Lost tooth

It’s a lazy afternoon for me.. A rare morning for me to be the last to wake up.. Hee.. Hubby showered the kids while I lazed in bed even though he was under the weather.. 😅

After my breakfast and shower, hubby worked on his laptop and the kids played with their toys while I watched kdrama on my iPad.. 

We were not in a hurry to leave the house until it was way past our lunch time.. We dragged ourselves out at 2 plus so we could feed the kids even though they insisted that they were not hungry.. We had to entice them with ‘froggy froggy’ (the term they use to refer to Sakae Sushi) before they were willing to leave home..

While we were having our very late lunch, my boy made some weird sounds while baring his teeth to get our attention.. 

We didn’t know what he was trying to tell us until we saw his missing tooth!  

 Seems like he had swallowed his tooth that had been shaky for the longest time! We tried to search for it in the bowl of cha soba he was enjoying but couldn’t find it.. 

We looked around on the table and the area he was sitting but couldn’t find any sign of it.. We’re cool about it.. Hee.. I guess there’s nothing to worry about since we’ve never heard of anyone dying from swallowing his tooth, right?😁

My boy was of course not worried about it and even asked me to take a other photo of him with his daddy.. 

Ps: while doing his business in the evening, he commented that his tooth might be passed out from his system.. Haha..  


Korea March 2015 Part 5

Today we planned to go to Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market at the request of Felix.. We met the owner of the apartment before we left and shared with him our plan.. He suggested that we shopped at Mario Outlets which is a shopping area that the locals go to when we told him we planned to go to Dongdaemun..

We set off for the Noryangjin Fishmarket and when we reached the station, we decided to try some fishcake and snacks..


  I bought something like a hum jin beng too! Yeah! Something vegetarian! 😁

We just had to cross a bridge to the market but Emily had to stop by at Gongcha…

After that, we finally crossed the bridge to the market..

    We or should I say they took some time to choose what they wanted to buy.. The fishmongers (correct term?) tried to sell us their seafood so we tried to compare the price but eventually found that the price was quite similar.. We didn’t know how to bargain too although a lot of them can speak Mandarin.. 

Anyway, we finally bought some stuff..

     We then proceeded to the restaurant where they prepared the food for us..


 Most of them had their first try of love octopus.. I had kimchi with rice.. 😁

After we’re done with our late lunch, we made our way to Mario Outlets suggested by the apartment owner.. 

The kids enjoyed posing with their new caps bought by my bro and Emily..

I didn’t but much.. Just a Nike jacket for my man and underwear for the kids..

After that, we found a place where we had our dinner..

   Our final dinner for the trip! The owner could converse in Mandarin so we could order our food without much difficulty.. We concluded that the food was good everywhere we went.. Hee.. Guess we either have low standards or all Korean restaurants have great cooks! 😝

We didn’t manage to go to Dongdaemun this time.. Actually, we contemplated going there after we settled the kids but we were too tired after packing our luggage.. 😁

And that’s it for our last night in Seoul for this trip… 😴😴

Desaru May 2015 Part 1

It’s the May Day long weekend and we decided to make a trip to Desaru.. I’ve always wanted to go to Desaru but people have been telling me it’s a boring place with nothing to do.. But isn’t nothing what we should do on a holiday? Hee.. Emily decided to join us so we booked 2 standard rooms at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort..

I was deciding between Pulai and Lotus Desaru Beach Resort which has a water theme park but after reading some reviews, we decided to try Pulai..

Emily picked us up in the morning as we decided to just take one car.. Much more convenient too.. We set of at about 9 plus in the morning as Emily was optimistic about the traffic conditions..  

 I had the impression that Desaru is nearer to the Woodlands checkpoint so we took the first link.. Bad move. The jam was bad! Think by the time we reached the resort, it was about 2.30pm, just in time for check in.. Only one room was ready though so we put our stuff down and ordered room service. The resort is very chalet like.. The rooms were big and after adding an extra bed for the kids, there was still a lot of walking space.. Wifi was quite bad actually but it was better than nothing..

The kids couldn’t wait to swim so we got them changed after we’ve had our very late lunch.. We headed to the pool for a dip.. There’s a slide at the pool and a small pool meant for younger kids.. The kids had fun splashing about in the pool while I played beach ball with my man.. We stopped only when it started to drizzle..   

           We wanted to go and see the fireflies but we hadn’t had dinner so we decided to go for the firefly cruise the following evening.. That night we went to have seafood dinner at Desaru Jade Garden Seafood restaurant which was about half an hour’s drive away.. I didn’t have seafood of course but the rest had their fill.. The waitress advised us not to order crabs as they were not so good so they decided to curb their cravings for that night.. It was a cheap meal according to them.. But I forgot how much it was.. Think it was RM250? We ordered fish, prawns, venison, tofu and vegetables too..

After that, we called it a night.. The men had to enjoy a drink of beer while I tried to mark a few compo scripts.. 3 to be exact.. Hee.. Yes.. I actually brought compos to mark on a holiday! That’s the life of a teacher! 😓 Anyway, I fell asleep way before my man came back from his drinking session.. Hee.. I need to rest my tired body for the Ostrich Farm visit and the firefly cruise the next day! 

Korea March 2015 Part 4

This should be the most eventful day of the trip for the kids and I.

First, we went to Lotte World as Felix wanted to bring his son to the Aquarium.. But we found out that it had been closed due to some leakage since December 2014..

We had our breakfast before we split up.. I brought the kids to the theme park while the rest went shopping.. 

Maybe coz it’s a weekday, we didn’t have to queue long for each ride.. We tried almost all the rides except for those that Jocelle couldn’t try due to the minimum height requirements.. We even tried some rides more than once!   
                As you can see from the photos, the kids had loads of fun! We didn’t have a proper lunch as we were snacking along the way..


watching the parade


They tried this a hundred times!!

We finally left the theme park after 5pm when I convinced the kids that we had to leave as the rest were waiting for us… 
Apparently, the rest were tired from shopping and we decided that we should go try out their jjimjilbang or the Korean sauna… This was something I had to try this time! Hee.. We took a train to Yongsan and the Dragon Hill spa is located just outside the station… We did ask some locals while we were in the station as we didn’t know which exit to take… Think we just followed the sign leading to the conference hall or something.. 

Anyway, it’s so big you wouldn’t have missed it!    

    This pathway leads to the spa

    The girls and the boys had to get changed at different levels as they had separate hotsprings for different genders and these are for those who are not shy to be wearing only their skin.. We didn’t try cos the guys were shy.. Hee.. We got changed before we met up with the boys in the common sauna area.

    Look at my 2 jokers.. Haha… 

    Cutie Nigel

     We did what the locals did, wearing the ‘towel buns’ and ate the eggs.. Hee..   


            The kids even gave me special service! 😁 


     We also explored the various sauna and cold room although I couldn’t stay inside for long.. 

          Think we all managed to take turns to nap a little.. And after we’ve rested enough, we had our dinner in the restaurant inside.. Look at Jocelle’s jajang rice!  After dinner, we explored the other levels before we got changed and made our way back to our apartment.. We had a great time and I think I would wanna come back again next time.. Of cos, I have to go there with the man, right? Great excuse to visit Korea again, don’t you think? Hiak hiak hiak!! 😝