X’mas Gathering

We opened our house for a X’mas mahjong session on X’mas day as Abbie had a dinner appointment on X’mas eve.. The Laus and Tans came over at about 1pm for lunch.. The Chews didn’t join us as they wanted to spend X’mas at USS as their annual pass would expire on X’mas day itself.. Pauline had a lunch appointment and could only join us after that..

I prepared some simple fare like chicken rice, eggs and steamed vegetables for my guests and was glad they didn’t complain about my mediocre or should I say barely-can-make-it culinary skills.. Haha.. Of coz they won’t complain since they are such accommodating people.. Hee.. We chatted over nuts and beer after lunch while the kids had lunch at their own table..


The kids had great fun playing with one another while we chitchatted and snacked.. We also let the kids watch Maleficent and Frozen (yes, again!) while we ladies played mahjong.. Hee..

The men then went to get dinner while we played on.. It was a long game.. Haha.. By the time they came back, we still haven’t completed 南!We took a break after the South round so we could have dinner..

After dinner, we had some fruits and look at these 2 darlings enjoying the strawberries and grapes!

Then the kids continued to play.. The girls were of cos princess wannabes while the boys were superheroes! Haha..


After dinner, Harold and Johnson took over Abbie and Soot Mei and I continued with the mahjong game.. Shum prefers rummy and Dennis was not here so I continued playing..

Once in a while, the kids would come and disturb us.. Haha..


The kids had a great time messing up the kiddos room but they were also good at clearing up as the room was returned to its original state before they left at about 11 plus..

We always had a good time with this bunch of people! May we have more play dates in 2015!!