New buy!

My dear son showed me his new toy after school yesterday.. It’s a Minecraft toy and apparently he had wanted to buy it the previous day.. 

He showed it off to me without worrying that I might scold him for spending unnecessarily again.. Sigh..

Today, when we picked him up from Berries, the teacher gave us the feedback that he’s a bit more active than the rest and that he did not seem to be able to remember the Chinese characters taught in class.. He apparently didn’t do the homework last week and we didn’t even realize it.. Guess we were busy with work too.. 

He’s going to have an oral test in the next lesson and we are expected to help him prepare for it.. 

Daddy is not too happy to hear the feedback and has confiscated his Minecraft figurine.. He also told my son that he would not get any pocket money for Term 2 Week 1.. Hmm.. I wonder how effective this will be.. 


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