Update on Term 1 Week 4

My boy is not the most hardworking boy and I think he probably doesn’t think it’s a good thing that his mummy is working in his school..

I, however, am glad that I have the privilege to monitor him easily and I’m more able to see things from the perspective of a parent. I’ve also found out some interesting observation about my boy… Things that I would not know if he was in another school..

First of all, he can be very blur.. I’m not sure if he’s blur or he can’t be bothered.. He has not been noting down his Chinese homework in the pupil’s handbook and I suspect it’s because it takes more effort to write in Chinese than in English.. He didn’t even tell me he needed to bring his 习字 book until I received an SMS from his Chinese teacher! Then he brought back his classmates Math Coursebook by mistake and the following week, he brought the same classmate’s spelling book back! I’m glad hubby joined the parents’ whatsapp chat group so we could check with the other parents about his homework..

Secondly, he doesn’t know the concept of money and change.. Whenever I ask him how much he spent for recess, he would not be able to explain to me.. He’d tell me he spent $2 and when I probed further, he’d say the stall holder returned him $1+.. Then, after I explained to him that he shouldn’t spend unnecessarily on toys as he would not have enough for food, he simply requested for more pocket money! I think he thinks money falls from the sky!

Thirdly, he tells lies.. Despite reminding him to spend his money wisely, he had been buying pizzas, prata and even noodle snacks instead of rice or noodles during recess.. I tried to check on him when possible to find out what he bought for recess.. Then when I saw him during recess on Thursday, he told me had rice for recess.. But when he got home, I found out that he didn’t spend a single cent that day! He even had the cheek to ask for more pocket money! I was furious! I gave him a dressing down and didn’t give him any pocket money on Friday and just packed biscuits for him..

Finally, he is not attentive in class and he does not put in effort in his work.. I usually try to check his class whiteboard for his homework in case he didn’t write it down.. So on Friday, I happened to see his Chinese teacher on my way to his classroom and Mdm Ong showed me a Chinese worksheet that he had done.. She said he did it haphazardly and didn’t even bother to draw lines with a ruler! I apologized and thanked her for the feedback.. Then I asked her for another piece of the worksheet so I could get my dear son to redo it at home..

My dear son got an earful from me and I even told my man about it.. The daddy threw away 2 of his beloved toys as a punishment and warned him to put in more effort in his schoolwork and not to lie again.. After that, he asked me to be the good parent and pick up the toys.. I refused as I know my son would not learn his lesson if he his toys were to appear a few days after they had been thrown away.. He needs to learn his lesson!

We’ll try to keep our words or he would not learn.. It’s not easy for him and for me that we’re in the same school.. He has someone monitoring him every day while I have to monitor him closely so he won’t ’embarrass’ me with his inappropriate behaviour and attitude in class.. But I guess we both have to compromise to be happier.. For him, maybe he will need to think twice before he misbehaves as his mummy will find out easily.. On my part, I need to give him some space or maybe encourage him instead of nagging at him when he does something wrong..

Sigh, it’s not easy but I hope we’ll soon be able to reach a point where we can keep each other happy.. I don’t want to be breathing down his neck every day and I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear my nagging every day..

All the best to us!



Jovan excitedly told me he went to the library and that he wanted to borrow a mouse book.

We chatted a bit and found out that he just received a temporary school library card which allowed him to borrow books.. He kept saying he wanted to borrow a mouse book but didn’t when there was a beeping sound when he was about to leave the library.. Don’t really understand what he was trying to tell me.. He even asked if we can go to the school library on Saturday so he can borrow the mouse book.. Haha..

Anyway, we met up with Emily at Yakun for tea today before the kids go for their Kumon and there was a fair in the atrium at Safra.. I found Jovan looking at a Geronimo Stilton book and realized that the mouse book he was talking about was one of the books in the Geronimo Stilton series.. Haha.. He wanted to buy one but I’m not sure if he can read it yet.. However, since he was so enthusiastic, I let him choose one..

I’m glad he’s showing interest in reading and I hope he’ll become an avid reader and pick up more vocabulary..

Apparently, he’s stuck to the book even though he couldn’t read many of the books.. He was actually trying to read while walking..


Spending Power

My son seems to be enjoying the power to spend.. We give him $2 a day which I think is sufficient since lunch is provided in Nascans and he only needs to spend during recess..

For the past week, he had been buying food from the various stalls so I was quite surprised when he asked to bring Choco pie to school on Monday.. I guess he wanted to save money so I packed 2 of them in his lunch box and added another packet of biscuits in case the 2 pies were not enough..

He requested for 2 Choco pies again on Tuesday but said he didn’t want the biscuits. I packed what he wanted and told him I wouldn’t give him his pocket money since there was no need for him to buy anything during recess..

