Frozen themed X’mas party

The kids had a Frozen themed X’mas party at their ccc ok X’mas eve so before that, I’ve already asked hubby to source for a Queen Elsa dress and a wig.. Eventually, he found a pair of shoes for her too!

Let’s look at the wig first! Hee..


We tried to find a Kristoff costume but to no avail.. The Google searches turned up a lot of DIY examples.. No choice, I had to DIM as well..

I went to Daiso and Giant to source for various items and spent less than $30 for a polo tee, ribbon tapes and several neck warmers.. Haha.. After some cutting and seeing, I ended up with this!


Not fantastic but I think it’s quite similar to the character ya?


Jovan was very happy to try it on! Hubby then dug out a beanie which is too small for him and even let him try my gray 3/4 leggings as he didn’t have any gray pants..

This is how they look on the actual day..


Don’t they look cute? Haha.. Jocelle has asked for a Frozen themed birthday party next year so we’ll probably let them wear the same outfits.. Hopefully her wig can last till then! Haha..


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