Korea March 2015 Part 3

It’s been more than a month.. Finally found some time to write my third post on our Korea trip in March while the kids swam..

We woke up early today to get ready so we could leave the place at 8am.. The driver was punctual and we managed to leave slightly after 8 even though there were so many of us and only one bathroom.. 

We reached the Jeju airport early only to realize that Felix had gotten the to mine wrong and we were about an hour early.. We went to a cafe to rest and relax while waiting to board our plane.. It was good to be early actually so we took our time to enjoy our breakfast.. Finally it was time to proceed to the boarding area..  The flight was smooth and fast.. When we reached Incheon International Airport, we took a train to Gongdeok, the train station near the apartment..  It took us some time to finally check in to the apartment due to language barrier.. Once we’ve deposited our luggages, we made our way to Myeong-dong.. We had a late lunch at Mom’s Touch to fill our hungry stomachs..   

        After that, we started shopping!  Of course, we had to snack as we shopped!πŸ˜‹   

              The kids especially had lots of fun eating.. Since we had been snacking, no one was really hungry when it was dinner time..  Nonetheless, they wanted to try something different so we ended up at a Korean BBQ restaurant.   

 We didn’t order much but it was sufficient..

After dinner, we continued shopping and snacking.. 😁

  The kids were given an ice cream treat by Emily but their happiness only lasted about a minute as shortly after each of them had a bite, the ice cream dropped to the floor! Poor kids! 😁

We shopped for a while more before we called it a day and made our way back to the apartment..

The owner left us some traditional clothes to try on to take photos but nobody seemed interested..   

  We took turns to shower and it was close to midnight when the kids were ready to sleep… They were happy to sleep on the girlish bed.. Haha..    


Ok, now it’s time to sleep! Tomorrow, we would be going to Lotte World!!


Showing love

My dear son wrote these without any input from us..

  They are full of spelling and grammatical errors but I’m proud of what he has written! πŸ˜„ Guess he’s actually paying attention in school.. 😝

Ps: just found out that the notes were written by Jocelle but Jovan was the one who spelt the words out.. I love how he spelt ‘notee’! Hee..

Double promotion

We were told that Jocelle was in the wrong class last week after her ballet class.. Jocelle said her teacher told her she shouldn’t be there.. 

We didn’t get to find out more until after the next lesson.. Teacher Hui En told us that Jocelle was initially promoted to the pre-primary class but she decided that she should be promoted to the primary class as she was able to follow instructions well. Apparently, she was able to pick up new things rather fast so the teacher felt that she would benefit and learn more in the primary class and that there would be tests in the primary class.. I’m not so concerned about the tests and certifications but I thought she could learn more at her pace in the primary class..

We then checked with the CSO about the various timings for the primary class and realized that we had to find another day as the Saturday timing clashed with their Berries class.. Tried calling Berries but we couldn’t find another common time slot for both of them.. In the end, we had to change the timing to 6-7 on Wednesdays..

Jocelle was reluctant to join a new class.. Guess she wanted to stay with her friends but we managed to convince her to try to make new friends in the new class.. She agreed finally with some persuasion/coercion by the mummy.. 😈

Today, we had dinner before we sent her to her 1st primary class lesson.. When I opened the door, I realized that the girls inside were so much older than my girl! They were really primary children who were much taller than my girl! Haha.. Jocelle gave me an apprehensive look but didn’t look daunted.. Hee.. 

I left her there and went to meet up with the boys.. We finished our dinner before we proceeded to McDonald’s for a drink while Jovan did his Kumon and school homework.. 

After the class, we asked the relief teacher that day if Jocelle was ok and she assured us that Jocelle could follow the steps rather well.. Phew! Then, Jocelle told us that the other girls kept commenting that she was cute! Haha.. I guess it’s expected since she’s so small.. Hee.. I hope she’ll enjoy her ballet lessons and learn more in the primary class.. πŸ˜‰

Korea March 2015 Part 2

After we rested for a while in the Ghost House, it was time to go for dinner.. We saw some cafes by the sea on our ride to the apartment and wanted to make our way there. We approached the owner of the Ghost House to get a taxi.. He kindly offered to get his father to send us to a restaurant in his bus.. We told him about the place we wanted to go but I’m not sure if he deliberately chose to misunderstand us.. Anyway, we boarded the bus, thinking that we would be brought to where we wanted..

We ended up in a restaurant that sold seafood.. Not something we wanted.. Due to the language barrier, we had a hard time explaining to them that we wanted to go somewhere else.. The owner of the restaurant helped to call 2 taxis.. Same thing, we boarded them, hoping this time that we would be brought to where we wanted to go.. Guess what? We were brought back to Ghost House!! It was exasperating! We asked the owner to contact the driver who sent Audry and family to their hotel previously.. While waiting, I took some photos of the restaurant..   


We waited for about 20min before the driver arrived.. Apparently, he had driven over from the airport.. We boarded the limousine taxi which could accommodate all of us.. But again, due to language barrier, he didn’t drive us to where we wanted.. As it was quite late and we didn’t want to venture too far so we asked him to stop halfway when we saw some eateries.. He was worried about dropping us there but we insisted.. 

It wasn’t a big place but there were some small eateries.. We tried our luck and went into one.. With some sign language, we managed to order a pot of pork rib stew.. I had some rice and kimchi.. Fortunately, most of them enjoyed the stew.. After dinner, we bought some stuff for breakfast at a convenience store.. We stood by the road, hoping to get taxis to bring us home..

  We waited for a long while before we finally approached a guy from the BBQ Chicken eatery nearby.. The kind guy helped to call a taxi for us and even drove some of us back in his car at no cost! 

We were glad to get back! We quickly showered the kids before we took turns to take our shower in the only bathroom.. Then we lined the tatamis in the living room where we all slept.. Felix was the only one who slept on the bed.. We tried to get the kids to sleep early so we switched off all the lights.. Roger was not used to sleeping without the tv on.. Haha.. Emily fell fast asleep in no time while Elyssa walked around saying ‘hello’ and ‘excuse me’ to everyone.. It was really a funny sight! Too bad I didn’t take any photos and videos of these… But I fell asleep fast too.. Too much travelling and exasperation in one day! 

Anyway, we all tried to sleep early as we had to be up early next morning as we have made arrangements with previous driver to pick us up at 8am to send us to the airport for our flight to Seoul…

Will share more in my next post…