When he came back, he told me he wanted to bring money the next day as he wanted to buy magnets.. He said that he saw his friends playing with the magnets which cost $1. I told him not to waste money and to spend money on food only. Of course, I still gave him $2 since he didn’t pack anything to school..

When I picked him up, he happily showed me his new toys!

A pair of magnets for $1.. I asked him if he had money to buy food and he said he bought himself a bowl of fishball noodles for $1.

I had a hard time trying to find out how much he spent as he still hasn’t grasped the concept of change and he couldn’t explain himself well.. Anyway, I lectured him about spending money unnecessarily but I guess it fell on deaf ears.. I think he’s enjoying his spending power now and he even asked me to give him more pocket money! Of course, I won’t give him more. We’ll have to slowly teach him the concept of money and change and hopefully, he’ll learn to manage his money better..

Pocket money

How much daily pocket money should we give to a P1 kid? I didn’t have to worry about that last week since they had set meals from the various stalls for the first 6 days.. We paid $12 for the packed meals..

This week, he would have to learn to buy food for himself.. I initially thought of giving him $1 a day from week 2 onwards but decided to up his allowance to $2 when I realized that a plate of chicken rice cost $1.20.. Don’t think he can buy much with $1..

I missed him on Monday as I was in class.. He told me he bought a piece of orange stuff for $1.. On Tuesday, I managed to catch him eating a piece of fish fillet..


I didn’t have to worry about lunch as it was provided by the student care.. The portion seems decent..

Some colleagues had complained about the meagre portions of food last year so I guess they are more generous this year..

Anyway, I told him not to waste money on junk food and that he had to buy food with carbo to last him till lunch which would be about 1.45pm.. I guess he was hungry so he agreed to buy proper food the next day..

Today, I went to check on him today and was glad that he bought himself a plate of rice and that cost him all he had for the day..

His P3 buddy, Cheryl (according to him), was with him and he told me she brought him to the library after he finished his food.. He’s fortunate to find a nice buddy but he told me he’d prefer a male buddy.. Haha..

Anyway, I told him to buy food from other stalls which may sell cheaper food.. Aiyoh.. $2 for a plate of rice in a school canteen is really quite expensive, right? Guess he’ll have to learn to manage his money better.. I wonder what he’ll buy tomorrow.. 😁

1st day of school!

My first born is in Primary One this year and it’s the first day of school today!

I’m so glad hubby managed to take leave today so I could work in peace.. We woke up very early and it was not difficult to wake the kids up.. I guess they were both excited about school!


I brought Jovan along with me while hubby dropped Jocelle at the ccc before he made his way to my school.. I just dropped him at the basketball court without bringing him to the toilet! Haha.. I had work to do too! But I did take a photo or 2 before I walked off.. Hee..


I also managed to steal some time now and then to take some photos of my dear son during recess..


He was busy talking and eating at the same time.. This chatty boy! The school has arranged for the kids to have packed food from the various stalls for the first 6 days and I think it’s a great arrangement so the kids can be introduced to the types of food sold in the canteen..

I met him at the foyer again and he was happy to see me.. Haha.. Look at him!


Again, I met him after school when he was introduced to his student care teachers and given a name tag..


I then went to the canteen to check out the food he was served for lunch..


Not too bad, I think..

We forgot to get him a sleeping bag so he didn’t take his nap but I saw him eating again when I was settling some stuff.. Haha..


He even told me he had a piece of cake before this! So it seems like he had been eating and eating the whole day ya? Haha..

My P was very nice as she personally handed each P1 pupil a welcome goodie bag and taught them how to shake hands and say ‘thank you’! But my boy told me he found her fierce when she addressed them in the hall.. Haha.. I guess it’s good that he’s afraid of authority!

All good on the first day of school and unlike many, I’m so glad that the first day of school is a Friday! The weekend is much needed for us to let the reality set in…. But we’ll soon get used to it, I’m sure! All the best to all the parents of P1 kids out there!! We will survive!!

2015, we’re ready!

I hope I’m ready! Haha.. I’ve packed his bag and his shoes are ready! For the record, we bought size 13 shoes for him and his feet are about 19cm long.. We bought the bag from Taka at $149 and 2 pairs of the shoes at $69.. Let’s hope that they will last long..



Nope.. Not entirely ready coz we haven’t bought his Chinese books and I haven’t ironed his uniform! 😁

Not to worry, we’ll get everything ready today!! Anyway, have a blessed and peaceful 2015, everyone!!


(Update: My cleaning lady came today and has helped to iron his uniform! Woohoo! I’ve also told hubby to buy his Chinese books from the bookshop on Friday since my son need not submit his Chinese books until Tuesday.)