Road Trip and Post X’mas Family Gathering

We met up with the usual gang – Chews, Laus, Tohs and Tans – on the Saturday after Christmas at about 12.30pm to drive to Senai for Korean food.. Johnson had been telling us about this Korean restaurant that he had tried and recommended that we make a trip there..

We checked the traffic camera before we decided to take the 2nd link as the traffic seemed light.. Sigh.. we were so wrong! We cleared the Singapore customs fairly quickly but were stuck for about 2 hours over at the Malaysia customs.. It was a long and tiring wait.. The kids didn’t want to take a nap and were making lots of noise along the way..


By the time we reached the restaurant, it was after 3pm! The kids didn’t complain though, probably because their friends were with them.. The restaurant only had 3 customers when we arrived so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.. We served the kids their food before we started eating and chatting.. The kids took one table and the ladies sat together while the gentlemen occupied another table.. haha.. I’m so glad the restaurant was quite empty.. It could be due to the location of the restaurant or that we were there way past the lunch hour.. haha..

After lunch, the kids treated themselves to an ice cream cone each although some had a second helping.. haha.. We split the cost and each family had to pay about $50..

After that, we had to make our way back to my sister’s place for our post Christmas gathering with our relatives.. The traffic was equally bad at the Malaysia customs but my man “accidentally took the left-most lane which was meant for lorries and “overtook” many cars by “cutting the queue”. Even then, we took about an hour and 45min to clear the customs.. by the time we reached Emily’s place, it was close to 8pm…

We ate again and the kids were blessed with more gifts from their cousins, aunts and uncles.. We celebrated the birthday of Zach (my nephew) with a log cake and before everyone left, we lined the gifts behind each kid and allowed them to unwrap their gifts… The kids were of course very happy to receive so many gifts!




We had 2 big bags of gifts to lug back and I warned them not to sleep in the car or we would throw away their gifts since we would not be able to carry them and their gifts.. It was a very successful warning as both tried hard to keep themselves awake until we reached home.. haha..

Oh yes, we also took a wefie with everyone present that night! Love my family!!