cancel that as 3 families couldn’t make if for one reason or another.. 

But since we’ve set aside this date to meet up, we decided to continue with our plans to play.. 3 families managed to make it today for a play date at Fidgets! 

The kids had a great time playing while the adults had a great time chatting.. We talked about cars, school and the coming elections!

After about 5 hours of play, we called it a day.. The kids were exhausted.. Look at them!



Jurassic Park Birthday Party

Another birthday party for the kids today.. This time Jocelle joined in too..   

 Emily brought them there while hubby and I went to watch MI5.. 😁

According to Emily, the kids were shy and didn’t play the games organized by the party host.. They just sat around and ate the food..

It’s great to have a sister to babysit the kids while we go dating.. Hee.. Anyway, we volunteered to babysit Elyssa on days they want to go dating too! I’m just waiting for the day to come! πŸ˜‰

Birthday Party

Jovan was invited to a classmate’s birthday party today.. It was the first one that he attended although he had been invited to one in June.. He didn’t attend that one as we were in Perth then..

I didn’t attend as I find it awkward so hubby went with him while I stayed at home to mark..   

According to hubby, the house was huge.. They could even have a slide in the living room.. My boy of cos had a great time swimming in the pool.. That was his favourite activity obviously.. 

Port Dickson Aug 2015 Part 3

Woke up at 8 plus even though I watched kdrama till about 2am the previous night.. We left for breakfast at about 9 plus so the kids could have time to play in the pool again.. 

We let the kids play at the playground for a while before we headed back to the chalet.. 

The kids wasted no time to change into their swimwear.. They just kept jumping into the pool! Haha..     


I was afraid the water would be cold as it was still drizzling that morning so I don’t get in. After watching them play for a while, I went in to continue with my kdrama.. πŸ˜‰   

The kids played till about 11 plus to shower and get ready for check out..

Checking out was quite swift so we decided to make a trip to the Army Museum.. It was super hot so we didn’t spend too much time there..


Realistic wax figurines..

 After which, we started making our way back home, anticipating the jam to be bad.. Thankfully, we managed to clear the customs in about 2 hours, half the time we took to Port Dickson.. 

We decided to just have the cup noodles we had bought earlier for dinner since we were not very hungry.. We stopped over at A&W for lunch at about 3pm at one of the R&R stops..

We even managed to catch part of the NDP and fireworks at home!

The kids were patriotic and started standing at attention when the national anthem was played!

And that’s how we spent National Day this year! πŸ˜‰

Port Dickson Aug 2015 Part 1

We knew there would be a jam on the causeway as it’s a super long weekend.. Initially, we planned to leave very early to beat the jam but it was probably a good thing we took our time as I’ve read about others taking more than 6h to clear the customs despite leaving very early.. 

It wasn’t intentional.. Hubby was not well yesterday after work so he was not in the form to pack his luggage.. We only finished packing this morning.. 

Took a cab to meet up with my sis and family before we had our brunch at the Mac at Trade Hub.. By the time we cleared the Tuas Checkpoint, it was about 1pm.. And by the time we cleared the Malaysian customs, it was 5.30pm! πŸ˜“

After that, we made 2 stops to top up the fuel tank and have our dinner..

We finally reached the resort at about 11pm!

We’re ready to rest for now.. We only have one day to play tomorrow!

National Day Celebrations 2015

We had a full day of celebration in school today, not the usual half day like in previous years. The reason given was that since we have an additional public holiday tomorrow, we should make use of today to carry out the activities related to the Lego sets given to the pupils..

Had to conduct the lessons with my own class so didn’t go and kpo what my boy did.. Thankfully, the parents in the class groupchat took and shared some photos.. 

 I think all the kids had a great time building the different structures and some even created structures based on their own creativity! 

Now my 2 kids are still busy exploring the Lego sets!


Sports Carnival 2015

My boy took part in his first sports carnival in our school yesterday. It’s the first time the lower primary pupils were involved in the sports carnival.. We usually involved only the P4-P6 pupils in the sports carnival while the P1-P3 pupils would have their lower primary sports day on the day of the national day celebration..

I guess the school made changes to their plans cos of the SG50 jubilee celebrations..

Anyway, I’m glad he could join me.. The school puts the child in the same house as the parent to encourage people of the same family to fight for the common goal.. I find it very reasonable, don’t you think?

 Look at my excited boy! 
One disadvantage of him being involved, however, was that I couldn’t take any photos of him in action as I also had a game station to man.. However, I still tried to steal some time to find him so I could take some photos…   

   Our Blue Rhino house was third in position so my darling boy asked if he could join the champion house, Green Viper.. πŸ˜“

Gave him a little talk about loyalty to help him understand that he had to put in effort to make his house the champion house and not just keep changing our house in order to be in a champion house! 

NDP preview at the Floating Platform

We got the tickets from Jocelle’s ccc since we won’t be around during the nation’s birthday.. Thought it’ll be good for the kids to watch the aerial display as well as the fireworks.. Went with my BIL and niece, all decked in red and white.. Ellysa was in pink though.. Haha.. Em said she couldn’t find any red top for her..

We decided to drive as we were worried about the way back.. Met up at Marina before we walked over..

Group photo before we head to the floating platform

The queue was long and disorganized.. It was also very slow moving.. Finally got in only after 6pm so we missed the Red Lions.. πŸ˜“


Patriotic boy


Patriotic girl


debut appearance


Nice backdrop

 The aerial display was impressive! My favourite segment!

night view


Didn’t take any photos of the fireworks cos I just wanted to enjoy watching the display.. Long and beautiful display but I kept wondering how much money was burnt during the display.. 😁 The kids were definitely impressed even though our view was blocked by some big trees.. The sound system was definitely real time and authentic! πŸ˜‰

The kids had a great time dancing during the after show concert..

Look at Elly dancing.. 


The kids didn’t want to leave as they were having such a good time.. Haha.. We went for dinner at Sakae Sushi before we headed home..  Think it was about 11plus when we reached home..

I’m not sure if the kids are aware of what patriotism means but from the way they recited the pledge and sang the national anthem with pride, I guess NE in school has been effective so far? Anyway, Happy Birthday in advance, Singapore!! ❀️❀️