Jovan’s Graduation concert

The concert took place on 19 Dec and the theme was Once Upon A Time.. Jovan was dressed like the prince in Rapunzel.. We had to put some make up for him and style his hair.. We had to apply blue eye shadow and blusher for him but apparently, it was too light and the teachers touched up quite a bit.. Haha..


I like the venue this time and we managed to get good seats.. It started off with a speech by the valedictorian from the various centers before the K2s went on stage to receive their scrolls..

After that, the K1 and K2 classes in the various centers took turns to perform, each centre performing an item based on the various fairytales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and of cos Frozen.. It was rather entertaining to watch! We had placed an order for the DVD so I didn’t take many photos or videos but simply enjoyed the show..




After the concert, Jovan took a photo with his favourite 边老师..

It was drizzling slightly but we managed to get to the car park without getting wet.. We then went to Ichiban Boshi at Great world for lunch..


Time flies.. My boy has graduate and will soon be embarking on a new journey! He’s excited and I hope he’ll enjoy and cope well in school next year!


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