1st day of school!

My first born is in Primary One this year and it’s the first day of school today!

I’m so glad hubby managed to take leave today so I could work in peace.. We woke up very early and it was not difficult to wake the kids up.. I guess they were both excited about school!


I brought Jovan along with me while hubby dropped Jocelle at the ccc before he made his way to my school.. I just dropped him at the basketball court without bringing him to the toilet! Haha.. I had work to do too! But I did take a photo or 2 before I walked off.. Hee..


I also managed to steal some time now and then to take some photos of my dear son during recess..


He was busy talking and eating at the same time.. This chatty boy! The school has arranged for the kids to have packed food from the various stalls for the first 6 days and I think it’s a great arrangement so the kids can be introduced to the types of food sold in the canteen..

I met him at the foyer again and he was happy to see me.. Haha.. Look at him!


Again, I met him after school when he was introduced to his student care teachers and given a name tag..


I then went to the canteen to check out the food he was served for lunch..


Not too bad, I think..

We forgot to get him a sleeping bag so he didn’t take his nap but I saw him eating again when I was settling some stuff.. Haha..


He even told me he had a piece of cake before this! So it seems like he had been eating and eating the whole day ya? Haha..

My P was very nice as she personally handed each P1 pupil a welcome goodie bag and taught them how to shake hands and say ‘thank you’! But my boy told me he found her fierce when she addressed them in the hall.. Haha.. I guess it’s good that he’s afraid of authority!

All good on the first day of school and unlike many, I’m so glad that the first day of school is a Friday! The weekend is much needed for us to let the reality set in…. But we’ll soon get used to it, I’m sure! All the best to all the parents of P1 kids out there!! We will survive!!


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