Prep for Princess’ 5th Party

Jocelle turns five this year.. And she actually requested for a Frozen themed party this year.. We obliged and went to book a slot for a McDonald’s birthday party.. We initially wanted to hold the party at the McDonald’s at Ridout Tea Garden at Queenstown but the party area was undergoing renovation after a fallen tree damaged it.. We decided to try out the one at Kallang and managed to get a slot..

Then I sourced for invitation cards for the kids even though McDonald’s gave me their invitation cards.. I found a beautiful template here. The website provided some tips on how to personalize the cards and even had a pdf template for the envelope.. I love how the card turned out! 

After I’ve sent out the invites, I started sourcing for goodie bags and stuff to put inside.. I tried to source for items related to the theme although McDonald’s goodie bags were included in the birthday package.. Since it’s a Frozen themed party, naturally there should be party favours related to the theme, right? However, I decided to source for Spiderman stuff for the boys as I couldn’t find any Olaf or Kristoff related stationery for them.. I’m sure the boys wouldn’t want any Elsa or Anna stuff even if they liked the movie..

I managed to buy all the stuff from Carousell and I also had some extra party favours from Jovan’s birthday party last year..

This time, I got the kids to help to pack the goodie bags.. 😉

for the boys

pencil case with stationery

note books

love these loot bags!

the happy girl!

I thought it would be more practical to get stationery and the loot bag so I’m quite happy to be able to get these items.. Unlike the previous years, I didn’t include any snacks since the kids would indulge in some junk food during the party.. 😁

We’ve also ordered the cakes from Bengawan Solo! We ordered a 2kg cake for the McDonald’s party and a 1kg one for the celebration at the ccc as I would also be baking some cupcakes.. 

Now, we’re all set for the parties!


Getting Festive

This is the first time we decorated our home with Lunar New Year decorations.. It’s all because of Jocelle’s show and tell..

These are the stuff we’ve put up..

So festive, right? We even changed our bedsheets to a set that has a very auspicious colour! Haha..

Jocelle’s CNY Performance

My darling girl expected me to watch her performance at her ccc for the CNY celebrations..

Since I took leave to watch my son perform last year, I applied for childcare leave to support my dear girl on 17 Feb..

She was confident and remembered all the steps.. I’m proud to say that she didn’t show any signs of stage fright (she didn’t literally perform on a stage) in front of all the parents and her peers..

After watching the performances of the other children, there were family and child games.. Emily, who was with me, asked me to play the games with Jocelle but we were both not keen.. Guess we were a little shy.. Hee..

In between the games, I took some photos of Jocelle with her best friend in the ccc..

Jocelle and Zining

They had a finale where all the children gathered together to sing some CNY songs..

After which, it was Lo Hei time! I’m surprised that both Jocelle and Zining enjoyed the lettuce a lot! They were piling the vege on their plates while stuffing some into their mouths! Haha..

getting ready to lo hei

stuffing the lettuce into their mouths!

yummy vege!

Elly joins in!

After the Lo Hei, the kids got ready to exchange mandarin oranges with their friends..

Then they queued up to receive a red packet from their teachers..

I got my red packet!

Shortly after, we left as Elly was not very willing to stay any longer and since I’ve taken leave, we brought Jocelle back too..

I wanna go already!

The 4 of us then went to Vivo for lunch before we head home.. We were already in holiday mood! 😁


He had his 3rd 听写 on Thursday.. I usually didn’t have much time to prepare him beforehand as he has Spelling on Wednesdays.. I usually prepare him 1 or 2 days in advanced..

Last Wednesday, when I was trying to practise with him, there were 4 phrases which he couldn’t remember.. He kept getting the tones wrong.. He looked very tired at about 9.30pm so I gave up and sent him to bed.. The next morning, I tried to remind him about the number to remember for each phrase so he could memorize as much as he could cos he couldn’t seem to be able to differentiate between the 4 tones.. I tested him in the car and reminded him to check and practise again before the Chinese lesson.. I even gave a shoutout of exasperation to my friends!

Got a pleasant surprise today! He managed to get 100/100!


I’m pretty proud of him for getting full marks this time! However, I am telling myself to prepare him for 听写 earlier in future.. And of cos, it’s ok to not get full marks for 听写..

As for his English Spelling, he has been doing well and getting full marks for his Spellings so far.. There were 2 unseen words for Spelling 3 and 4 and he only didn’t manage to spell ‘shed’ correctly.. Good job, son!!


Jocelle’s Show and Tell

We got the notice quite early but forgot all about it… I only remembered about the Show and Tell that Jocelle had to prepare for the day before the deadline!

We played cheat a little and brought her to Cold Storage to pose for some pictures after dinner at West Coast Plaza..

I printed the photos and briefed her on what she was doing.. Basically, she went shopping with us to prepare for CNY.. We just hoped that she would be able to ‘smoke’ through the presentation.. 😁

The next day, she told me she didn’t get to present.. Hmm.. So more time for us to prepare… We bought some more decorations and I got her to pose for more photos..

 I even taught her how to make fish using red packets.. Took some photos of her making the fish although I did most of the folding and cutting.. Haha..

After she had finished hanging all the decorations, she wanted to put up one more wall decoration so I obliged and took one more photo!

Printed out the photos and got her ready for her Show and Tell, if she still had to present..

Ps: she didn’t manage to present in the end.. 


I’m not sure if I should consider this defiance but my boy just ignored my instructions and spent his pocket money on a ball..

When I related this to my colleague, her comment was that he’s very street smart.. Hmm..

Let me explain why I’m feeling exasperated.. When I gave him his daily pocket money today, I specifically told him to spend his money wisely and that he had to eat something before he played..

When I went to check on him during recess, I couldn’t find him in the canteen.. I asked his classmate and one of the girls told me he had gone to the bookshop to buy a ball.. I checked the bookshop but couldn’t find him.. Then I went to the basketball court and saw him playing with some boys..

I spoke to him and asked him if he had eaten.. He told me he had not and that he had bought a ball.. He said he didn’t feel like eating!!

Hmm.. I found out from my colleague that the bookshop sells the balls at $1 each..

I was rather upset that he was defiant but my friend’s comment made me think.. Should I give him more freedom? It’s his money so he probably should have the freedom to spend on whatever he wanted.. He would have to deal with the consequences of not saving money..

He came home telling me that he didn’t mind not getting any pocket money if I packed what he wanted to eat to school.. Maybe I should do that.. Just pack food for him and allow him to play with the ball during recess.. I guess it’s not easy for him to resist the temptation to play when so many boys are playing soccer in the basketball court..

See how happy he looked!


Ok.. So for now, no pocket money for him and we’ll see if things will change…

1st day of CCA!

Today, my dear son started his first CCA lesson.. We signed him up for Wushu for Semester 1 and Badminton for Semester 2 as both are modular..

I prepared a cheque of $148 for him to submit to the instructor but when I tried to look for it before the lesson, I couldn’t find it in his file!

This boy is really testing my patience! I’m sure it’s somewhere but I’m not sure if it will appear soon although I’ve written his name and class at the back of the cheque..

Anyway, I told the teacher-in-charge about it and that I’ll write another cheque to pay the instructor..

He seemed rather attentive and was following the instructor’s instructions.. Took a few photos before I went back to do some work..