Jocelle’s 5th Birthday Celebration part 2

Took childcare leave today so I could prepare the cupcakes for the celebration at the ccc.. I’m glad I took leave today as I had to bring her to the doctor to follow up on her injured toe.. The bandage dropped off last night and hubby tried to bandage it again.. It looked better but there was still some discharge so we wrapped it just in case..

I wanted to bring her to see the doctor early then send her to the ccc so I could have sufficient time to bake the cupcakes and prepare the frosting but when we reached the clinic at about 8.45am, there were already 8 patients in the queue and the lady at the reception told me Dr Tan would only be there at 9.40am and asked me to return at about 10am.. I gave her Jocelle’s particulars before we headed home..

Since there was time, I started baking the cupcakes.. Managed to bake 20 cupcakes and we only left home at about 10.10am.. The moment we stepped into the clinic, it was Jocelle’s turn! Good timing ya? Hee..

Dr Tan checked her toe and even pressed on it.. No pain, it seems.. He said there’s no need to wrap up her toe and she could shower.. Hurray!!

It doesn’t look too bad ya? I sent her to the ccc before I went back home to prepare the cream cheese frosting.. After which, I topped each cupcake with the Frozen cupcake toppers, of course! Hee..

These cupcakes toppers make any cupcake look good, right? They were sponsored by my good friend who prints edible and customizable cupcake toppers.. Lucky me! Hee.. 

After I was done with the cupcakes, I did some work while waiting for the man to pick up my son and collect the 1kg cake we ordered from Bengawan Solo.. I reminded him to be early as the kids at the ccc would be waiting for the cakes for tea.. And of course, he had to be late! We rushed to the ccc and I went in with the cakes and the Elsa dress.. I even brought along the costume Jovan wore for his concert as requested by him.. When we went in, Jocelle was seated alone and commanding all her peers to sit down! My little chilli padi is really bossy!

Anyway, while I was busy changing the kids, I was hoping the man would quickly park the car and help to get the cakes ready but as you should have guessed by now, he was not here yet! 😡

I quickly took out the cake and cupcakes from the boxes and arranged them on the table..

Emil u brought Elyssa there and took a photo as evidence.. Look at all the hungry and curious kids crowding around! They were all choosing the cupcakes they wanted even before they have sung the birthday song! The cupcake toppers really were impressive! Hee..

And guess what the man was doing?? He was busy chit chatting with my BIL! 😤 I wonder why he couldn’t see that I needed some help!

Anyway, I gave him the task of taking photos even though he is not a good photographer.. Hey, he had to do something, right? I took photos with my iPhone 6 while he used my Canon camera.. Anyway, my girl was very happy to be Queen Elsa and she took the opportunity to boss her subjects around! Haha.. I’ll let the photos do the talking now..

After the celebration at the ccc, we headed back home to rest for a while.. The kids took a shower and changed their clothes reluctantly..

We ate out that night with Emily and family.. We went to Swensons and ended our dinner with a birthday Firehouse for the birthday girl!

Happy 5th birthday, my darling! May you be blessed with great health and eternal happiness! Mummy hope that you will grow up to be a confident and compassionate lady who is loved and treasured by all! Please try to be less bossy! 😁


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